1992 XJS

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1992 Jaguar XJS

$5,937 - $18,017  MSRP Range
1992 Jaguar XJS

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Our Take on the 1992 Jaguar XJS

Jaguar convertible.

The words are magic.

All you have to do is say them and suddenly you wield incredible influence. For example:

Casual acquaintances and so-called friends drop by unexpectedly feigning a sort of nonchalant interest in your well-being.

Co-workers drop what they are doing in a moment's notice to assist you.

Family members invite you for dinner.

You can get a date.

OK, so I am exaggerating just a little.

But you do get noticed in a Jaguar convertible.

The fluid, graceful physique of the XJS makes other luxury convertibles seem irrelevant.

And the car's seductive shape is enough to make you forgive it for having both an automatic transmission and an air conditioning compressor of... Read More