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2003 Jaguar XK8 consumer reviews

$69,330 starting MSRP
side view of 2003 XK8 Jaguar
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Drop-Dead gorgeous and reliable too!

Outstanding touring car for two normal-sized people (under 200 or so pounds each). Trunk in convertible model is large for a sports-tourer, and able to easily carry two sets of golf clubs plus. Space behind seats is best used for medium-sized back packs or only very small kids. Car has stunning looks and gets a lot of attention so be prepared for a lot of questions. I've owned my 2003 since about 2006 when it was still under factory warranty. Car has been very reliable and problem free. I have it serviced at an after-market Jaguar shop with factory-trained owners who suggest repairs before they produce problems (such as cooling hoses and brake parts when they wear out or get soft), etc. Jaguar parts, when you do need them, are not cheap but why should they be? Quality anything is not cheap and that's why I like my Jaguar. It's a very beautiful and stunning car in all respects and I'm glad I bought mine when I did. It's Jaguar Racing Green with a tan top and light beige interior and has a six speed with a clutch-less shifter which is as smooth as butter (but why not, it's a ZF, which is German). It's got 19" wheels, maybe chromed by the selling dealer in LA. If you don't like lots of attention and plenty of questions, don't buy a Jaguar. I don't regret not getting the supercharged model because my 4.2 V-8 has plenty of power and the "super" model only came with Navigation, which quickly became obsolescent. I prefer the three gages in the walnut dash in place of the Nav. system. The drop-dead gorgeous dashboard is hard to take your eyes off while driving on a sunny day with the top down. But I manage! I love my Jag and it's not for sale!


Runs great. Beautiful card

Excellent Car. Have enjoyed driving it. Clean. In service when it’s supposed to be serviced. Fun and fast. Anybody that would on this car would enjoy it immensely


I had fun and head turner Clean mint

The performance is WoW I got it Because 2003 was the new 6 speed trans and they improved the Motor . Lots of toys It's Reliable I was Surprised for a Jaguar , Because I'm a Chevy man


No room I.n rear seat The coup is great

The car is great I bought the Coup� this way if I decide to sell it in the future I can.It has 97 K on Car now , Mileage is Great 375 hundred miles I went 3/4 Tank ,A Proud car to own


My Black Beauty

I bought my 2003 black on black jaguar XK8 roadster in Detroit three years ago and imported it into Canada. It now has 77,000 miles on it. Actually, my wife bought it for me. Got a love a woman with taste like that! I love this car. One of my Dad's friends had an XKE in the late 1960s, and there just was no other car on the road that was as beautiful as that one. Before this car, I had a BMW Z3 roadster and it was a great peppy little vehicle, but cramped and difficult to get into for my 60+ arthritic frame. So I sold it and started looking for something a little bit bigger. I actually started looking for an old E-type, but they are hard to come by, tough to maintain and tough to get into. My XK8 is a gorgeous vehicle, it's shape totally evocative and maybe even more balanced than the E-type it emulates, easy to get in and out of, as spacious as one could ask for in a vehicle that is essentially a two seater (only room for the doggie in the backseat and that's a squeeze!), with that beautiful burled walnut dashboard, the great Mercedes J shifter, comfortable leather seats, lots of legroom and the view over that long powerful hood of the road ahead with that purring 4.2 L V8 underneath. The trunk is spacious, with enough room for my briefcases, clubs, and weekend clothing for the trip to the cottage on Lake Huron all summer long. My wife and I have taken several weekend trips with this vehicle and it is exceptionally comfortable for long drives and has more than ample room in the trunk for everything one needs. I acknowledge that the XK8 doesn't have quite the same power as the XKR, but it has more than enough for me, still growls off the line and leaves everyone else behind, provides the exhilaration I want in a summer car, and to my taste is more refined and elegant than the higher horsepower XKR I drive my Mercedes in the winter, and the Black Beauty sleeps, but I just got it out two weeks ago and once again felt like I was 25 years of age. I drive it all summer long and without fail, at least twice a week, somebody is going to look over as I go by and yell "Nice car!" It's a real head-turner. I had a problem with the mass air sensor right after I purchased it, a problem the dealer in Detroit had to have known about, and that was expensive to fix. Happily, Jaguar Canada reimbursed me for that, and I have had no other problems with the vehicle. I had to replace the rubber gaskets around the convertible top which were deteriorating owing to age and the effect of the elements, and this year I'm getting the headrest and the lumbar support motors for the driver seat replaced, again a function of age. And the cigarette lighter fixed so I can charge my iPhone. I get fabulous service from a Jaguar dealership just outside of Toronto, and they love the car and pamper it as much as I do, and always look forward to its annual service visit. They have also been very good at finding reconditioned used parts when required to cut down on maintenance expenses. Much appreciated. I drive this car all summer long and love it to pieces. I hope to drive it into my dotage. One word of caution. Jaguar had significant problems with this model from 1996 until about 2000. There were issues with the nikasil engine and with plastic engine parts, including a plastic motor tensioner chain which was inclined to fail. These problems are all documented online. Those problems were fixed after Ford took over Jaguar in about 2000, and by 2003, this model had reached its zenith with all of the technology and simple improvements Ford had to put into it, cruise control, more reliable electronics, and that wonderful new 4.2 L AJ engine. So the magic years to look for, in my judgement having done the research, are 2003 to 2005 before they sadly changed the shape of the vehicle in 2006. The new ones are powerful, but they lack the refined elegance of my XK8. I highly recommend this vehicle if you are inclined to look for one. It's a wonderful car!


