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2022 Jeep Renegade consumer reviews

$24,695–$26,095 MSRP range
side view of 2022 Renegade Jeep
55% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior 3.9
  • Performance 2.8
  • Value 2.7
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 3.2
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Don't buy

Just a piece of junk. Motor sounds like a diesel (it's not) dealer says it's ok but won't let me listen to another renegade to see how it sounds. Only 3k miles


The only car of it's kind

I picked the Jeep Renegade in the Trailhawk model because it is the only car in the compact category that also has excellent off roading capabilities. It completely beats out the other "off road" vehicles in its class like the Crosstrek or trailblazer. It also works excellent as a daily driver and great on long highway drives, having way better gas mileage than a pickup or wrangler. No road noise like you get in a wrangler or a truck with big off road tires. I've had this car for a little over a year at this point, with about 7000 miles, and the only thing I can say was any kind of issue was I got warning lights on my dash for the lane sensors, but they were just dirty and a quick wash fixed that problem. I can't say much for reliability just because the car is still so new. I have the leather trim upgrade that you can get with the trailhawk, but even with that the quality of the interior is lacking compared to other vehicle brands at the same price range and category, like the Crosstrek, but looking at Jeep's other vehicles like the Gladiator or Wrangler, it fits right in. Everything does feel high quality. I'm very picky about road noises and rattling panels or vibrations while driving, and I haven't had anything at all yet with this vehicle even when driving on rough roads or hitting bumps. The only reason why I gave this car a lower interior rating is just because of the excessive use of plastic. The exterior is very unique. At first I absolutely hated the blocky look of the renegade, but with all the iconic Jeep stying mixed in and the upgraded look of the trailhawk front bumper, I have grown to really love the way this little SUV looks. The blocky shape gives it extremely good headroom and gives it extra cargo space in the rear. The trailhawk model has armor on the underside to prevent damage by anything you're climbing over when going off road. There are some gaps in the armor that you can fill with available aftermarket parts. I will say that I think the cardboard box aerodynamics are the main reason why the gas mileage is so poor even with such a small engine. With about 55/45 split between in-town and highway driving respectively, on roads with large elevation changes, I do still get 24 mpg combined which is decent. The road handling is also great, the Renegade is a very light car, and even with being a little top heavy it zooms around corners almost like a small sports car. The 1.3l engine is surprisingly torque-y, it took me a little while to get used to being gentle on the throttle, the first few gears are very deep and the tiny turboed engine makes 210 foot pounds of torque so it will launch very quickly until it gets to 3rd/4th gear. The absolute worst and best thing about this car is it's transmission and the way it's programmed. In regular driving, it seems like the transmission has to stop and think about what gear to go to, so swapping gears is a little slow and not as smooth as other cars. At the same time, the transmission is the main reason why this car does extremely, unexpectedly well off road and in poor driving conditions. It will always keep power to wheels that have traction, and so gives impressive control. I have driven this up a mountain trail in the middle of a Montana winter and it felt like a leisurely drive, even purposely drove into tall snow drifts to give myself a challenge and plowed over them without any issue. When I got to the peak in my stock renegade trailhawk the only other vehicle on the peak was a modified, lifted Tacoma with large off road tires that had chains wrapped around them. I'm extremely impressed with how well this compact SUV really does off road. Overall I'm extremely happy with my renegade, and hope to have it for the next decade as a light trail/off road adventure car and daily driver.


Great Jeep to drive

I have a 2022 latitude 1.3 turbo. Bought it with 6 miles July 2022, now has 8k miles March 2023, and not one issue. I have had it in twice for oil change and tire rotation. Fun to drive, 28 mpg, cheap to fill up. Never once had any of the issues others have. I would have liked an additional 12v outlet, and lumbar seat.


Not the JEEP to purchase

Do not waste your money. I bought my 2022 Renegade on Sept.17 2022 and got rid of it by Dec. 30 2022 with only 2911 miles on it! after a substantial loss. This vehicle was in for service with so many computer issues,warning lights going off for no reason car stopping and emergency brake turning on and not going off also battery going dead. Was told you have to drive these vehicles more miles it is called an "Up Charge " to keep battery charged because of all the computer components in these new cars!! Why was I not informed if this is true on this Renegade.


Love The Jeep Renegade Platform!

I've owned a 2017 Renegade Latitude 2.4L FWD, a 2019 Renegade Latitude 2.4L FWD, and now a 2022 Renegade Altitude 1.3L 4WD and I've loved them all. The only issue I have is the performance. They could use a little more power to merge and be a little less of a target on the road. Other than that, it's a great vehicle I've had zero complaints and any small issues I've had have been addressed promptly and not returned.



I purchased this vehicle on June 11th 2022 and on Monday, October 10th 2022 the car completely died in the left lane on a major highway in NYC! Only 5500 miles on it!! Every single Instrument light went on and the car would not shut off. Not only did i have to pay for the Tow Truck, I also have to pay for the rental car so i can get to work. They would not even give me a "Loaner Car". There customer service "Wave" went out with the tide! Completely useless. They will tell you they will contact you after 24 hours of when you first called. I had to call them seven (7) times and they never got back to me. I have everything documented because I no longer trust JEEP and even more so this vehicle! Oh yeah, upon purchase of this vehicle the Sunroof struggled to open and close! Still does after it was serviced! DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING THIS CAR!!!!


Don’t bother.

Worked great for first 2000 miles. Then suddenly ever sensor warning went off saying it needs to be checked. Three visits to get it fixed and still doing it. Don’t buy unless you have an extra vehicle to use while this one is in service center every other week. Estimated time to fix my issues is end of October. It has a nice style and field of view, but disappointing mileage per gallon on top of faulty sensors. Hope the safety features actually work if an accident happens since they sensors for them aren’t.


Tight suv

Trailhawk model is very comfortable and fun to drive. Nitrogen filled tires (it feels like it floats). Perfect size suv, great sport mode for hills and very nice interior!


Worth A Shot

Gas mileage disappointing for a small turbo. My Chevy Cruze was much better. Fun to drive, easy to see out of. Only two of us so the size is perfect. I like the interior and exterior looks. The lane assist not so much. It takes a lot to get used to. Not a big fan of the 9 speed but it does have good low end torque. Nice touch screen and radio. Great lighting for night driving and love the fog lamps.