2007 Mazda MazdaSpeed6 consumer reviews

$27,995 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 MazdaSpeed6 Mazda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.4
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Most fun to drive 6 speed manual and AWD

This car is quick and is a lot of car for the money. I understand the maintenance needs to be kept up with since it is an AWD turbo, but it is very fun to drive.


No Doubt Sleeper With Some Flaws

The car is another Mazda Bang For The Buck. 4 bang turbo with AWD mounted with 6 speed sounds great which it is IF you can accept the following: 1. Touchy clutch... need to put gas into it before releasing clutch gradually to get a smooth take off as well as shifting other gears. 2. 6 speed is notchy and if you don't pull stick far left, you will start in 3rd gear. In 5th gear, if you don't pull the stick to far right, you downshift to 4th gear. The same equipment in 2007 Speed 3 which I owned and thus had the same experience. I bought 2007 Speed 3 first and new. Speed 6 used which had 91,000 miles. Now 118,000. 3. Heavy stearing, the touchy clutch (which can be overcome with experience) and 6 speed tranny = not a great daily car in city traffic. 4. Technically can't pull down backseats, but can be done if you removal trunk panal behind the seats and find the release for both real seats. Positive: it's a grand touring car which I use for out of town travel. Smooth in 6th gear and feels it should be at 80 mph though safer for mileage and cops if you drive at 75. Good pickup in 6th gear without having to down shift. However, small oem fuel pump doesn't allow you to step on hard to get speed. Just push gradually and the power comes where a lot of other drivers on the highway are a little shock!!



My 07 Mazda Speed6 is absoulety the shiznitt! Fast, Sexy and Great handling in the Chicago Winters. Why did they only make it for 2 yrs?


Owning my Dream Car

This car is not exactly what you would expect it's a four door family car with a really bad attitude. Even though the car is an 07, it still looks like a brand new car can compete with what is being put out today.


A rare sports car in a gentleman's suit

I recently owned a 2007 Sport model. It was one of my dream rides. And it did not dissapoint in any way. The all wheel drive was amazing. The 6 speed gearbox was tight and precise. And being the debut of the now very popular 2.3l direct injeted turbo 4 banger from Ford and Mazda, it was a BEAUTIFUL and delightful engine in everyway. Power, torque, sound. And absolute blast!


Not bad for the money

I am writing this review after more than 4 years of ownership. Overall, I have been happy with my purchase. The performance that is written about by others is without question. This car will still go when you drop the hammer even after 4 years. It has been reliable overall. When my payments are done in May 2015, I will keep driving it no doubt. I bought the car used with about 35000 miles on it and now have about 90000 on it. Within the first year I had to replace the clutch. I don't expect this to be common, i think it probably had to do with the previous owner. Still, it cost me almost 2 grand to repair. I would definitiely recommend getting the extended warranty for any high-tech/ performance car these days. It just about paid for itself. Currently the front passenger window will not go down and I will get around to getting that fixed soon. Also, if you unplug the battery, you will have to go through a reset process to get the passenger window switches to work again (about 1 minute per window). This car was one of the first to utilize direct injection. It allows the car to have good power down low and the turbo takes over in the higher rpms. The advantage is there is virtually no turbo lag. However, it will cost you at the pump as you will get no higher that about 20 mpg no matter what you do. That being said, the turbo engine performance makes it worth it. This is my second Mazda and like my '93 626, this car feels tight and drives very well. The only reason I would not recommend it is that I has to pay almost 2 grand to replace the clutch. Also, I think that other performance cars like a used bmw 335 would give better gas mileage and better performance. But again, for the money you can't go wrong! It it also good in the snow if you get good snow tires.


The dream car with everything I need

This is the firts car I ever have on this condition, so far Mazda cars are been really realiable and it's a great car all the way. Good performance when you need it and also very nice inside matching to give that sporty feel.At least for me ..



The mazdaspeed6 is an EVO/STI for real adults. It's got all the rally car edge without all the boy tuner look or feel. The car rides and handles great. I live in northwestern PA where the winters can be pretty brutal, but the Mazda has no trouble getting around. It's also a great family car for the guy who doesn't want to sacrafice fun for family. It has plenty of room for car seats and enough room for a 6ft tall man in the front and back seat with room to spare. It's a shame Mazda only produced the speed6 for two years cause the car is awesome.


the 07 is far superior than the 06

Built for just two years, the Mazdaspeed6 is a car that can run with the heavies. Although there were some minor issues with the 06, in 07 mazda got it right.I've never seen another one on the road, and other mazda drivers (especially speed3 guys) gawk in awe at my car as if to say "you mean theres a speed6?"--there sure is, and what a blast to drive. Awesome in every way. if i HAD to gripe about something, on rough roads the low profile tires are a bit noisy. Then again, low profile tires are always a bit louder on rough roads. Handling rivals supercars costing 5 times as much.Especially if you put a high quality suspension kit on them. Its hard to believe this car is somewhat of a secret. i'll keep mine forever. Destined to be a collector.


Very fast sleeper car here!

Bought a used '07 Speeed6 sport model with 36K miles. Cool thing was previous owner did some mods with Corksport Exhaust, turbosmart BOV and a Boost Gauge. This thing is FAST! Great pickup, no complaints with the engine. Highs would include: Acceleration, interior space, more upscale feel, aftermarket options Lows would include: Road noise, loud exhaust/engine, lack of technology (Bluetooth, no Trip computer), No heated side mirrors, no auto lights. I do a fair amount of city driving and am getting 20 - 21 MPG. Was hoping for a little better, but, still o.k. The no Trip computer or auto lights is just stupid. It really should have those options. But, the engine pickup and fun to drive factor really make up for shortcomings. Also, there are devices you can purchase to flash the ECU and get even more power out of the car. There are Internet newsboads dedicated to modding and just about anything else you need/want to do with the car which is great. Overall, I am satisfied.