2011 Mazda Mazda3 consumer reviews

$15,800 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 Mazda3 Mazda
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.6
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Great car - low maintenance and dependable!

I have had this car for over 5 years and it has been like a faithful friend to me. I just passed along to my son.


Most reliable car that I ever test drive

It was my style, good on gas, economic and reliable. I liked the way the car performed on the road.


Excellent choice for students or commuters

I test drive the Mazda 3 I touring with 70000 miles on it . It was very comfortable, nice pick up for a 2.0 l engine with a sporty body style. The car handled extreamly well on back roads as well as the highway. An acceptable level of road noise was easily masked with the Bose radio. Back seat would be tight for taller passengers but reasonable for average height people. I've put a deposit on the car and will be driving it home next week.


A fun car

This is a good car for my needs. I am a college student, so it gets good gas mileage. There is not as much leg room for the people sitting in the backseat as I would like, but I have not had any major problems with the car thus far. I also have a manual car, which is a lot of fun to drive.


Fun and practical

This car is a beast of a performer 263hp and 280tq, its basically a sports car that just happens to be a 5 door hatchback with plenty of extra room, the leather seats are very comfortable on long drives, but only come in on color regardless of the exterior color. Still, thats a very minor gripe and I actually like the colors. Gas mileage is on the lower end if you have a lead foot [17mpg] but if you are able to drive smoothly you'll get by just fine. I also have had 0 reliablity issues and im 60k miles in. Cant recommend this car enough.



I bought my 1st.Mazda 323 (1994) very comfortable car.2007 I got mazda6 stylish,reliable,comfortable very tableware.you can't believe.Now l,m driving a Mazda premacy .wonderfully made, spacious, an comfortably made. In future l hope to DRIVE a Mazda BIANTE. Go for Mazda A car for the DAY !!!!!!!!


Most Reliable Car I've Owned

Great car. I am 6'2" so it is a little snug at times, but a great, high quality vehicle. The gas mileage is awesome and it rides quiet.


Mazda3 delivers goods in spades

I recently came across video on youtube where reviewer took bunch of different cheap compacts for test drive. Everything went business-like until he got into Mazda3. At that point, as he accelerated, he was screaming in joy. That was totally familiar to me as my Mazda3 test drive back in 2010 brought similar sound effects out of me. Fast forward 6.5 years and I still enjoy every drive. The suspension and steering are superior to anything. The controls such as clutch and gear shifter are perfectly calibrated and precise. Build quality is supreme- inside and out all panels are perfectly fit together, no huge or imperfect gaps. The quality of materials is just awesome. For example, headlights are still perfectly clear while other cars of this age have them yellowing already. Instrumentation controls, like switches and knobs are of great quality and feel to them. Even my not highly optioned iTouring has everything light-up at night, on steering wheel and door controls. Almost 7 years in everyday service the car is as tight and composed as new. The things that I wish was done better - instrumentation panel. No temp gauge - at least they have a blue (2010 model didn't have it) and red light to indicate when engine is still cold or overheats. I also don't like digital fuel gauge. The placement of cup holders in center console is tricky for manual transmission driver. And, hardware material quality is not good. Door hinges, hose clamps and some other bare metal items rust. Although it can be prevented if you use some lubricants as I did. Original Bridgestone tires were good by a bit too loud. However, the main reason to buy this car is to enjoy driving it vs merely getting from point A to point B. I can accelerate on tight curve without risk of flying off the road. This car is epitome of Zoom-zoom philosophy. Reliability has been exceptional. No repairs needed at 72K miles.


Mazda3 GT sleeper

The 2010 and 2011 Mazda3 where only made with this body style for those 2 years also only time you could get the 2.0 Miata engine or the 2.5 mazda 6 engine in either the hatchback or sedan (2.3 gone in 2010) So these were Mazdas best engines to date that they used while developing Skyactive that released in 2012 - Even though the gas mileage isint as good these cars are unbelievable solid old school reliable and outperform even the sport series of other cars in their next class- They are NOT high maintainence unless you are totally inept and cant check your oil. They have lifetime timing chains, 120K coolant , self adjusting VTT valves , coil over ignition so the only tune up is changing the spark plugs at 80K . If you sell one of these ,,the only better car is a newer Mazda Skyactive . Also for those that don't know the first year 2010 2.5 Mazda3s had a dedicated transmission cooler ...only for the first 6 months of production ...how can you tell- look straight ahead at the front of the car..on the drivers side where the fog light is or should be that black area is vented ( open ) if so you have the cooler ! bonus !!!! Mazda stopped as it was to expensive to keep adding ,but I got one !!!


save my life

I bought a 2011 mazda 3 I sport in 2012 and I have to say this car is amazing I was in a front end collision which I should have came out worse off then I did . this car front end did what it was built to do which is drop the engine I have to say this was the best car I every owned .