2012 Nissan Xterra consumer reviews

$25,480–$27,530 MSRP range
side view of 2012 Xterra Nissan
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.6
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Very reliable! Great A/C! Drives easy.

Only complaint I have is it's tough getting in the rear doors with the fender well so close to the rear seats. Running boards would probably help.


Better than a jeep!

We were looking for a good vehicle for every day use and camping, after shopping around for awhile we finally found the one we want! We wanted something with roof racks and tow hitch and lots of room. The Xterra offers that. As far as the interior feature, it has a great sound system, multiple plug-ins, a hidden compartment, bottle holders on the side of the door. The trunk is lined with plastic so it will be easy to clean and the seats come down. There is so much room still to add on and make it out own. We are very happy with our purchase.


good but could be better

I bought a 2012 pro4x brand new a few years ago. I have around 11,000 miles on the car. Things i like: -rugged look -ample space throughout -sound system -4x4 ability (definitely better than most competitors) -comfort -handling -solid feeling -acceleration is good -solid engine Things i dont like -gas mileage is terrible. more like 12-13 city and 15-16 highway -no automatic seats for a top of the line car -no gps for a top of the line car -no backup camera for a top of the line car -no seat warmers for a top of the line car -rearview mirror tells you what direction you're going but not the outside temperature in regards to reliability, i have had no issues with the car but i did get the extended warranty. Fixing cars can be expensive, especially on SUVs so I highly recommend people purchase it, it will save money down the road.


Love it

I have owned my Xterra for one year now and have 9000 miles on it. The Xterra is a rugged reliable SUV without the bells and whistles. And I don't need those. Its comfortable to drive, looks awesome and handles great on dry pavement, rain and in deep snow. I wont complain about the gas mileage because I knew when I bought the Xterra, mileage wasn't great. But since I work 7 miles from home, that wasn't much of a factor for me. This winter is proving to be one of the snowiest in many years and I am loving it. My baby can blast through a foot or more of the stuff without any effort. Let it snow, I'm loving it.


Not satisfied

I bought this 2012 Nissan xterra with 23 miles and now it has 9,000miles about a year later. The factory radio went completely out in it, all of a sudden no warning!. Nissan replaced it, but my opinion it shouldn't have happened. Now as I write this review my Xterra is currently @ the dealer and I'm in a loaner vehicle, because the heat is gone out, it only heat up... When you accelerate the gas pedal, immediately after you stop accelerating it feels like you turned the air conditioner on full blast.Now I'm being told it could be a head gasket, air getting into heating system, and or something with the engine, mind you I still have to pay on this vehicle for 60 more months. I'm praying to get through this :-(


What I needed

What I needed to use as a beach buggy for fishing on the beaches of NJ. Will also double as a foul weather vehicle for the family.


Hard working, Long lasting

I bought this'06 Xtrerra as a used vehicle with 16k miles on it. It currently it has 270,000 miles. No fault so far... I had to put new front bearings in at 250,000 miles. 1 set of rotors and a couple sets of break pads. haven't had to change the spark plugs yet. Still gets 20+ MPG. I suppose that the interior could have some more ritz and glitz...but that's not what I bought an Xterra for... It's been in little towns, big cities, Dakota gravel roads, all over the Rockies...and it's still going places.


Wasn't even able to make it 6 years

I have fallen to radiator/ transmission problems like everyone else on my '06 Xterra. If you haven't yet....dont worry you will. Nissan has a known defect that affects these years but the only thing they will do is give you a useless extended warranty. For me (and most others on the net) the warranty ended right before the transmission nuked. I would suggest staying away from these years until Nissan gets it together and learns how to treat owners....or they are forced to recall. My suggestion, spend your money on a vehicle that will last longer than 5 years. AGAIN, dont take my word on it. Search the web and see for yourself. There should be enough reviews to convince you.


Excellent Safety design

Just survived a collision in our 2012 model.Car is totaled.Could have been much worse.The seat belt and air bags hugged me tight.I am just really sore.But no broken bones or bleeding. I couldn't have asked for better protection.


Best SUV in its class

This is my second Xterra since 2005. The Xterra is a true SUV, not a soccer mom SUV. The "expert" review for this vehicle on Cars.com is completely off base. This is not a luxury SUV and should not be reviewed or compaired to one. The Xterrra is in a totally different class then any other SUV exept for the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Jeep Wranger Unlimited. If an individual wants a "soft" SUV, go buy something else. Personally, I love my Xterra. My family enjoys the outdoors, everything from mountian biking, camping, snowboarding, hiking, and trail running. I have not meet a trial yet that my Xterra could not get through. The Xterra also tows like a small V8 and naturally your gas mileage will be low when a motor produces the kind of horsepower/torque that the Xterra produces. If you want better gas mileage, get a 4Cyl....oh, good luck trying to tow anything! The Xterra has excellent passing power on steep mountain roads, when you need passing power while going up hill over a short distance, the Xterrra will get the job done. I give the vehicle 5 stars with no complaints what so ever.