2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid consumer reviews

$33,590 starting MSRP
side view of 2021 Sorento Hybrid Kia
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior 5.0
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 5.0
  • Reliability 4.3
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It’s good until it breaks

I purchased my car new April 2021 - all seemed great until March 2022- “Refill Inverter coolant” warning came up 24 hours before I was supposed to go on a 8 hour drive road trip- talk about inconvenient timing! I packed the miles on a little faster than the average Joe- so when I googled this issue, there was nothing to be found. I took it into the shop last minute & was told pretty much “we don’t know- but it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything” wellll…. Let’s just say after multiple attempts of trying to get it fixed they basically said it’s a “phantom light” but they couldn’t get it to go away. How about I go in Feb 2024 (pretty much 2 years of dealing with this light) I am told they have a service action finally available for the issue-SA515A this was performed 2/23/24. All seemed well once it was completed! I didn’t see the light for a full month- and then Easter morning 3/31/24 while 8 hours from home & an hour into my drive at 11:00 AM- (coming through Mount Vernon, IL on the way home to eastern TN) I stopped at a drive thru off the interstate- never turned my car off… but when I went to pull out to the road that would lead me back to the interstate I lost pretty much all power and the vehicle only shuddered any time I hit the gas going forwards or backwards. A big orange triangle with “HEV” written in it came up and stated “check hybrid system”, the check engine light, as well as the “refill inverter coolant” light came up as well. How about that!? Hadn't seen that inverter coolant light since they did SA515A & now it “mysteriously” reappears along with all the other lights & zero drive ability!? I think that SA515A triggered something! & The place I broke down at had a bad hornet problem & the vehicle wouldn’t produce cold AC- it just blew hot air- so as a single mom with a 12 yr old & our dog in the car we had to sit in a hot car with only random ability to roll down the windows depending on how many wasp were around. I was completely stranded for 5 hours as Uber & Lyft kept cancelling my requests for a ride to the nearest hotel (since it was Easter I couldn’t get a decent price on a tow & the nearest Kia dealership was 50 miles away) the cheapest tow I could find was $400- pretty sure due to the holiday. Anyway, I ended up having to call some sketchy taxi company & got a ride to a hotel- definitely not an expense I was ready for since we had just spent a week on spring break! Anyway, I was stranded all day Easter and that Monday & couldn’t get help until Tuesday. Kia roadside was zero help since I was over 60K miles & the “local” (50 mi) away stated on Monday morning that they had a small shop and probably couldn’t get it in until that Wed or Thurs- WELL I was supposed to go to work that Monday & my 12 yo was supposed to go back to school- there’s no way I could wait around! I ended up spending $400 in gas and $200 to rent a car dolly & my dad drove 3 hours and picked us up & put my car on the dolly for me. The vehicle had so little power it wouldn’t go up the ramp or down the ramp- it had to be pushed. When we were pushing it off the ramp at the dealership (in eastern TN) a loud noise came from under the hood & the service manager actually was there helping us push the car- he said “well that sounds like the transmission just blew”. I dropped the car off late on 4/2/24 & the dealership has still not diagnosed it as of 4/4 (after hours)- they plan to make time for it 4/5 even though I was told it would be checked out on 4/3- thankfully they gave me a loaner vehicle but to cover their butts they put $41/day “unless covered by warranty”. I hope to God it is warrantable! I am planning on dumping it ASAP. My 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid’s engine went out at 98K miles- was under warranty but I never trusted it again & dumped it shortly after the engine replacement. I’m over Kia’s hybrid models & don’t plan on ever owning another one.


I am thrilled.

I have only owned this vehicle for two weeks now. It has every safety feature you can imagine. The gas mileage is incredible. I get over 600 miles when I fill it. I have owned 4 optima's before I got this car. I am going on a couple of road trips in the next two months. Can't wait to see the mileage I will get and I am so glad I don't have to stop and plug it in.


Great car at a great $

It is exactly everything I wanted. The turbo helps with acceleration and all of the added options make for a comfortable commute everyday. The 3rd row leg room is more than expected.


I went hybrid as gas prices are increasing

So far, so good. I have owned it for a week and am getting nearly 37mpg driving city and highway which is what they advertise. I'm sure I will be happy not to visit the gas station as much. It has great get up and go if needed, smooth shifting, & ride. The only thing I don't like is it does not come in SX trim level as of now. I would have liked leather seats and cooled as well as heated seats.


Good MPG and stylish looks

I graded reliability in the middle because I've owned it for 76 days. So far, 36.3 mpg overall for 3,000 miles. Would be higher except for 600 miles in the mountains with strong crosswinds = 31.5 mpg. Onboard display says I'm getting higher MPG, so I keep track of miles driven and divide by gallons to fill. Have already received multiple compliments on its looks. Kudos for LKA (Lane Keeping Assist). At first, it is unnerving to have the steering wheel turn on it's own to keep you centered in your lane. But, I quickly learned the movement is easily overpowered if I'm pointed the way I want to go. Additional kudos for ISLA (Intelligent Speed Limit Assist), commonly called adaptive cruise control. On one of our first outings, the vehicle in front of us suddenly braked for a right turn (without using signal) and ISLA slowed us faster than I could have reacted. Another feature is red triangles in the outside mirrors that light when a vehicle passes. That should reduce the risk of side swipes as they let other drivers know they are getting close. Due to these safety features, our insurance premium is about the same as our previous vehicle - which is five years older! There are a few concerns: Scheduled maintenance is 6,000 mile intervals. Many turbocharged vehicles similarly require more frequent oil changes. There is coolant for the electric motor (Inverter) that is supposed to be changed at 36,000 mile intervals. Spark plugs at 42,000 miles. Brake fluid at 48,000 miles. Note: This is more important in hybrids due to the regenerative battery recharging. All of the above intervals are sooner than non-hybrid vehicles. Currently, there are two trim levels for Sorento Hybrids: S and EX We have the EX - I don't recall the differences. But, paddle shifters are included WITHOUT a tachometer. (Don't let your teenaged son drive it without first strongly discouraging use of the paddle shifters, which could over rev the engine.) There is no CD/DVD player option, or powered outside mirrors. Seats are heated, but not cooled/ventilated. I miss that! Steering wheel controls are not intuitive, at least for me. There are numerous ways to customize the driving experience - and I still struggle to remember how to get to specific settings. So, if I have a wreck due to distracted driving, it won't be because I'm using my cell phone ... If you live in snow country, consider a Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid. It has the same power train, but includes all wheel drive. And, some of the missing high end trim options. But you will lose some MPG.


2021 EX Hybrid Kia Sorento

Incredibly comfortable, standard 3 row seating which is extremely spacious. Absolutely loaded with safety features. It even applies the emergency brake automatically when you park at an incline. Super good looking inside & out! Amazing fuel economy too because it's a hybrid! GO KIA!!!!!!!!


100% love it!!!

100% love it!!! It fits all my needs and its really classy. And the dealership was really clean and the personal were great and helpful.