2006 Mazda Tribute consumer reviews

$20,115–$22,435 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Tribute Mazda
82% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.5
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Made Right Choice

Purchased used one year ago and was hesitant as never owned a used car before, but we all are aware of the economy. Always liked Mazda style and packaging and the car does not disappoint. Very pleased, handles great, comfortable, nice looking vehicle. Zips along on highway at 75-80 with ease, gas mileage isn't bad at all. Will definitely go back to Mazda, never been a Honda or Toyota fan, never will be. Could use little more sound deadening but hopefully new tires I am putting on will help with that.


Would not recommend this vehicle

I own a 2006 Mazda Tribute w/ v6 and am surprisingly disappointed in it. The transmission blew at 58000 miles, and research online reveals this is a "not so uncommon" issue w/ the CD4E transmission in the tribute. It seems to require more maintenance than other newer cars I have owned. One very annoying feature is despite putting the air/heat on the recirculate option, all outside odors come into the car. Lastly, basic parts are wearing out: CD changer skips frequently, rattle in driver side door, driver side visor/mirror loose and non functioning, several of the plastic coverings for bolts, etc. coming off, seatbelt cover broken off. Despite a new transmission the car seems to be riding rough and possibly "slipping" again. I was happy with the car regarding comfort and handling and features. It has been reliable until the transmission issue. I am currently looking to trade it in for a Honda CRV...my original car of choice when I bought the Tribute. Lesson learned.


109,000 miles on my 2002 Tribute

No problems, love my Tribute. Have never owned a vehicle for this long. I'm going to trade it for another if they can pry this one out of my hands! Nothing more than routine maintenance and the transmission went around 60,000 miles.


Great Mini SUV

This is a great Ford product by a Japanese manufacture. We opted for the Mazda Tribute over the Ford Escape for a different SUV. Seems like tons and tons of Ford Escapes on the road, but not as many Tributes. We live in an Urban part of Southern Indiana and this mobile works well in city traffic with easy maneuvering our congested freeways. We were impressed with its comfort, style and ride. We have owned this vehicle for 2 years and to date have had no problems other than normal scheduled maintenance. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a quality built automobile by Ford Motor. On another note, buy now, because the 2008 Tribute redesign is not very nice, in my opinion.


5 year in builting, but still having basic problem

I have chosen this truck beacause I really love the look and the overall package, I have a trailer tent and it is the perfect setup to do camping. good power, low gaz consuption. easy to move. Can accomodate 4 with no problem and as more laugage space than Rav4 or CR-V's. One bad note that I have never expected, the back door (tail gate) is closing on the frame. Mazda canada took 6 months to figure they have to change the gate. 6 month of banging the door on frame. For a 5 year built truck , this is desapointing. But never the less, I love my thruck now and I don' t plant on changing it. The truck is good, but choose your dealer.


I like the car like higher ride.

I got a 2006 Mazda Tribute now 4 months ago. I love it. It is a inexpensive vehicle, but it looks like a million bucks. I have color matched bumper, which makes it look that much nicer. I like sitting higher up, while not feeling much different from driving a car. I loved all the safety features. The next time I buy a car, if it stays as nice in the years to come, I am likely to get another one.


Best SUV I've Owned so far!

Great SUV for you and your family!!! The performance is great. I have a 3.0L V6 version and you can feel the power of the car. I love driving my Mazda Tribute to work and for out of town trips with family!


Very Enjoyable SUV

I just bought the Tribute and Ive got to say that The price for the vehicle is outstanding considering the quality of the car. I was very suprised how the Tribute handled when I test drove it. It defenatly handles like a car. Very stylish and very dependable.


Best of 10 small SUVs I drove

Handling and suspension are surprisingly tight and responsive. Corners like a car. Interior not cheap looking and the sound system is also suprising in its quality. Cruise-control, power package, road side assistance and free loaner was part of the standard sales package. I think it's one of the best cars I've owned in terms of value. It's not an Exterra but it does handle country roads in rocky, dusty Arizona passably well. It's primarily a city car however, and so far (8600 miles) I'm really impressed with it.