2020 Land Rover Range Rover Velar consumer reviews

$56,300 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 Range Rover Velar Land Rover
71% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.2
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Luuv My 2020 Velar P340...

Got 2 yr lease on Eiger Gray 2020 Velar p340 R-Dynamic S with full black package, including wheels...very pricey vehicle, with $13K+ in options...but i luuuv it...appearance and drive are stunning...that said, the "sport command" driving position is an issue, cannt get driver's seat high enough, but it goes low enough that you can't see over the dash...lol...also the B-pillar is very thick, as is the passenger seat headrest, so making left turn at T intersection is challenging...but i'm at 2 yrs now, and will probably do the lease end purchase option...also had it valued at JLR dealer yesterday and they would their purchase offer was only 63% of MSRP, with 13,500mi...LOL...and they wanted to sell me a 1-yr old Defender for 100% of MSRP...makes no financial cents (sic)...


Great looking but workmanship issues

My car looks AMAZING from the outside but I fear there may be workmanship issues. I've had it only a year and have a loud fan sound coming from vehicle, no warning or service lights on so not sure of the issue. Also, there are small things loose on the vehicle that shouldn't be (i.e. a raised flap around passenger door mirrors, uneven or loosened piece on front grill) and I haven't driven the vehicle more than 9k miles in over a year and it is 100% garage kept. I noticed these issues at the 4k mark which is too soon to have ANY issues. So while I think the car looks good on the interior and exterior, its definitely not a forever car due to workmanship so I'll likely go back to Mercedes or BMW just for the quality.



Never been so disappointed with a car. This car from day one wont drive straight. The dealership was not able to correct the problem. I feel very unsafe in tis car


True waste of money...

The car is a mediocre SUV with a below average functionality... The biggest issue I have with car is its buggy software... At that price range you can get a German car that will work perfectly ALL THE TIME! It is a very good looking SUV but your backup camera may not come on and your entertainment unit may decide to turn on in its own.... Tonight in 0 degrees, the car said my AC is not available and ended up resetting itself 3 times before it all started working again... The Dynamic cruise control with lane keep is joke and the car has a mind of its own overall...


Just got it

So far everything is going well . It drives great very smooth ride .so far the gas mileage is on point. All of the features on the interior are well designed.


Sporty, sleek and luxurious!!!

I love this car!!!! It is so smooth, quiet and beautiful!!! I am so glad I decided to purchase the Range Rover Velar!!! It’s probably my favorite car I have ever purchased!!!


Clearly made for looks and not practicality

For an expensive car the interior was poorly thought out. There is zero storage. The glove box is the smallest I’ve ever owned in a car and the center console is so unnecessarily small that it can’t fit a small eyeglass case without being at a diagonal...and then you can’t fit anything else in the console after that. There is not even a place to put glasses up by the rear view mirror. If you’re short, with the seat moved up to reach the pedals, it’s impossible to get in and out of the car as it does not shift back when turned off like many well thought out cars - this applies even to someone who is very thin. Leg room in back seat is abysmal for a mid sized SUV. The front seat headrests jut out so far that a shorter person can not place their shoulder on the seat without pushing the head down, so in order to look forward, you need to lean forward and hover in front of the headrest at all times...extremely uncomfortable. The two small cup holders are equipped with three rubber bumpers so that if you drive upside down, your drink will not fall out, but for regular use, they are too small to fit an average drink and you will need to demolish a small Poland spring bottle to get it in - especially if it’s only half filled with water to keep it expanded. Air vents have nearly zero adjustability so it’s nearly impossible to direct them so that they are not bowing in your face. The seat belt does not adjust for shorter people so it is up by the neck. The USB cables that control CarPlay are located in the center console with no hole to run the wires and they have to lay across the cup holders, in the way, no matter where you decide to mount your phone - yet there are two lighter adapters, out in the open, that are convenient but do not hook up to car play. I so wish that I had the opportunity to drive this for longer than a test drive before deciding to purchase. In addition, I was told by the dealership that there is a great app for my phone to remote start the car (and other things) but I need to be sent an email invite and then helped to set up by an associate due to the fact that it’s extremely difficult to do on my own. I have called three times in 2 weeks for this help only to be told that someone will send the link and call but never does. I was left with an odd metal part in the car, and when calling service, I was told that I would have to drive the 45 minutes back to the dealership to find out what it was because everyone was too busy for me to send a pic or try to describe it over the phone. I’m already eyeing up my next non Velar. Very disappointed. It’s like a beautiful woman who is terribly disorganized.


great ride

This car met all my expectations - nice ride, comfortable - was a little skeptical about the gas prices but realized it was actually not that bad - now gas to miles is something else.


A Svelte Range Rover

This car was forged by the God’s of luxury and Thunder. It looks fantastic, but not overdone. It is luxurious and comfortable, wrapping you in an environment where your senses are endlessly pampered. Quiet cabin, comfortable seats, massaging seats, amazing stereo, good technology, AWD, sports car speed, smooth ride, good mileage given the engine power, awesome lights for night driving, can tow over 5k lbs., great brakes, good handling, safe....what else would you want in a suv? PS, they are only making 500 SVA Velars so don’t wait too long....



Bought a 2020 HSE Dynamic Black Kit with a Tan intrerior. I have no complaints, Im excited to drive it every day. I had been looking to get a suv and rented the f pace and range rover sport. The f pace was nice but I liked the visual of the velar. I still thought the sport was to big for what I needed. The velar was visually apealing, plus its dynamic and can function on multiple terrains. I Like the price because it gives people a second thought so not to many people will have one. Plus the doors go in.