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2010 Jaguar XK consumer reviews

$82,150 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 XK Jaguar
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.5
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Unlimited smiles if lucky to own

I have owned 3 corvettes before this car and have to say, this XKR has had more head turning photos and washes than the last 5 years of miles driving summers. It is such a powerhouse and joy to drive with the top down while listening to the supercharger kick in. With its original MSRP at $105K, these represent an outstanding value in a high performance touring sports car, I have nothing but good to say about my 2010 XKR ❤️


Magnificent car with some irritating flaws

I have owned the XK for 7 years, it is my second Jaguar, and overall, it is an excellent car. The timeless design combined with the power of the normally aspirated 5.0 V8 make it a winning combination. Even after all these years I still enjoy every drive I take, weaving in and out of traffic at 90 mph effortlessly is just exhilarating. While the car has been reliable over the years it is not Japanese car reliable. An electrical issue that drains the battery has persisted throughout my ownership. If I leave it at the airport for 5 days it is fine, however, if it stays there 7 days it will not start. Yet the excellent technicians at Jaguar Central in Houston could find no fault, but that did not discourage them from charging me $300 – and to tell me there was nothing wrong with the car. So, I now just put it on the charger and when I am gone for more than 5 days I take an Uber to the airport. Incidentally, that was also the last time I took my car to the Jaguar dealership – I might as well pay less for a useless diagnosis. The engine itself has been very reliable and I do drive it hard and fast. But as I mentioned before it is not reliable in the Japanese car sense, so did have to change a seal in the crankshaft that was dripping oil. Additionally, all the control arms as well as the shock absorbers had to be changed. But this is probably more a function of the poor road conditions in Houston, rather than shoddy manufacturing. I also had to replace the roof lining as it came unglued and fell on my head – that on the other hand is shoddy manufacturing (or at the very least cheap glue) and should not happen in a car in this price category. The Achilles heel of this car is it’s cooling system. In both the XK and my wife’s XF the water pump had to be replaced. Additionally, most of the parts that feed the water pump had to be replaced within few weeks of each other. The reason is that the parts are plastic and very poor quality, so the lifespan is sort of like an iPhone battery doomed to fail. For probably a few hundred Dollars more they could have made the parts out of aluminum and the cars would have been bullet proof. If you can live with the slightly poor build quality and inept dealer support it is a magnificent car to drive.


Sleek & Beautiful

I purchased this vehicle in 2019 with 9500 miles after owning a 2006 XK8. There is absolutely no comparison. The XK8 had more of a classic jaguar look, but this car is beautiful as well. It has more power than I need. It's fairly technically advanced and does not have a dipstick or drain plug for oil changes so requires special equipment to change the oil. The backseats are similar to the XK8 in that they are essentially non-functional for passengers. The trunk space is smaller than the XK8 due to the completely retractable top. The electronic advances in dynamic control are notable and the handling is amazing. Given that the car looked new at a fraction of the price, I feel it is a great value as a used care. The only drawbacks I find are that I have to keep a battery maintainer on it at all times or the electronics draw the battery down and cause problems. I've heard this from several people that own them. It draws a little less current if the doors are kept locked, but still an issue. The only other problem is that with that low of miles I always have difficulty talking myself into taking it on a trip, and the trips are the fun part.


Great Car

Very good car. No complaints this is my third Jaguar. Looking to purchase the F type next. My car has 20 inch rims it drive very smooth on highway.


Incredible car

It's a car you would be proud of an people turn heads It is Fun To Drive, Let it go to a speed you like , Safely


Elegance Meets Power

This car is awesome! Bad xxx back end and sleek styling along with 500+ horsepower makes it a supercar. Love how smooth the car rides and got to have that convertible option. You will love this car!


Elegant, luxurious & a joy to drive

Great high end sports car with all the necesssry luxury features. Excellent performance & handling. Stunning design, excellent & comfortable ride. Fun to drive .


Beautiful car that turns heads!

It is wicked fast with a luxurious ride. The electronics (Nav, audio controls, etc.) could be improved but are functional for the year model. You will not be disappointed in one.


Clients say it's like Chanel

Love this dream car. It is sleek, powerful and beautiful. Wish I didn't work from home because it deserves to be on the road more. It will always have a place in my heart. Never been afraid to accelerate onto the freeway and it is a smooth ride on city streets.


XKR is an amazing value performance car

My car was XKR Cabrio, the performance from 510HP engine is just amazing, the torque is everywhere from 1500 RPM at any speed and gear. Suspension is very smooth. Exhaust sound is robust and very nice, a real v8. You have to adjust from driving german cars in that it is very limo like yet tight in corners and have to be very progressive on the gas peddle as slightest overpower results in a wheel spin (which one can do on purpose sometimes with ease :) ). Interior is a bit "classic" for my taste but very luxurious. The entertainment touch screen has good functions but laggy. Styling is also more classic and i prefer a Maserati more modern lines, but it is beautiful with those rear wide fenders and tires.