2011 Jaguar XJ consumer reviews

$72,700 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 XJ Jaguar
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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@ 35,000 miles.

I have 2011 Jaguar XJ Super Sports. @ 35,000 miles. 1-a sensor went bad - easy fix 2-knocking sound in sun roof - easy fix 3-GPS became confused - easy fix The cars performance is outstanding. I drove from Springfield to Gettysburg and wished the trip was longer. The styling is wonderful. What more can I say when the over head is all leather. The car does everything. The main problem- everyone looks at you . It does stop traffic, in NYC of all places.


Night and Day transformation from earlier Jaguars.

This car moves Jaguar into the realm of truly world-class vehicles and, for the money, handily bests the vast majority of its competitors. My wife and I have had numerous Jaguars since our first XJ in 1982, and this car really puts Jag firmly back on top of the pile. It has everything.....style, class, quality, reliability, luxury, performance and on an on, and at the same time, doesn't try to fit into the modern-day "mold" that virtually every other car out there does. This is unquestionably the finest sedan Jaguar has ever produced. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.


Roaring Jaguar XJL

We purchased the Jaguar XJL and it is the smoothest cars we have ever driven. The exterior has the sleet look of prestige, durability and comfort. The double sun-roof gives us the feel of being amongst the sky and stars. The adaptive headlights give off excellent lighting when driving at night with its automatic high/low beams and, especially, turning a curve. The interior has the soft look with the comfort of the leather seats and the aerodynamic feature. Everything is at the touch of the finger tip or voice command. The cabin provides the most sufficient and comfortable leg room in both the front and back. The standard/options in the XJL make it very entertaining and fun to drive. The cooling/heated seats, along with the massage feature, make the ride even more pleasant. The option of having the screens in the back of the headrests is great for long distant trips with the family or just chauffeuring someone special. The headphones make it even better as the individuals in the back can listen to music and/or look at a movie without distracting the driver. The sound system makes you feel like you are at a concert from Classical to R&B or in a movie theater. The trunk space is adequate and enough if you know how to pack and make good use of all the space. I truly like the fact you can hit a button and the trunk automatically closes so smooth. It is like hearing a jar locking down and sealing tight. There are so many standard features with the XJL where you don?t really need to add many more options or any at all. The power train of the vehicle gives the feel of being sporty but luxurious. The engine is quiet when idling but the roar is very exhilarating when taking off. The long distant driving with our XJL always makes us feel like we are in flight with no turbulence or bumps. The XJL fits tightly to the road and handles curves very well. It handles well in the inclement weather too as we took it on a road trip from sunny Florida, to the snowy mountains in Massanutten located in McGaheysville, VA and extreme cold in Delaware. It is a great vehicle and would recommend anyone to take a test drive and feel the power as you punch it on the highway. Heads will definitely turn. Thanks to the professional Jaguar staff who keeps our XJL in top shape. They are a phenomenal group.


Very dependable

This car is remarkable and the team at integrity auto is the best.... Kudo's too integrity. I drove this jag and didn't want too get out of it...



Very nice vehicle...fast, handles well, unique look. Haven't really put it through the test but from what I have done in it I can say I am pretty sure it will pass the litmus test for a fine automobile. There are a few things though...doors dont have closers and the handles as far as when you open the door is not as refined as the Lexus LS 460 I traded for it, also the ride is not as cushy...meaning you can feel the road more but thats not bad, just different.


Jaguar does it again

2011 XJL - supercharged purchased "used" with 6,000 miles This is my 12th Jaguar, so I am familiar with the range from my '49XK alloy body, a '65 XKE gold head, several XJ's, a '89 XJS V12, etc. This is the finest overall performer of the lot. Of course, nothing looks better than an XKE Series 1 convertible, or is as fast as an XJ220, but for a luxury class sedan, this is a kick a** performer in all aspects. The new, re-designed alloy unibody not only is leading edge in looks, but is also top technology as well. The exterior appearance spanks the Mercedes S, Lexus and Audi by a fair shot in all aspects. The interior is, as generally the case for Jags, spuerior with flash and taste over the others, particularly the sedate German sedans. Fit and finish are excellent; trim, paint, grille, lights all make it heads above others. If buying a luxe sedan, the L is a must. Although only 5-6" longer overall, every bit goes in the back seats. Everyone has already raved about the fine interior features, so I'll just say they're spot on. Now, power, handling and overall performance - as a former pro sports car driver, I may have higher standards than some buyers, but I was not disappointed. The manual trans shift could be a spot better to be the best on the market; the 'winter' mode is too soft; paddle shift is a 1/10th slow - each of these compared to the best of class in all others combined. But there is no other single model that offers better overall performance in these categories. Braking, cornering and steering are all top level, especially the braks. Finally, the power and torque - this is brutal, especially for a luxe sedan. The only car that compares/exceeds is the Caddilac CTS-V with 655hp but can't hold a candle to the XJ overall. So, bottom line - Jag has done it again! Style, luxury, comfort, performance all wrapped up and ready to give its owners the expected thrills whilst basking in the excitement of driving with the added benefits of state of the art techie kit.


