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2023 Nissan Pathfinder consumer reviews

$35,320–$37,220 MSRP range
side view of 2023 Pathfinder Nissan
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.0
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2023 Nissan Pathfinder, breaks lock up.

This is a beautiful car; powerful, rides well, handles well in snow many conveniences; My only complaint is without warning, with the engine running, the cars brakes will lock up, usually at an intersection. When that happens, you have to shut the car off and wait a couple of minutes; with your foot firmly on the brake, the car usually starts and you can continue driving; which isn't a big deal if you are in your driveway. If you are in the middle of a city intersection at 5:00 traffic its an unsettling experience. I called corporate; they referred me to the dealer, I did return the car to the local Nissan dealer I purchased the car from for advice; they couldn't duplicate the problem. This happens to myself or my wife a least once or twice a week. I bought the first car of this model year to arrive and purchased from a local Nissan dealer. (2023 Pathfinder) (current 20,000 miles)


Nissan 2023 platinum woe.

I bought the 2023 Nissan Pathfinder after being convinced by a Nissan employee who happens to be my friend. He said I should give Nissan a try when I was going for Toyota Highlander. At just 3000 miles, the car has already visited the dealer for repairs two times. Plus a number of electrical issues. My blind spot warning light on the right driving mirrors turns on and off when I’m driving and there’s no car behind me. It stays on and sometimes begins to blink with absolutely no car behind me. It happens even in the woods where I’m the only driver on the road. Every now and then the vehicle acts strangely when driving and then comes back to normal. It cost me $55,000 total including taxes and fees to get that Nissan 2023 platinum now I’m stuck with a huge mess and frustration. I totally regret listening to my friend to buy a Nissan.


23 Pathfinder Platinum

Bought my 23 Pathfinder Platinum in December of 22 she has 16 k on her and I'm extremely pleased with this overall package. Highly recommend buying one.


Lots of issues on both 23 and 22 Model

I have owned a 2022 and 2033 Pathfinder Platinum, and it seems that both have the same exact issues. The remote start either by remote or the app is not reliable. It just fails to start the vehicle. This happens weather it is raining, snowing, sunny or sitting in the garage. The power folding mirror seem to have a mind of their own. Driving and sometimes the drivers mirror folds in and then opens again and it will do this 3-4 times. Many times, they do not even unfold you have to do it manually. Sporadically when you go and grab the door handle to open it the keypad behind the handle does not work. When you go to pass someone and step on the gas the vehicle takes far too long to downshift and take off. The rocker switches for the windows are not optimal. Sometimes you have to push them several times to get them to either roll up/down. Several times the main monitor just turns off and back on. Had both vehicles into the dealership and they of course tell you "if we don't see it then it doesn't happen". Nissan needs to put in thigh extension for the front seats, they lack thigh support. I recommend they increase the Navi monitor to a larger size and that a rear mirror camera comes on the vehicle. Making the vehicle rear drive would be optimal in so many ways.


Love my Rock Creek

I bought a 2023 Rock Creek Pathfinder and absolutely love it. It is a comfortable highway cruiser and I routinely get 24-26 mpg even combined. I am the most impressed with its off road capability-yes I wish it had skid plates rather than “underbody cladding” and more ground clearance but the 4x4i is very capable and the camera system is great. I have climbed up some very rough trails in Conrad Weiser State Forest (PA) with no issue-the brake based torque vectoring is extremely effective and combined with the tires this vehicles will go places most crossovers won’t. The roof rack is also great and to the contrary of some other reviews I have seen, I have had zero issue with finding racks that fit (Thule Canyon fits great, as do Kuat Kayak Racks). I also enjoy the towing capacity of 6k lbs. My only complaints are the steering assist is a little intrusive and the base stereo is adequate at best; it could also use a heated steering wheel. Minors complaints and overall this is a fantastic SUV for those of us who haul the family around but legitimately like to drive some light trails and get to the fishing hole or trailhead. It looks great too. Bravo Nissan!


2023 Pathfinder Platinum is a Fantastic SUV

I went from a Corvette to a 2023 Pathfinder Platinum, so I can't rate it highly on performance - I know what scary good performance feels like. That being said, I love this SUV. It's the nicest vehicle I have ever owned, and it is so quiet and comfortable, which is why I'm still giving it 5 stars instead of 4. I was in need of 4WD because of a family member's health problems, so I need to get places in snowy weather quickly. I was able to afford the platinum because the 2024s had just arrived and the 2023s were marked way down. If you're looking for an SUV, I highly recommend the Pathfinder, especially if you can afford the platinum addition (the Vette was old and used, which is how I could afford it). I love all the tech and it feels like I'm driving a super comfy armchair. It's a beautiful, capable SUV, and I have zero buyer's remorse.


The best ever all round vehicle!

We have owned a lot of SUV’s and this 2023 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum edition is the best in all categories and the best all round family vehicle ever!


After 20 years of Toyotas....

...this was a big step, but it was time for something different (my last three were Highlanders). So far, it's failed to disappoint. The Pathfinder is better equipped for towing, has comfy seats, and a little more interior room. The engine is powerful, quiet, and the 9 speed ZF auto trans is smoother and behaves better than the 8 speed in the Highlander. Rain-sensing wipers more easily confused than Toyota's. Headlights could be brighter even thought they're LED's. Restyled body looks great, but that's just my opinion. 24 mpg combined is better than I thought it would do. Tighter turning circle than Highlander. I miss the opening rear glass on the hatch (which the newest Highlanders don't have), but the auto hatch opens faster. Shifter takes getting used to, but is fine once you do. Lots of doodads and gadgets means there is a learning curve, which is true for most cars these days. Reliability? I gave it four stars, but really can't tell after three weeks. Time will tell but so far so good.


Great car love it

After going to GMC and finally getting a salesman we looked further then went to Hyundia salesman rude could not even look at car then went to Newsom Nissan dealership very clean sales rep very helpful and knowledgeable love my Pathfinder


2023 Pathfinder is the best

In my research for the best bang for the buck SUVs I looked at about all available models. The Pathfinder clearly stood out as the best. It looks great, loaded with Tech and has been extremely reliable. It is by far the best value for your money!