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2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution consumer reviews

$34,495 starting MSRP
side view of 2015 Lancer Evolution Mitsubishi
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 3.8
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Most fun daily and street car!

What is their to say. The models from 08 to 15 where pretty amazing. The only thing I’ll start off with, is if your looking for a factory carbon fiber or crazy interior don’t stop at the Evo X. The interior is pretty relax compared to WRX models, aside and after that.. epic! Great handling, power control, upgrade options, support from vendors and forums like crazy. Handles like a prob without upgrades. Owned multiple cars, and this by far is my favorite.



This car has been in my hands from the beginning. I have been driving it as my daily driver for 5 years now. I have yet to have any major problems with the vehicle. I maintained it excellently and have all the paper work of what service was done and when. I upgraded components on it with the highest of quality. The Akrapovic exhaust is a very rare and wanted exhaust for this vehicle. It is a true sports car and is a beast on the tarmac along with snow.


Best car ever!

This Car is a complete Evolution u need to be in to feel what evo X is about!!!! No. STi will stand next to the Evolution!!!!


Fastest car ive ever driven

This thing is a rocketship. The launch control on the MR version feels like your in a fighter jet. And dont even get me started on the handling. I cant think of anything short of a Nissan GTR or a Lambo that could corner better than this monster. Seriously cant recommend this car enough.


Smiles per gallon

This car, is a joy to drive. It?s very quick, handles beautifully, the styling is classic to those of the rally cars that we all adore. The steering and the gear box are analog and provide a very intense driving experience. The 303hp, turbocharged engine helps this car get to from 0 - pulled over in about 4.2seconds. The AWD system, with an active rear differential, makes for a well balanced and exceptionally well handling car. It will brighten your day, how can you not smile when the boost comes in?


Fun car, daily driven.

Quick acceleration, needed a 6th gear. The interior design wasn't bad, Mitsubishi should have used better materials for the dash. Factory audio isn't bad if you don't max out your head units volume. Changing it all out was a breeze.


Most fun, safe and reliable car I've ever driven.

This is one of those cars that never get old driving. It's AWD and multiple airbags make a me feel safe. It can be a good daily car, or weekend sports car. Good for small families too!


Definately fun to drive, handles great.

If I wasn't buying a new home, I wouldn't be selling this car. It handles great and the acceleration is really nice.


Great performance sedan

This car gets hit on for being old and it is, but it is still relevant to the newest sedan/hatchback market and it hasn't been produced since 2015. It shows how far ahead Mitsubishi was with this when it came out in 2007/8. I daily this car(no mods) and it is great and the improvements to the previous generation evo 8/9 I had are seen everywhere. It handles and steers great with better day to day comfort. It is a car that can put a smile on your face whether your in the passenger seat or the driver seat in just daily driving. The downsides are few when you remember the evo x started as a small basic transportation vehicle. The interior is often hit as not current, but it easy to maintain/clean and the seating position is perfect for my 5'11 frame. The seats of the 2015 are not recaros, but they are really comfortable in the daily driving. The recaros especially leather are hard and not comfortable on long drives. If you are looking for 4 doors and the ability to carry up to 5 passangers with awd you shouldn't overlook the Evolution X.


Final Edition Evo X

Fantastic drivers car, handles extremely well. This car is rev happy, it has great pull for a stock car. The car feels really strong for what it is. I am an official believer now in the Evo. The all wheel drive system is strange though in direct comparison to the STi it does not provide same level of confidence. You kind of have to just believe in it through a corner. The all wheel drive system definitely works and is a great system, it just has a mind of its own sometimes. Rightfully so because it is an active all wheel drive system. Overall the functionality of the car is proven and in my opinion great. The interior on the other hand I'm disappointed in Mitsubishi for sending this car off like this. Really awesome Recaro's that were in previous years of the model and that they put non USDM models would have been appreciated. Also a leather option and an improved sound system. I feel like the U.S. got the short end of the stick, a lot of other countries got all the above mentioned options in this model if I'm not mistaken minus the leather. But I know I was considering going to Canada to purchase one because of that, until I found out that Canadian cars are technically import cars so 25 year rule applies. Mitsubishi was kind enough to us the important stuff the slight bump in power, upgraded Bilstein suspension, two piece rotors up front. I got the upgraded strut tower brace and the engine appearance package, they both add nice look to the engine bay. I've owned this car for over a year not daily driven more of a weekend warrior and its a iconic car for a reason. Its combination of looks performance and price make it an excellent car and would make a great daily driver. The suspension is a little firm but livable and gives plenty of confidence through corners. Overall this is an excellent and proven platform really unfortunate Mitsubishi couldn't afford to produce anymore. This platform as far as modifying goes is an great platform to modify. The engine loves to make power, if done the right way and of course tuned by a professional. The weak links in the system are the transfer case and the transmission. These will need to be reinforced if you planning to modify and most definitely for high horsepower. If running the car stock be aware and know what your doing keep launches at minimum if any at all. In conclusion one the best machines I've driven, for what it is and at that price range.