2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata consumer reviews

$20,585 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 MX-5 Miata Mazda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Smiles per mile

Fantastic car,Mazda got it right it makes my MGB and Datsun 1500 roadster look sick by comparison. Looks great handles great but above all it is RELIABLE!! A nice all weather roadster,I love this Company and the way they view Sports Cars Best used automobile I ever bought!


Makes the journey fun

Sporty car that handles well and has plenty of power. Top down or top up the ride is a joy. Very reliable and in great condition - exterior, interior and under the hood.


The Mx5 has made me a better driver

It was love at first test drive....I went to buy a 2007 Mini Cooper S 6 speed, well when I got to the dealer and the Cooper was sold, but they had just gotten a 07’ stormy blue mica Mx5 5-spd. I never even wanted an Mx5 but I took it out for a test drive, loved it and I bought it the next day. That was 10 years ago. I still have that Mx5 and it is my daily driver, I’ve kept it up and do maintenance regularly and keep all the paperwork. The most expensive thing that I’ve had to replace is the soft top which I did myself, but will never do again. I chose the cloth over vinyl it wasn’t too much more (Remember if your windows are tinted & you replace the top you have to re-tint the back window bc it’s glass w defrost) FYI. Other that that I’ve replaced the tires 2x. And the spark plugs 1x, I have added a K&N air filter. I’ve replaced the battery 2x and thats it. I can say that this car has given me peace of mind by how reliable and fun it is. Mazda recommends premium fuel so I’ve always used premium fuel. Ya I know that sucks but it’s worth 12.7 gallons of premium fuel for a completely full tank, that’s lasts approximately 400 miles. I have thought about replacing it with the Mini Cooper S, but I just love the Mx5’s rear wheel drive and light weight reliability I mean Mazda has gotten this car down to almost perfect. Don’t let people influence your buying by saying it’s a girls car or a hairdressers car or even a gay persons car. They actually did a study and not one hairdresser owned an Mx5. They mostly owned pt cruisers and mini Coopers. FYI (not that your profession has anything to do with a car!!!?) If that were true go then go (Mx5 hairdressers/girls!!!) bc they’re on to something most men don’t know, it’s one of the most raced cars on the planet. Enough about stereotypes. The facts are it’s been around 3 decades. It’s also landed a semi permanent place in the Guinness book of world records being the best selling sports car in the world. So don’t be surprised if your at a red light in your F250 and a girl or guy or hairdresser in an Mx5 is next to you bc they can and might make you look like an idiot in front of your passengers. By flying off the line before you Even know the light is green trust me I’ve done it more than once, and they usually meet up at the next light yelling at you to slow down, while they are yelling at you see green and do it all over again, LoL they’ll more than likely get behind you at this point thinking that they can blind you with their lights. Just flip the pwr mirror button to the far left and tilt your mirror up bc it blinds the driver back (instant Karma) that being said the Mx5 is not a luxury car, But it’s not supposed to be. I like to think of it as a smart man or woman’s race car. It has everything that you will want or need. Unless you don’t want to feel Or hear the engine along with your z-rated tires screaming and leaving their DNA on the road. Look the car up read a few articles and then test drive one (manual) if possible, but even the automatics have paddle shifting (I’ve never driven an automatic Mx5). Whatever version you choose I’m sure it will “WoW” you if you’re new to this classic automobile. After all the only thing you have to miss out on is the time of your life. Cheers 🍻 2007 Mazda Mx5 Sport Stormy Blue Mica w convenience package Added camel Factory leather, heated seats, K&N air and oil filters, replaced blk vinyl top with blk canvas top. 5-spd w 145,000 miles.


Not an all weather car!

The Mazda Miata MX5 was a really great car, if you have a car for winter as well as one for summer. I would recommend it for 3 of the 4 seasons but NOT for WINTER!! I really should have known better but I didn't ! Style was great as was the hardtop convertible portion of it! 12 seconds up and down! The color was highland green ( same as Steve McQueen's mustang from the Bullitt film ! I loved it but in the complex that I live in, you can only have 1 car!


Mazda miata

This car meant all of my standards is great on gas has very low mileage zippy through town very well taken care of oil change on time every 3K miles with Mobil 1 full synthetic all service and maintenance was only performed at the Mazda dealership


So much fun to drive

I love driving this car. It's so sporty and enjoyable and I still get a lot of compliments on its appearance. However, I bought it used and it came with some problems which CarMax didn't really know about. I came to find out that if you leave a car in a garage, drive it occasionally (8000 miles in 5 years) that you are bound to have some challenges on repairs that won't happen if it is constantly driven. Mazdas are fairly reliable cars, but I have had to replace an automatic window, the starter and an engine gasket. I paid 17K for it, but these repairs have brought up the cost a bit. Still, I love the car and I am putting up with these inconveniences to continue with this paid off car.


Most responsive car I have recently driven.

This is a great little sports car with remarkable handling and quickness. Great value for any car enthusiast. Corners and handling of much more expensive sports cars.


Great car for cost

The car is great for those that love a 2 seater. It does not have as much space as a 350z due to convertible hard top. It is not equipped with Bluetooth but sound system is excellent. Reliable car, great gas mileage


A fun car. you will become personally attached

I have owned one for 5 yrs 2007 Grand touring hard top It is a bit unconfortable for tall guys But once the roof is open life is perfect


Basic good economy roadster

I rated this low across the board so keep reading for an honest review. I've rode in worse driving cars, better driving race cars, sports cars, luxury cars, trucks, etc. the mx5 is different than anything else in that it is deliberately is made to fit you like a glove and the function of that fitment is not entirely for performance (race car) or space-saving (econobox). It's engineered to make the driver feel good about 'wearing' the car - this is the key difference between the mx5 and the classic British roadsters - those cars are not designed to make the driver feel good, they are inherently small and the design originated from their function, not the opposite. The interior is for me, but not for everyone and definitely not for passengers. Don't buy this as a motorcycle alternative, you WILL be disappointed - an Elise or Exige is better for that purpose. The performance is marginal at best. Slow car fast I guess. Handling feels good and is crisp and tight, but it isn't that great in terms of grip holding or steering feel when the tires break lose, especially in the wet. It's not a rewarding car to drive sliding the back end around like an old American car, it's just not made for that. I know Mazda wanted the feeling of body roll around corners to find the limits of the car for average drivers and I suppose this makes the car more comfortable for longer trips, but you might want to upgrade suspension. Mine will remain stock. The exterior styling is at best cute, but bland. An improvement over the previous generations no doubt. The interior design does what it needs to do and that's about it. Value for the money is good considering it's a modern RWD car with a manual transmission that doesn't feel extremely sluggish (90's v6/v8 pony cars). Reliability is okay, lots of little things that go wrong on every other car, even corollas and civics, will go wrong with the mx5. I can't give the reliability a good rating as it's a convertible, and a full size tire can't fit inside the trunk if there is a flat. Overall, this is NOT a sports car by today's standards at all... by the standards of the 1960's-1980's, yes. It is a good sporty economy car if you don't need or want extra room. But it is GREAT at making the driver feel good about driving. It's the little things you don't think about also, it's a Mazda so there's no brand-reward and the subconscious effect of that like with a high end German brand (Z4), the power is all focused in the midrange so it isn't a driver-reward motor (S2000)... I'm not a dog and don't want a car that gives me treats. I haven't found another car that can do driving enjoyment as good as the mx5, with cupholders, a small trunk, modern safety equipment, reliability, and decent mileage.