2001 Jaguar XJR consumer reviews

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100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 5.0
  • Reliability 4.6
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Most comfortable car I ever owned

I own a 2001 Jaguar xjr. It’s in mint condition. People think it’s a new 2020 model. This vehicle is a classic. You can find them cheap, but, they’re probably beat up. If you want one like mine you’ll have to pay more, and guess what ?? It will last longer and be more reliable. You get what you pay for. My 19 year old Jaguar has out performed most new expensive vehicles. This vehicle is a smart car, give it love ❤️,and it will love you back!


Most admired by car reviewers

The short story here is, the car is more valued on AutoTrader than the next five years of cars. ( XJ 308) Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) describe this model as as the best car Jaguar has ever made. As an owner of 8 Jaguar sedans, I concur. Performance, value, comfort, and prestige. The thing is, you could own a Rolls Royce - (pompous / pointless) or a Bentley ( nice but mad money) The Jag out-performs them all. The XJR out performs most M-BMWs , top-end Mercs and even Porches with an understated elegance that leaves people with a Cheshire grin.


The last car Ill ever buy ,all extra money =XJR

by far the fastest car I have ever owned, has all the superpower anyone could want , and my car has an engine that is out of the same year car, with far less miles on it , however , I still miss my 63 Austin Healey 3000 mk III , ENGLAND


The Nice one that worth it!

I was going to buy a Jaguar for my mom as her gift(I promised her 31 yrs ago) who like elegant English sedan. But I'm the only driver, so I decided to get a XJR, which is more powerful. After getting one w 61k miles of 2001 model, I'm so impressed its solid chassis & smooth handling & continuous power from the sensitive gas pedal. I really feel happy I had such a excellent car beyond my expectation!


2001 Jaguar XJR

A friend of mine owns a 1998 XJR and after driving his I began searching fora 1998 to 2002 XJR. It took awhile to find the right one but it was well worth the wait. Like everything else, it pays to do the research. I am thrilled with the car and the Jaguar support group that is out there to help with those little things that come up with older cars. With its classic styling, performance and elegance, it is a no brainer. All they can do is appreciate. If you really want to have fun driving, find one!


Far beyond my expectatations

My 2001 XJR continues to purrrform beyond my expectations. My only complaint would be it's not meant for the tallest person around.


The Last Real Jaguar

I bought my 2001 XJR second-hand in 2005 from a real estate broker who opted for a new BMW 5 series. Despite the legendary horror stories about Jaguar, I finally decided to take the risk of owning a car that I had long admired and lusted after. 4 years have now passed and I am truly glad that I decided to indulge. My XJR has been dependable, exciting to drive, luxurious and stll gets longing looks from Ford-platform Jaguar owners.


most fun for the money

you get rocket ship for $15-20K, maybe doesn't handle like a porche, but will out accelerate from a stand still and especially at highway speeds, plus you can take the kids and your luggage!


I have 3 jags got to love them they are my babes

Most bang for the buck of any used car ...if you don't like English cars you will find faults ..if you love English cars...this one is perfect ...Because something brakes on a Jag it does not make it bad ..All Cars require repairs from time to time ?If the repairs are to expensive ?What the heck are you doing with an $80,000 car in the first place ?The cars come to you Cheep used for what they cost new...the high cost of repairs is how you pay for the E-Ticket to ride


Endless Torque

- Amazing Performance for the weight - I average 14.5 MPG when I drive economicaly - When something breaks, Boy will you pay. - Great used prices - If you can afford the gas / Maintence its defenatly worth it A very special car.