2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe consumer reviews

$60,490 starting MSRP
side view of 2023 Grand Cherokee 4xe Jeep
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Will I be a Jeep convert due to the 4xe? Maybe?!

Two weeks ownership impressions, this Jeep is quite impressive. I've never been a Jeep person. Long time Dodge Charger owner in the sports car world. Cross shopping the Mustang Mach-e, the Grand Cherokee 4xe really got my attention. It's got that "in town" all electric distance, but you have the turbo gas engine for range and flexibility. The interior is not quite oppulent luxury, but it is VERY nice inside. Levels above what typical Jeep interiors and technology have been. It's very well put together with nice materials, and even some nice plastics. The one huge strike is the choice of so much center piano black. This material has to die. UConnect 5 is my absolute favorite. It works extremely well. The TomTom Nav is kinda weak. It only works best when you input the exact address. Combined electric and gas performance is impressive! This big SUV launches off the line when asked to. Electric use is pretty good for a big vehicle, at about 26mi. Which has been perfect for local driving when I'm off the highway. My combined MPG with gas/electric has been 25mpg, on Regular fuel. Which is a huge step up from the old Charger, yet I have all this cargo room. In the recent snow storms, this GC has been a snow BEAST. Very stable, and the stock Bridgestone tires have been acceptable in their snow performance. A few negatives; the dealer helped fixed a squeaky front panel right away. And they updated my UConnect system, where the screen was flashing black. After those fixes, the GC 4xe has been flawless. The engine is a bit noisy at higher rpms, but I don't mind it too much getting to use its performance. I've been Level 1 charging overnight at home, which has been adequate, taking about 14-15hrs for a full charge. That usually gets 2-3 local errand/to highway trips before it runs out. Then I charge again for the next day. When the battery is "dead" there's enough reserve to operate like a Prius hybrid, to help keep fuel efficiency up while in gas mode. Overall very happy! It's a lease to hedge my bets on this new tech, hopefully it keeps going well! I might be a Jeep convert!


Love this car!

I love this car! We chose the Summit and it's elegant, roomy and has plenty of gadgets and features. Great EV for local errands! Love the comfort (massage, heated, cooled seats) the large, clear control screen, the windshield info, and the ability to customize displays to the driver's preference.


Bad electronics

Comfortable, lots of features, the big downside is we have had it for about a month and been in the shop 3 times for electronic bugs, the Tom Tom navigation system is the one installed and it is junk. Keeps trying to reboot and takes over the display screen no matter which display screen you try to put it on, it reboots and resets to the Tom Tom nav, and then screen goes black and resets every 3-5 minutes. You also can't use a voice command for nav on this system. Dealer can't find a fix so far. I thought Tom Tom navigation went out of business sometime about 15-20 years ago, but they sure sold a bill of goods to Jeep/Chrysler, probably some Executives now have millions under the table and we, the consumer, get stuck with this junk. Also issues with tire sensor electronics, phone defaults to the in car audio, even when you don't want it to.


Impressive in every way

Jeep has really stepped up their game.. I’ve had Mercedes for about 8 years now. I went from a C43 to this and I must say.. the interior is actually nicer. I went with the Summit Reserve fully loaded. Beautiful exterior as well, plenty of space (I have a large golden retriever) and the gas mileage is equally impressive. I love everything about this vehicle.


Will definitely tell friends and family

My sales man Jessie Thompson was great I was looking for a special kind of grand cherokee and he didn't stop looking until he found it once I got it he showed me everything there is to know about it I had an awesome experience


Classy ride!

Getting acquainted - its a computer on wheels, and I’m a senior lady so on a steep learning curve from my 2014 Grand Cherokee - loving it!!!


A Capable Plug-In Hybrid That Can Tow

I’ve had my 2022 4xe Overland for three months now, in the winter of Wisconsin. I got it because I wanted a plug in hybrid that could still tow my 21’ travel trailer. It fills the need with ease. I had to buy a more upscale model though, because the base models do not come with a hitch, and the tow “prep” package for the base models is a joke as you still need to buy and install the wiring and the hitch! But my Overland model has the comfort and capability that my previous 2009 Tahoe LTZ had, but uses a LOT less gas. I can run local errands up to 25-30 miles on electricity, plug it in over night, and be ready to go another 25-30 miles, using NO gas. If I drive further, and the electricity runs low, it becomes a hybrid using the turbo four along with the electric motors, and still gets 23 mpg the way I drive. It has a fairly tight turning radius and great handling for my needs, and while I haven’t taken it “off road” yet, I have no doubt the 4x4 drive and adjustable suspension(you can raise it 3-4 inches with a button) will provide plenty of off road capability short of the most boulder strewn terrain that would require a Trailhawk model. Towing uses a lot more gas, as with any tow vehicle, but it CAN tow up to 6000 pounds, and does so without much effort in 6th or 7th gear(it has 8), which you can manually select. There are VERY few plug in hybrids that can do this! And most of my driving is not towing. All controls and info systems are within comfortable reach, and I’ve found my 6’ frame fits just fine. It has some nice features too, like a heated steering wheel that I find very nice in Wisconsin, and I’m still learning some of the expansive technology capabilities. Cars.com has properly recognised the exceptional capability of the Grand Cherokee 4xe in my opinion.