2022 Nissan Frontier consumer reviews

$28,690–$31,890 MSRP range
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66% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.0
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.0
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Do not buy

Bought this truck as a work truck for everyday beach driving. Had a 2011 frontier that stood the test of time with some electrical issues but for the most part nothing fatal. Drove the 2022 for 10,000 miles and within the first few thousand had to go in for an “update” all was well until its fatal flaw showed. The truck broke down on the beach leaving us stranded due to the alternator being full of sand. The engineers at Nissan decided the alternator should go at bottom where it catches debris and eventually fails. Even the technicians at the dealership found it ridiculous the truck was designed that way. Already in the market for a new truck because this will surely happen again. If you plan on off-roading your “truck” look elsewhere. The transmission is hesitant and jerky at low speeds, the car yells at you when you open the door, the ride height it to low for off-roading… there isn’t much good to say about the truck other than the horsepower and comfort. If you’re in the market for a small truck get a Toyota


10 months old

I absolutely love this mid size truck. Only 2 issues at this till. I have rust..thru the paint to body. Behind cab and on lower of box. Also feel pitting on tailgate. Mind you my husband and I had truck completely simonized before leaving showroom. We have not had truck a year..and rust issues are very concerning. One other concern is drivers seat separation from cloth to plastic piece on side control. Anyone have these issues?


Nissan and their dealers are terrible.

2020- I thought this was going to be a good truck because my daughter has a 2010 that has been excellent. This truck already has a Lot of problems and Nissan will not back their trucks! I’m warning you. And I have read a lot of other peoples comments that say the same thing. Dealership has worked on the problems, too many to list and it is in for the fifth time and all the same problems. One of the major problems is Air in the cooling system and it has been flushed four times. Today it is getting flushed for the fifth Time all the while my wife doesn’t have any heat in the vehicle because of this problem. Hood latch won’t release and their solution is to raise the bumpers up which puts the hood a quarter of an inch above the fenders when it’s closed. Now they are telling me to take it to a body shop. No adjustment for the latch. Interior plastics are so cheap that your fingernails put marks in it and her interior is all scratched up. We are older and take very good care of things. Called Nissan customer care and was told they couldn’t do anything about it. Really infuriating. They said take it to another dealership which is a long ways away from my home and when I asked if I could get a Loaner car they said that would be very difficult. The dealership stopped returning my calls until I called Nissan customer care and they called me the next day. We’ll see, it’s in there now. I don’t want to buy a newer one because I hear they are riddled with Electronic problems. 13,500 miles and nothing but problems, I only listed a few of the problems.


Trading up.

Seats are to narrow. Everything else is good. Like the newer transmission. Traded in my 2014 model for this one. Also get better gas mileage then the old one.


got to go

had the truck 3 months with less than 500 miles truck died in my driveway and had it towed to nearest dealer filed a complaint with nissan and tried to get my money back (was denied )they had the truck 13 days and was told a plug came undone. i paid 39000.00 plus tax and a year later asked the dealer to buy back and said its worth $30000.00. im going back to toyota


Reliability at its best

Bought 2022 Frontier SV 4X4 in Nov 2021 13 months and 25,000 miles later absolutely no problems at all. My first Frontier went 16 years and 300,000 miles I expect thus will too.


Shut down at 13,000 miles in busy intersection

Drove off the lot new with only 6 miles. 13,000 miles later I was on a very busy intersection in Napa, CA when an error code came on the dash. 'Service Error code AT' got to a red light a few seconds later once the light turned green, I took my foot of the break pedal went to hit the gas pedal and then the truck went dead. My two year old daughter and I stuck in the intersection for 45 minutes waiting for tow truck. It was rather scary.


Better than a Tacoma

This is my first Frontier, and so far I'm impressed. New styling is a huge improvement. Actually has more horsepower and towing capacity than my 2014 Ram. As others have commented, the steering is a little heavy and the gas mileage has been uninspiring. Definitely feels like a truck. No issues at 8,600 miles.


never buy a nissan

cant get it repaired the driver side door locks while all other doors r unlocked and when u go to get in the door locked as the seat goes back brakes are noisy has a grinding rubbing noise


Thanks cars.com!

Love my ‘22 Frontier! Found it at a dealership using cars.com! What an amazing deal!! Looking forward to the many trips in my new truck!! Thanks cars.com!!