1996 Nissan Altima consumer reviews

$15,649–$16,479 MSRP range
side view of 1996 Altima Nissan
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 3.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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Could do better

Is broken down on me 2 times but is been going for 21 years we got in a in a small crash but still holding up


Cheap and Reliable!

I received this car as a gift from my mother in law around three years ago. She bought it from a junkyard for $1000 and it ran and got me to work every day. It had it?s problems but they are super simple and inexpensive to fix. I?ve done almost all repairs myself and I?ve never spent more than $300 which was for brand new tires. All I do now is keep up on basic maintenance and it runs like a champ. I drive it everyday speeding, taking corners fast, and braking harder than I should. No matter what I do and how I drive it keeps on going, this car never gives up. Extremely reliable, small yet comfortable, good on gas, and cheap to maintain. I highly recommend this car to anyone I love it. I would choose it over any new car.


Work/Personal car

Will get you A to B and is reliable to go anywhere needed to do so in the time of need no matter the weather is, it'll help you make it through.


Most reliable car EVER!

Great car! They Never want to die, only maintanance mine has ever need was cv axles( torn boot) and that was when it had 215,000 miles. it was only 100 bucks to replace both axles my self(very very easy) mine has been flooded over roof(still no rust) and hit by school bus, and still keeps on going. i redline it daily on highway with no problems. Very fun to drive and Cheap to keep up. ALWAYS change oil and filter every 3,000 miles and you wont ever have any problems. Also No Timing belt to replace (has timing chain that doesnt break) (saves hundreds maybe even thousands in long run) I HIGHLY Recommend these cars! try to get a 94-97 since their engines were assembled in japan.


"Good Bet" Stamp of Approval

I concur with Consumer Report's stamp of approval. No repairs above $200 in 3 years I've owned it until 155k miles. First things to go were from natural wear and tear: antenna won't extend all the way (~75% reception), windshield wiper motor died, muffler rusted out, rust around rear wheel wells. Just replaced distributor (1st spendy repair). Mpg at 23 mpg before distributor replaced--not sure now. Overall, paid for herself just being able to use her with minimal maintenance. Good acceleration for a 4 cyl. Taken on two road trips. Slightly cramped backseat. Shifts between gears a little roughly when taken above 3-3.5 rpm's to do so. I feel lucky to have found a car that hasn't needed much of any extra maintenance until only recently. Worth it!



The nissan altima I bought from this seller was not good. I could not use it at the third day of purchase it has crown shaft problem. fellow buyers beware of this sellers cars. Besides this he does not have a good customer and seller relationhip. When I told him about the car he refuses refunding my money or finding a lasting solution to the problem.


200,000 miles, and still kickin!

I bought this car with 180,000 miles, hail-damage, slightly un-aligned steering, and some minor neglected routine maintenance for 2,150 dollars. I must say that once I got the brakes and exhaust fixed up, this car was in amazing shape. The interior looks luxurious, and the car does not know when to die. If you want a car that will keep on keepin' on, get the affordable 96 Nissan. Just make sure to keep the tires rotated and the oil changed when it needs to, and you'll have no problems at all. A recommend to any needy person who needs to buy a cheap car, but get good results.


Best Car I've ever had!

I bought my '96 Altima in Oct '95 thinking I'd drive it for about five years. I had it for 12 years before buying another car in Dec '07 but I'm still driving my Altima! The handling, reliability and gas mileage have made me rethink selling it and I'm saving the car for my son, who is about to turn 15. I never imagined I'd have a car that long but also never imagined the price of gas would rise to over $4/gal. I've driven many other cars in the past 28+ years of driving and this one has not let me down. I love Nissan, the 4th generation Altima was my first choice for a new car (still like it) but I bought an Infiniti and still use the Altima for daily driving.


good, reilable car

a good car---but not for those interested in a lot of features and conveinences. very reliable, decent gas mileage, and decent power.


Nissan Altima Car Review

Great condition, well recommended I love this vehicle i always wanted on but couldn't afford it now i can. This vehicle has a excellent style. The accessories on this vehicle are great, you can't beat a CD Player with a radio, dual airbags,