2017 Land Rover Discovery consumer reviews

$49,990 starting MSRP
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73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.3
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Failing Coolant System

2017 Discovery HSE I have owned has given me coolant issues frequently. After having the water pump, thermostat and y pipe replaced, the car continued to overheat. The y pipe part in the coolant system should be recalled as it keeps cracking under high pressure. Turns out to be a poor design and Land Rover continues not to cover this piece under its warranty. Nice exterior design and interior as well. Comfortable ride but engine coolant system and software for infotainment is poor. Land Rover should own up to its poor design. Land Rover reliability will continue to be in jeopardy.


Fantastic Vehicle!

Long time (Decades) Land Rover owner, driver, enthusiast, glutton for punishment... We have 3 other LR's in the family fleet as well as Toyotas and Subarus. I purchased this one CPO 2 years ago and took it on a major family road trip, spanning over 4 months and 11 states. We drove the vehicle more than 300 miles off-road, over desert sand, small rocks, big rocks, Jeep Roads, and 3 remote mountain passes over 12,000 feet. On road we drove it very high speed on lonely freeways in western states. Our LR Discovery HSE delivered flawlessly. The Windsor Leather interior is very stylish, functional and comfortable. The Disco handles like a sports car and has a very tight turning radius (can make an easy u-turn on most streets). Now it's mostly used day to day in town, hauling kids to and from school and sports and driving to work. We've taught 2 kids to drive in this car. It still looks and smells new. Everything works well and after putting many miles on the odometer it's begging for more. Regular oil changes and routine maintenance, that's it. Now we're well aware of issues with LR's and most every expensive vehicle...it seems to run with the territory. On this car my hat's off to Land Rover! This Discovery is a fantastic vehicle!! Love it so much, I decided to get a brand new Defender. After a few months the jury's still out on which is the better vehicle... I can assure you, we'll have a good time reaching that conclusion and we'll let you know when we figure it out!


the end of Land Rover Legacy

The problems with this vehicle started with fit and finish issues within days of driving the new Land Rover Discovery off the dealer lot, that included a squeaky rear seat that took at least four separate visits to fix. Then the problems migrated to the rear lift gate interior panel that continually detached from the body hatch and hug down from one side. I have been back at least six times to fix this problem over a two year period. And each time they fix it and each time it falls apart again. Still no remedy. The best problem, at least for the service providers, has been the non-recall cam shaft defect that has been known to Land Rover for some time (not counting the axle bearing failure, that was thankfully caught under warranty). This cam issue totally stopped the car. I finally took the Discovery to an independent garage and am now faced with a $2400 repair bill. Wait, no scratch that; an $11,000 bill They decided I need a new engine, explaining the cam controller shattered with metal fragments going into the engine. Needless to say, I would not recommend Land Rover vehicles in general. It seems that when these two brands Land Rover-Jaguar, were purchased by an Indian investment company, Tata Motors, the legendary quality and durability was lost. The decision was made to introduce a variety of snappy looking consumer market-class models and trash the historic world-class reliability tradition. Remember all the old movies and news reels with Land Rover busting through the jungles and mountain passes. Don’t try this too far from town. Trapped in the Outback in a new Discovery would be life threatening. There is a new Defender model, though I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that either - same build, parts and management. Land Rover should have kept the name when they sold out to Tata.


Overpriced Eye Candy

I owned a 2017 HSE Lux for nearly 3 years and had more trouble out of it in 3 years than I had out of my last 3 vehicles in 10 years. The vehicle constantly had something wrong with it and the dealership was always reluctant to resolve it as they had to check to see if it was under warranty. Hello, it was well under the 4yr/50k miles so it should be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. LandRover/Jaguar software in their ICTP systems is junky and clanky. There are older vehicles that are lightyears ahead of JLR in terms of software AND reliability.


7 Passenger, When Needed and Quiet Comfort.

Excellent Quality and Design - Economic Fuel Efficiency with Plenty of Get Up and Go. Multi Tone Paint and Third Row Seating Makes The Vehicle More Stylish and Convenient .


An all around outstanding car! Love driving it.

A pleasure and fun to drive. Great performance in all weather conditions. Very nice interior finishes and user friendly features and conveniences. Great car! Would recommend to anyone looking for a 7 seat SUV.


We love it, worried about future reliability.

We bought the Discovery is large part due to the towing capacity, 7700 lbs. Of course, being a luxury vehicle was also a big factor. Turns out buying a diesel model was the best decision. On the highway is much better than published. Our Discovery is getting over 30 MPG. The biggest concern is with long term reliability. The Land Rover Forum has quite a few complaints. None by us so far.


Best quality vehicle I have owned.

Best quality vehicle I have owned and have owned Mercedes, BMW and others. I considered a BMW X5 but there is no comparison in quality. This Land Rover tops all with features, quality and performance.


Love my new car!!!

Love it! Its so comfortable and looks and runs great! I highly recommend this vehicle. Its very classy and reliable. I may not own another type of vehicle.


Best vehicle ever

Handles like a dream. Very smooth and responsive. Rugged and handles extremely well off road. Sound system is terrific. Looking forward to a great road trip with my vehicle this nest week.