1993 XJS

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1993 Jaguar XJS

$6,696 - $23,324  MSRP Range
1993 Jaguar XJS

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Our Take on the 1993 Jaguar XJS

How bad did it get?

Jaguar executives remember 1988 as the year product reliability went bonkers. Engine assembly and quality controls were so sloppy that variances among factory-fresh, in-line sixes wavered by as much as 40 horsepower. Or 18% of potential power.

How good is it getting?

Tighter manufacturing methods, reports Mike Dale, president of Jaguar Cars Inc., have resulted in significant improvements in the marque's quality over the last 18 months. "You know," he says with a sly smile, "I just can't get used to how the chrome lines up straight."

Which leaves only the question of how Jaguar managed this apparent return from the brink of extinction to the cusp of a better future... Read More