The XK8 sizzles

Visibility is poor, the suspension a bit too tight, to the point is sometimes jarring, and there is less power than a 4.2L should probably deliver. Still, you are wrapped in a gorgeous leather and walnut cocoon and the heads turn as you drive by. This is absolutly the most sizzle for you money out there. ?Nice car!? heard from strangers every day.


Sublime power and style XKR

Drop dead gorgeous looks from any angle, the most beautiful car I have ever seen. (and that includes the e type!) Sheer pleasure to drive and sit in, the power is intoxicating, (and I have a BMW ZM roadster.) My XKR is metalic black with 20" Detroit alloys, some tyre roar but not bad. It would have been nicer with a bit more exhaust growl, and a little more legroom in the back would have been welcome, but overall-AWESOME


++The Black cat coupe++

The look is unsupassed, especially the coupe which is uncommon in NYC. The paint and rims of the 2003 compliment the new look for 2003 the changes are shuttle, but make a difference in the older models. The ride is quiet, tight and fast!!!! The 8 cylinder is a monster but doesn't eat gas as much as I thought and was ready to pay for. The sound system is adequate I always hated the rear mounted cd player in cars. I had a CLK 430amg and this car has it too. The A/C is great as all the other options. There is no power door lock button, you must use the handle to open the other door if you are letting someone else in the car whcih I found strange. Forget having passengers in the rear seats unless they are under 4 ft tall. My driver's seat rear hits the back seats in my driver's position. The feel behind the wheel is GREAT, everything is where you want it to be and easily in reach. the instrument panel is easy to read and lights up nicely. The Ebrake is on the leftside and has a weird way to release it. I got the car because I needed a change and wanted something that was not as common. My last 3 cars have been a 1999 M3, 2001 CLK and a 540, and this car beats them all hands down in the WOW factor. The car I purchased was a high mileage 82000 2nd owner coupe. I had the car checked out 110% and was lucky to pay about 10k underbook. Overall the space is tight but doable, the ride rivals all my past cars. It handles better than CLK but not close to the M3. Visibilty is fine and when you are in it the car has a very personal feel like it was made for you. The look is hot and a head turner all day. If you want something different but like the performance of a M3, CLK, 350Z, or G35 I suggest you give the cat a spin around. You will be pleasantly surprised.... Thanks for reading