2012 Jaguar XJ consumer reviews

$73,700 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 XJ Jaguar
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.0
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Bang for your buck

Gone are the days the Jaguar spent more time at the shop than on the road. This model has turned out to be a sweet combination of luxury/performance , reliability and value.!


Most exilerating car I've own and driven

Great car and smooth ride. Love the growl and the attention it gets when someone see it coming. It's good to have a luxury car that stands out especially when everyone is following the same path in a BMW or Mercedes. It's dependable and haven't had any issues since owning it .


better then 750 or S550 !

absolutely amazing ! rides drives and handles like a dream ! dumped my 750li for it and could not be more happy !


Falling apart

I loved this car for the first few years and then once the warranty wAs up things started falling apart. The sun visor broke, then the sunroof cover broke and turns out it is a common problem. The door panels were rattling, the door handles were loose and the car overheated .


Very Nice looking car!!!

I purchased a 2012 Jaguar XJL Supercharged and this is a very stylish car. It turns so many heads and draws quite a bit of attention. The Supercharged version really has a lot of power. I like to drive fast at times and occasionally I've felt I was near losing the car on sharp turns at high speeds. I only had it about a month and it seems pretty reliable at this point. Oil change is $250 at the dealer so be prepared for that, last 16k miles though. The only con I have about the car is some of accessory components on the car seem rather cheap. For example, the exterior door handles are very hollow and feel like if you pull too hard they could possibly break. The center console is wrapped in a cheap chrome plastic looking material that will eventually start to peel. The interior door handles are even hollow and feel cheaply made. Coming from an Audi A8 I noticed these things right away, but they weren't enough to turn me away from the car's aggressive styling and performance. While the interior and other accessory components make lack that of an Audi A8, the styling definitely makes up for that. I would recommend.


Best bang for the buck

If you want luxurious, spacious, executive look with race speed, this is your vehicle!!! Best handling for a vehicle this size I've ever handled.



2012 XJL SC, awesome car, plenty powerful and very pretty. No problems except rear power sunshade( had that problem on older XJ as well). It's a really big car so maneuvering in tight spots can be a bit of a challenge. As mentioned before the GPS can drive you nuts it's so slow. Just like the rest of the software. Jag really needs to address that soon. But for everyday driving to and from work its a real joy. It's quiet, relaxing and very nimble for such a long vehicle. Not like the German land yachts . It also has on of the prettiest interiors in this class. I actually prefer it even over the new S. The 20 inch Kasauga wheels are a real pain to keep clean and I think the rear side shades should be electric. The SC engine is a gas guzzler. I don't think I get more than 14 mpg on average but that should not be an issue with that kind of car. Would I buy it again? In a New York minute. It's an awesome machine and I enjoy every moment in it. I also have a 991 convertible and I prefer driving the Jag, believe it or not.


Worth every penny an more

I feel I can give a honest review after owning my XJL for two years now. I have driven to our Florida home and back to michigan for two trips now and we did it straight thru. I stopped only for gas and when I got out of the car I felt great every time. No aches or pains I'm 60 years old and I usually can feel it after 60 miles. Very comfortable. Rides smooth and hadles great. I hope that nobody buys one because I love standing out in a crowd and I do with this stylish cat! Heads turn an jaws drop, I give this car a 5 star rating because it has proven it self to be a top performer in every category.


Great Looks

had the FX 2010 before, which was also great, switched to the XJ-L, guests love the back seat comfort. Car handles, rides great, no complaints, light stalk is a little out of the way, little Ford-ish, can't switch gears with paddle shifter in normal D mode, only in Sport. Don't know why that was changed. Center console too much shiny chrome, looks good but . . . sometimes when the sun hits it, can blind. Make it mate chrome next time. Touch screen is okay but could be better, voice control is not too bad. Pick up is great with the Portfolio 385hp normal V8


Great Car!!!

I have put 8000 miles on the 2012 XJ since May. I have had no mechanical problems to date. All the superlatives about the car as described elsewhere are true. I recently drove the car on a 350 mile road trip at an avg speed of 70 mph and my mileage was 24mpg. Navigation system is ok and definitely slow but it works fine. Most time I use my I-phone. I have never owned a car that receives so many comments and everyone loves to talk about. This car is a great luxury that is worth every penny the minute you get behind the wheel and step on the gas.