2016 Nissan Versa Note consumer reviews

$14,230 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 Versa Note Nissan
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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Love It!

Awesome wish we bought this model sooner! Very reasonable, fun to drive, reliable, interior is roomy, and trunk is covered:-)


its excatly what i was looking for

I really like the car it says on mpg s it says 27 city 38 highway but im getting 43.5 yes i am easy on it but for a none hybrid that's awesome its a manual transmission 1.6 liter versa note the only fault for me is its geared low sow on interstate the engine rpm is 3200 at 65 mph needs 6th gear as its only a five speed but other than that i love it


The IT Car!

So at first I was like this car is not super attractive. It reminded me of a boat! But once I got behind the wheel of White Chyna (yes I name my cars) I felt like a professional. The car was sophisticated and ran smoothly. From it being $20 to get me to a full tank to all of the features this is an awesome car to own. Might not be your dream car buts it's worth the money.


Best car ever owned in many ways!

This Nissan Versa Note is very practical, economical, great gas mileage, Nissan reliability, inexpensive to purchase, best car ever owned... so far.


Simple, AFFORDABLE transportation

It's not a race car, but I don't need one. It has enough acceleration to get on the freeway comfortably. Super roomy for a small car. I have the basic model...5 speed manual, crank windows ( actually desired by me for simplicity). The A/C blows very cold with little impact on acceleration and the ride is O.K. Didn't expect Lincoln quietness, but the engine noise in the passenger compartment is a little loud. Overall fit and finish good. It's a low price, low frills, high mileage car. ( I've averaged 38.7 mpg) I primarily drive the freeway and have two large grades to climb in each direction. If it were flatter, I believe it'd clock in over 40 mpg . In summary, I got a low priced, decently performing, high mileage vehicle that looks nice for less than 15k. No buyers remorse here.


My Likes and Dislikes

First, my 2016 Versa Note is a low-cost economy car, so it's not fair to compare it to bigger, more expensive cars. It is what it is. I'll tell you my LIKES and DISLIKES (I've put about 3k miles on it now). The main reason to buy a car like this is for the gas milage-- and this one is GREAT on that score; my long-term (calculated on numerous tank fulls) overall combined average (which is all that really matters) is 34.5 mpg -- that's about as good as it gets unless you go to a hybrid, which costs a lot more. Other LIKES: the 4-door plus hatchback body style-- it's totally practical and I like the way it looks---- somewhat masculine and racy. Most other sub-compacts look wimpy or even clownish. The hatchback is great for groceries or hauling things (rear seats fold down or can be completely removed). This car is small on the outside but amazingly big on the inside! It is a JOY to park-- fits in any space. I bought the stripped down version with manual trans and roll-up windows. I like the dash, simple instrumentation and how you don't have to be a computer-programmer to operate the radio. I do have A/C and it works fine. Plenty of cup-holders but no ashtray. Engine is plenty peppy enough for me, but of course this isn't a hot rod by a long shot. Very comfortable front seats (I'm 6'1' and 280lbs) but I've never even sat in the back seats yet-- probably better for smaller people or kids back there. My DISLIKES: My main complaint is the suspension is way too stiff for me-- like most newer cars are. Older cars used to "float" over bumps, which I liked. It's not a harsh ride, just bumpier than I like. Also the low-end engine torque is downright lousy. It's quite easy to stall the motor in first gear-- also easy to over-rev it when you are trying not to stall it-- neither of which is good. Once you master the rather delicate clutch-to-gas-pedal thing, it's OK. My old 2009 Chevy Aveo had much better low-speed torque & shifting. Maybe a slightly better ride too. If I had to do-over, I would have looked harder at the Chevy Sonic (updated version of the Aveo). Oh well. At higher speeds the Versa engine & torque are fine-- it can easily cruise at 80-plus mpg. Probably with the A/T, none of this would be a problem. Other minor DISLIKES: the cloth seats are of a material that lint, pet hair, etc, really clings to-- and it's even hard to vacuum it off! I had planned to put protective seat covers on them anyway, so that should solve the problem-- but trust me, you do NOT want to haul around a dog or a cat on these cloth seats! Also very minor complaint is that the radio knobs feel way too small for me-- but I can fix that with some do-it-you-yourself remedy. When you close the doors, they don't give a solid "thunk"-- they instead sound thin & cheap (but I'm used to older Mercedes, so forgive me). Overall this is a very good-- (but I can't really say "great") -- very economical and probably reliable commute-to-work vehicle. But again, you can't expect it to be like a big Cadillac-- It is what it is. -- David Ansell


My Versa Note

i absolutely love it good mpg, looks nice and very comfy for a sub compact. good looking car. no rattles, peppy engine. cvt shifts very well hardly notice car is changing gears


Extremely satisfied!

The service at Jack Key Nissan dealership was so friendly, professional and all around a perfect car buying experience! I am so grateful for my new car! Color me very happy! Thank you all at Jack Key!!


I am obsessed

I used to hate driving, as it would stress me out. This little hatchback drives so smooth and responds to me so quickly that I am always looking for a way to drive somewhere. It also doesn't hurt to have Bluetooth connection!


LOVED MY '07 VERSA SL. Was totaled,prefer to note

had 07 Versa SL Hatchback w/ every upgrade possible, a showroom car. I bought with 11K miles, put on 40K in 5 years, only reg maintenance needed. No tune up needed until 100K , remote IGNITION, pin striping, 6 cd changer, cruise, Bluetooth, talked to phone received mess in car, etc. fantastic. - old lady in FL totaled it.