Just Amazing

I bought the XJL version of this car back in April 2011, all I have to say is Wow, I drive a lot, even after splitting the mileage between 3 cars I have put about 22k on this vehicle. If you get this car, you will get looks, not a day goes by when people stop and stare, especially when I first got the car, because people will trying to figure out what it was. Over all the exterior is just beautiful, at night the chrome shines in a way that makes the car just look classy, could have used some fog lights lights at the lower part of the front end to give it a more aggressive look, but that is the only thing I can think of that would make the exterior nicer. The interior follows the exterior, clean lines that go around the whole interior make the inside look and feel large. The seats are comfortable, and in the "L" version there is more then enough space in the back seat to have a UFC cage fight. The trunk is a decent size, you can fit 2 full size suitcases in it, its tight but doable. The dash and center console are wrapped with a high end leather mixed in with wood trim. The center console, is clean like the rest of the car, just a handful of buttons the rest of the features are accessed through the touch screen, this leads me to the worst part of the car. The touch screen, I have had a new cars with an integrated touch screen, none of them have the amount of lag that the Jaguar has, it looks great, but I just having to wait 2-3 seconds for the unit to respond. On the other side of that, its packed with features, I personally like streaming music from my phone with the blue tooth stereo. Performance is great, its 400 hp, speaks for itself. Of course that amount of power would be useless without the amazing handling. Overall I a in love, I have had a Cadillac, Lexus, Saab, infiniti and benz, nothing comes close to this car as far as styling and price....if you want to get noticed and just have a great dependable car, get the XJ and if you want the extra space get the XJL.


Very very Nice

Wonderfull looks,great power(super quick). So far a real LOOKER,people always do a neck turn to look at the car. Very nice change from the BMW,Mercedes that are everywhere.


Fine automobile this Jag-u-ar

Bought the XJL even though we initially planned on the XJ being our car of choice, presuming we were adequately impressed after a test drive. We were; and then we drove the "L" and it was even more impressive than the XJ. For the money, compared to it's competition, this seemed virtually, "no contest." Fantastic looks both inside and outside (with the exception of some very wide gaps at fenders/doors/hood/trunk). Interior comfort is excellent for all, including those in the rear seat (except for the rear cup holders being virtually useless they're so poorly placed). The looks of the interior is 2nd to none (but for the fact that the wood trim where the door trim meets that on the dash is a very different shade and finish). The driver's position is excellent (and would be even better with the addition of a dead-pedal). The seats are supportive and comfortable (but sure do wish the controls were more intuitive. i.e. You must "look" at them in order to be able to make the intended adjustments. Jag should take a lesson on this from Mercedes whose controls are shaped like the seats so making adjustments is a matter of simply, "feeling the shape." The performance in terms of handling and engine responsiveness is VERY strong (although the various independent road tests consistentently show mediocre braking/stopping distances. Can't comment on this inasmuch as we've had no occasion to make a panic stop). OK . . . so given the Pros and the Cons I've shown above, would I buy this car again? ABSOLUTELY! (That is, presuming it's dependability is superior to Jags of the past. Hard to tell inasmuch as we have only 5K miles on the odometer). Have owned 3 Lexuses, Two Mercedes and a few other luxury cars and this big sedan is, so far, the best yet! If Jag adequately addresses those few niggles shown above the competition will be rendered NON-competitive. Fine car!



Drive this and you will give up on BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class or E-class, and Audi A8, not to mention the dowdy Lexus. I did, in fact, test drive the above. Aside from the fact that the styling of those cars comes nowhere close to the stunning look of this Jaguar. Not only that, it costs many thousands less and performs better. I have the XJ-L. Right off the bat, none of the above cars has anything close to the interior rear seat leg room of this Jag, nor do any come standard with the yards of gorgeous leather (including, yes - even the headliner) in the Jag. The heated and cooled seats adjust infinitly (even the side bolsters) and come with a massaging feature. Behind the wheel, this thing is is as lithe as a sports car. It weighs 500 pounds less than the lightest competitor and it shows when you drive and run in the curves. Put it in dynamic mode and it will knock your socks off - even the naturally aspirated engine goes to 60 in 5.5 seconds. The supercharged one must snap your neck off! Plenty of English style that is far beyond the german auterity, but it is subdued and refined by the techno wizardry - a virtual dash, for example. The 1200-watt B&W stereo is the finest I've ever heard in any car. Rated at 16/23 mpg, I have averaged 28.7 highway and 22 in town. I even double checked. Other folks report similar mileage. Jaguar has defeated the competition with this. The fit and finish is perfect and no problems at all to date. The shopping, sales, and delivery at the dealer were hands down the easiest deal I ever closed.