2017 Nissan Versa consumer reviews

$11,990–$14,130 MSRP range
side view of 2017 Versa Nissan
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.5
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Excellent choice

This car met all my needs and expectations. It was a good price. Met all my requirements from a comfort, features, trunk space, looks , color and price.


I wouldn't buy one of these again.

The interior design is OK, good legroom in the back seat, plus its doors open wide enough for a 300 lbs person, had to replace the transmission at 30K miles because we all know they have a failure with the CVT, control arms bushings had to be replaced at 25K miles, it does 28 MPG combined. Brake fluid has to be replaced just to soon and too often, the door's seals come off for no reason, there is another seals on the roof that come off too if you go to a auto carwash, this car is a headache.


Best gas mileage I have seen so far

I love this car. There is plenty of room inside. Easy to drive and park. Large trunk space and I got a basic model. I did not want the bells and whistles so I got a basic model and it's perfect for me. Plenty of get up and go but not a race car. I even helped a friend who liked mine get a Nissan Versa Note.


The best low cost new car you can buy

I needed a new car just for travel. I wanted it to get really high gas mileage and be dependable and comfortable. I have owned Nissan cars in the past and they were extremely reliable. I selected the Versa SV because of the low price and all the features you get. I am pleased with the quality of the car. It is well built, has no rattles, is fairly quiet inside for a small car and is comfortable. The quality of the interior is much higher than you would expect for such a low priced car. The fit and finish of this car is flawless. A friend also has one and he travels constantly and he has put 179,000 miles on his Versa with no problems. . For this model year, Nissan put a feature in the CV transmission that makes it feel like it is shifting. AC works great etc. Good radio/CD/Mp3 player. lots of extras. Gas mileage is insane at 44MPG highway and 29-30 MPG city. I was going to upgrade to a 2021 because of the newer design but I did not like the 2021 because I am tall and the visibility in the newer design is not near as good as the 2017. On the newer design the roof seems lower, the side windows seem smaller, as does the windshield. I want good visibility in a car especially a small car. In reality the car is not that small. My neighbor has a very expensive German crossover SUV and they are actually about the same size. To me, the Nissan Versa is our generation's Volkswagen beetle only a lot better and safer. I also think the car is fun to drive and it is quick and handles fairly well. A real bargain. Before you buy a used car for the same price, you may want to check into a Versa.


Cvt transmission makes this car horrible

Good in gas .car has no power and transmission keeps the car from going up to speed in a normal time limit My car just has 30.218 and transmission is acting up. It has 2 be replaced allready and catalytic converters r clogged


Perfect for my lifestyle

Compact, sturdy and dependable - this is my third Nissan Versa since it's my model of choice. The comfort and manueverability is perfect. Of course, I receive wonderful service at my dealership.


So far a very good car to have.

This car is what I need, is small, don't need to much gas, has the space need it for groceries shopping, I couldn't ask for more than this.


Unbelievably good value for the money

I bought this car with 32k miles eight months ago and now have 52k on the clock. It is the basic S model so it has the 5-speed transmission, manual windows and locks, etc, but I had this car shipped from a few states away because I didn't want any of the electronic tech associated with higher models. In terms of reliability, it is absolutely incredible. Comfort is very good with the only issue being that, at my 6'2 height, leg room in the front is a little on the snug side. Rear seat room is phenomenal, especially for a sub compact. Seat comfort is on the higher side of average, but lacks the softness and cushioning for extended road trips, especially for anyone over 200 pounds. Cupholders are plentiful with a total of six, but the console-mounted units ahead of the shifter could stand to be a little bit closer to the driver and a little lower to accommodate a taller cup. A/C and radio controls are an easy reach for front seat occupants, and steering wheel controls are clearly labeled and easy to use for the radio (cruise is not an option on my car, but are of equal quality). Interior materials are, however, mostly hard plastic. Average fuel economy for the S model is rated at 39 highway, but in a mix of city and highway driving I routinely enjoy 42 mpg consistently (actual mileage, not CPU given), with my highest mileage being 50.2 on a road trip traveling mostly flat highways at 60 mph or below. Road handling on curves is dull and somewhat bland, and anything more than a slight breeze knocks the 2,400 pound car around with ease. My only engine complaint relates to transmission gearing, which puts the engine at 3,000 rpm at just 62 mph which makes the engine extremely "buzzy" at highway speed. Travel down I-75 and you'll be at 4,000 rpm in no time. Paying $9,998 with 32k miles, though, I couldn't have asked for more value in a daily driven economy car. For basic transportation, a second vehicle or a beginning driver's first vehicle, Nissan Versa is a great choice with decent safety ratings from independent testing agencies not to mention traction control, six airbags and anti-lock brakes all as standard equipment. It isn't a speed demon, and most certainly won't be very exciting... but it will definitely do what it was designed to do, and do it very well.


Great for getting around town.

My Versa was an excellent purchase. A great value for an everyday commuter car. Sleek appearance and great on gas mileage. It is easy to handle and all the controls are at your fingertips.


Your cars isn’t worth the money

30010 mile and transmission goes and cotract is no good want loan let you get loaner car I’ll go back to Chrysler at lease when I engine went on my Chrysler they gave me a loaner car