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2011 Nissan Leaf consumer reviews

side view of 2011 Leaf Nissan
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.2
  • Exterior 4.1
  • Reliability 4.6
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Great Electric Car!

This is the perfect electric car for driving around town, doing errands or even for a short daily commuter. It is very comfy and very quick. The only issue was the first gen battery. The 2011-2014 battery degraded quickly and if the owner did not have Nissan replace it, all those cars are now junk and can only go 20 miles or so on a charge. We had Nissan replace our battery with the 2nd gen battery and it is good as new!


Fun to drive, and no gasoline!!

For an around-the-town running errands car, this car is fabulous. Fun to drive, and super-low cost per mile (rated at over 99 mpg compared to regular gas cars).


Save movey Save Environment

It’s a a wonderful buy and I enjoy it immensely especially the fact that I don’t have to get oil changes brake changes fluids etc It’s a perfect buy


Good money saver

Car has saved me a lot of money. Electricity is much cheaper than gas, and you can't buy a car at this price, age, and mileage. The one downside to the Leaf is the battery replacement cost is very high. Nissan raised the battery replacement cost after we bought the car, which was very frustrating.


What I expected

There was nothing new to this leaf. I've researched them a lot and test drove one other one. This one was on par with what I've seen/drove. My mine focus was on the drive range depletion while driving. I drove 20 miles but only lost 15 miles in drive range thanks to the braking regeneration.


It's like driving the future!

This car has been a great commuter car. It's been reliable and easy to maintain! The electric torque and power makes such a fun driving experience! Charging this car with a full charge only costs about $1, to provide up to about 70-80 miles commute. The A/C is by far the best performing of any car I have owned!


Nice car with no cost for fuel

Nissan leaf is a nice car without any additional cost for fuel as well as maintenance for daily communication...


No gas stations. No maintenance.

I don't drive very much. My LEAF has been worry free for 6 years. NOTHING has gone wrong with it. I expect it will serve me for 20 years. I have solar panels on my roof so I drive this car for virtually $0.


5 months review

I got this car with 3800 miles certified pre own , 5 months ago , now at 15000 miles the cars its saving me money on gas i drive around 80-95 miles a day with no problem , you have to be careful not to be speeding around town but order that that my car will give an average of 90 miles on a charge, i drive around 2000 miles a month so the money i am saving on gas is a lo t, pretty much the car pay it self , the more you drive the more you save, i haven't lost any bars yet , i know that's coming , i will continue to use and abuse my car , until that day comes around.


Problems with battery capacity long-term

We have owned our Leaf since May 2011. We have loved the car but are now getting quite concerned. My husband drives the car, on average, 20-40 miles/day to and from work and running errands, mostly 100% on city roads. We live in San Diego, so no issue with winter weather and we live 7 miles from the ocean so seldom have daytime temperatures above 85. Originally, we would get 65-70 miles per 80-90% charge. Last fall we noticed that there was considerably less remaining charge left after a day of driving. He began to track daily miles, remaining "bars", as well as started charging it 100%. For 9 months we have only been getting 40-45 miles on a full charge with only 1-2 "bars" remaining at the end of the day. Sometimes it will be blinking and "talking" to us to get to a charging place ASAP. We just had it into the dealership. Though on a full charge, the car gauge shows 12 bars, the dealership states that the batteries have lost 2 bars via the computer diagnostics (which we are told is a different reading from the car gauge itself) and, that they say, is average and excepted for the car at this age. Everything else (software, diagnostics, etc.) shows 100%, so the dealership thinks that the car is functioning as it should. They are unable to explain why we can only go 40-45 miles on a charge, but keep saying that the car tests out fine. If the distance one is able to drive on a full charge decreases any further, it will begin to render the car useless. As someone else recommended, in retrospect, the best way to go is to lease the Leaf so that battery life is not an issue.