2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe consumer reviews

$54,735 starting MSRP
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50% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.0
  • Interior design 3.0
  • Performance 3.0
  • Value for the money 3.0
  • Exterior styling 3.5
  • Reliability 3.0
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Lithia Motors/Seminole County CDJR: Is there ANYTHING LESS THAN 1 STAR AVAILABLE?!?!?! Now to get to the service side. "Yeah you want the VERY IN-DEPTH Used Car Inspection. It's $450.00 dollars and they look at everything!" He dismissed me and kept talking to the trainee. Finally he came back and I agreed. No time frame for diagnosis given. Two days later I received the call from Nicholas. "Yes sir, they are done. All checked out green. All clear. Come pick it up!"Great, I thought. Drove up, picked it up. Paid the $500. Drove home happy. I had been smart to have PROFESSIONALS check it out!Got up the very next day to drive to work in Orange City. CHECK ENGINE light comes on I-4. xxx!!! I text Nicholas to get it back in. Drive straight there from work. Nicholas checks codes. Talks to mechanic. Says it appears to be a NEW gas vapor loss/leak. "Probably very safe to drive!" "NO" I said. "NOT going to drive vehicle with CHECK ENGINE light on. Keep it and find the problem" Get the shuttle. No time frame for diagnosis given.2 day later Nicholas calls. "Someone in the past did some homemade welding repair to GAS TANK, so you need a new one! THERE IS NO WAY THAT THE SUPER IN-DEPTH USED CAR INSPECTION COULD HAVE EVER FOUND THIS ISSUE!" So, I said "So it was just pure coincidence that the check engine light came on the first time I drive it after you all were tinkering around?" NO ANSWER. So several days, five I think, to get the tank and get it installed and flush all the fluids, change oil, rotate tires. I came back in. Pay the $2000 dollars and drive away. MUCH LESS happy this time.Drive the car back to house. It basically sits in my drive for four days. Drive it to work the day after that and on the way home, suddenly, screeching, whining, warning lights blowing up display, vehicle sputter and dying and I barely coast off road into a parking lot. IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. Hop ride with tow truck to dealership.Once again pure coincidence that basically the very first time I drive it after leaving your shop that the alternator and serpentine belt flat out die. Texted Nicholas to let him know. Again, of course, the reply came back "NO WAY THE SUPER UBER IN-DEPTH USED CAR INSPECTION COULOD HAVE EVER FOUND OUT YOU HAD A REALLY BAD ALTERNATOR AND SERPENTINE BELT!!!"Waited thirty minutes at dealership to be greeted...So, I agree to have the service done, and ask for shuttle. Told by man at desk there that shuttle is out but should be back soon. Go and sit down for an hour. Come back no one at desk. All service personnel busy. Asked one, no idea. I have to call Uber and go home. MAD.Later that day get ESTIMATE from Nicholas. In addition to ANOTHER $176 diagnostic fee, $1300 for serp belt and alternator. I had already started doing research on costs in the area and the AVG cost for that work was between $700-900 max. Even figuring in NEW v REMANUFACTURED alternators the cost was still $300-400 HIGHER. Called Nicholas with my findings after calling almost every single other Jeep dealership in ORLANDO area to verify with him why your costs were 35-50% more. No answer besides "They must not be paying their mechanics the $250 hr. that we pay ours."Sorry, but unacceptable.I finally agreed to service, but as I said, this WILL be the last time my shadow crosses your building door thresholds. Absolutely HORRIFIC experience. My belief is that for the initial USED CAR INSPECTION, they pushed the Jeep into the bay and went to lunch then charged me $500 to put 100 checks into boxes, otherwise a COMPETENT mechanic WOULD have found issues. NO COINCIDENCE that suddenly everything is breaking once you all get your hands on the Jeep. All signs point to a systemic RIP OFF.



Never been so excited about a car before. It is amazing! Earl blue color is everything! This car is a total show stopper. Sky roof is fantastic, windows pop out with ease, came with excellent storing bag for windows.