2001 Mitsubishi Diamante consumer reviews

$25,387 starting MSRP
side view of 2001 Diamante Mitsubishi
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 3.9
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Fantastic all Roland in height leg room etc

Fantastic Cecile. Built in Adelaide Australia. I had the right hand drive version in hrs. Regreted in selling it.best veichile built highly recommend getting this veichile and keeping it for special drives


Gas saver, smooth ride

The is a wonderful car, one trip to gas station every two weeks. Smooth ride even with a the bumpy roads in the dmw area. Buy it.


Tried once - and addicted

I have owned two Diamantes manufactured in Japan for Japan, 2000 and 2002. They are very comfortable (like lexus), they hold the course very, very good even in turns. You do not feel the speed at all, you can easily go 120 mph without realizing it - you will feel it the same as 60 mph. With 16" rims it just ignores all the small bumps and dips, you will not notice them at all. I had several times to pull of the road, because upcoming traffic unexpectedly entered my side, and it hold the direction with even one side on pavement and another side on grass or sand. It's very reliable in steering. It's transmission is tuned dual purpose - if you press accelerometer softly it will switch gears on low RPMs, but if you press it firmly, it will hold them to red zone, and kick-down aggressively. Well, it does it with a noticeable delay (0.5-1 sec), but it does. You get used to this timing and take this time to look back, and you can always remove your foot from accelerometer if you decide not to accelerate, it will switch it back. So with a little planning ahead of your actions, it is very maneurable. It's pretty heavy car, and but it will stop very quickly. To accomplish that it has disk brakes on both axises, and they are tuned so to compensate for high deceleration and increased load on front axis. I had no other stock car to beat diamante at stopping and handling while stopping. I put 4 for reliability because I had the same problemt with both Diamantes - hub/axle bearings on front wheels went off (left then right on the first car, then same thing on the second car). Other than that I had no problem at all. No problem with engine, transmission, AC, cooling system or anything like that. Oh, gas pump went off once, but it's really a random thing. If you drive aggressively (and Diamante allows it) it will leak motor oil. It leaked it on both cars, and for all other Diamante owners I knew. If you keep RPMs below 3000 (as for most consumer cars) it will not. If you do not - just buy another 1/4 of the change amount, to add while driving, like check and add oil monthly when necessary, or after long and heavy race (as I sad it's easy to drive it at 120mph, and it will require hight RPMs). As to comfort - it's very silent, it's even called "couch on wheels" by some. I will stop here, however I could say more good words about this. Now I moved to US and am looking for another one.


Looks Great But Terrible Reliability!

I got the Diamante used with 80,000 miles and from the looks of it it was a nice looking car. Which means nothing when it's an unreliable garbage can. the first week I noticed a wobbly feeling over bumps like the wheels were going to fall off. It was a bushing problem that cost $675 bucks. 3 months later the cars transmission was acting up and later that same day the car broke down while i was driving "luckily in a parking lot". It wouldn't even start. It was towed and Mitsubishi put a used trans in it costing $2500 bucks. This mess happened 600 miles over limited warranty. 3 days ago the service engine light came on and i'm afraid to bring it to get checked out cause the car isn't worth the money or time. Think twice about buying one of these.


not bad for the $$$

just traded this one in for a passat w8, but i did like this car. just make sure you get the extended warranty, just incase. overal agreat car for the $$$ if you didnt buy it new that is...........


Understated Elegance

Quick, responsive, smooth. An intelligent, well-thought-out set of controls - dials where dials make more sense than button or levers; buttons where they make the most sense; etc. All controls are easy to access and easy to understand, some aided by supplemental digital and graphical displays. Though not a muscle car, this vehicle purrs with power, is easy and comfortable to handle, and fun to drive. Like the BMW, the exterior has an understated elegance. This car is a comfortable in rush-hour traffic and city parking as it is on a drive from Miami to Chicago!