2008 Kia Rondo consumer reviews

$16,395–$18,895 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Rondo Kia
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 3.9
  • Reliability 4.3
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Wish Kia would reintroduce the Rondo

Rented an '09 LX in Phoenix and loved it! 6'7" tall and I fit very comfortably. Have now owned a 2007 EX V6 for 3 years. Tons of pep. Averaging 22 mpg. Heated leather. Great stereo. Handles like a sports car. Just wish dome light would work when opening back hatch. I'd buy a brandy new one if they came back. Love this little vehicle!


Why did KIA quit selling this car?

Needed a small wagon for hauling supplies and inventory for a small business. Absolutely perfect. Unbelievable cargo room and access. Comfortable front and rear seats with an optional 3rd row of seats. Mine came with a luggage rack, which will make long trips with luggage more comfortable Good gas mileage and my 4 cylinder engine provides plenty of power. I really can't think of anything I don't like about this car. I looked at all of the small wagons and SUVs and the small minivans and this one was the best deal for the price. I can't understand why KIA stopped selling this car in the US.


My Little, Big Car

Little on the outside, lots of room inside. Love that I have 3 rows of seats, I can have lots of people, or put down the 3rd row, and pile in the groceries. I only wish the 2nd row was movable, to give leg room to the 3rd seat. Otherwise, I wish they still made this car!


I really love this car

Well I'm a believer.. I down sized from a Ford Windstar minivan. I pay less than 1/2 to fill the tank and I can go longer on a tank than I could with my windstar. I fit 3 kids all in separate rows & 3 hockey bags ( 1 adult goalie, & 2 player bags ). WOW! It really works. The engine is extemely quiet. Buying the Rondo is the best car buying decision I have ever made.


try it you'll like it

the LX V-6 works for me. Plenty of power and automanual to boot. 23-25 mpg mixed driving. The best is the seat height...in and out without a fight. Not aloat of frills but priced accordingly. Best of all, plenty of room for my Labrador.


very nice

have had the Odyssey and CRV for the wife. Just bought another CRV for her at upper end of budget. Did the comps on size and features and the Rondo was very close. Found a 2008 with 10,000 miles for low cost and swear its better than her CRV. Have driven the Rondo on long trips out west like Yellowstone and up in the mountains. Handled fine. One small problem, first thing in the morning the trans slips when going from low gear. Once warmed up the slipping stops. Had it checked out and they could find nothing



First time owner of a car like this since the GAS $$$ issues. So far after purchasing this car through a whole sale dealer I have been very impressed. If I was looking for a 2010 model I would get another one. Simple And Sweet..Great Car!


Poor mileage

After a year, I am still only getting 15-16 miles per gallon. I don't know how these others are saying they are getting good mileage. My 4 cyl Accord gets 30 city and 40 hwy. It has as much power as the v6 Rondo, but the Rondo sure uses the gas! Other than the fuel economy, it has been a good car, now with almost 13,000 miles on it.


A Steal of a Car

So far so good.Went on a trip in it and loved it.I have the LX V6 and plenty of power.For the amount I paid for it can't be beat.


Beat out CRV

Our `03 CRV was a great vehicle with a good dealer, so that was the car to beat. We considered many vehicles with similar MPGs and cargo capacity. 1) xB had good capacity and interior fabric quality, but was dark and noisy on the road. 2) FIT had sup rising capacity, great MPGs but even more road noise and slightly worse interior. 3) Soul had acceptable capacity but even worse interior fabric. 4) Rogue was very noisy with little cargo room. 5) Forrester had a harsh ride and a monotone int. 6) Mazda5, a nice pkg, slightly underpowered, but planned more as a people mover that sometimes carries cargo, but we mostly carry cargo and sometimes carry passengers. 7) RAV4, the most usable cargo capacity with the outside spare tire, but the light colored interior had too much contrasting dark trim for our taste, the V6 had too much power for FWD (didn?t want AWD). 8) Jetta Sportwagon, interior was cheap on the gas model and the diesel option costs more than any fuel savings. 9) HHR had terrible wind noise and otherwise was just so-so. Also considered several high end vehicles but only drove the Audi A4 Avant at $40k. Even it had a problem with sharp metal edges on the back doors at the belt line that could scratch people getting in and out. We test drove the Rondo immediately after the Audi and while the two vehicles are not in the same price range, we were really suprised with the Rondo. Later we drove the '09 CRV and while it has better exterior styling than the `03, it looses some nice interior capabilities. Road noise is noticeable and the light colored interior lacks cohesiveness with large titanium colored door handles and too many different textures on the seat fabric. We drove the Rondo and Mazda5 again before making a decision. The Rondo is quieter than the similarly priced vehicles and has the most upscale interior. The 7 pass. option provides lots of seating flexibility and plenty of flat-floor cargo space. Controls are within ez reach and there is an AC vent for the rear seat which many of the other cars lacked. The V6 and 5 spd is quiet with sufficient power. Ride is nice, softer than the comparables with some body roll since it is a `tall? vehicle, but we weren?t looking for a sports car. We don?t do any city driving, but urban mileage appears to be about 25-26 mpg and I expect highway only will be 28+ mpg. This fits our goals very well.