1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue consumer reviews

$21,640 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 Intrigue Oldsmobile
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.5
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Most reliable car. Why was GM so hasty to disconti

This is the best and longest lasting car I've ever owned. It had 27,000 miles when purchased in 2001 and now has 194,600 miles and still going. I don' t know why GM was so hasty to discontine the Oldsmobile.



I knew these cars a bit from days selling Buick /Pontiac & used. My 99 GL has the 1st year 3.5 twin cam 24v"Shortstar"LX5 V6. (The GX still got the 3.8 and 2000,01,02 all models had 3.5) This is more or less the Northstar V8 with 2 cylinders lopped off. Never a fan of 1st year engines, the 3800 is a far more reliable engine. These cars are known for bad BCMs, electrical problems are common. I bought my 99 with 140k for 380 dol, no horn and a.c don't blow cold, However a Dentist owned it and the interior is near showroom clean. runs strong and tranny shifts well. The thing actually hauls arse O-60 in the 7s ,(215HP) but I don't push it. I've only replaced battery n changed oil, this is a back n forth to market car for me. In hindsight anyone who bought a new Intrigue for 25k Vs an Accord or Camry (or an ES300/330 for a few thousand more.) ..YIKES. It is nowhere near the quality n reliability. Not an easy car to work on either. The plus side is you CAN get these cheap wen u find them, don't pay over 900 for any Intrigue with few exceptions, low mileage means nothing, age does these cars in and a 97-98 is better than 99-2002 because of the Engine and PCS. Don't fix ABS, don't fix Trac Control. Not a bad car for cheap, Comfortable, decent hwy milage, 27mpg,excellent acceleration, good looks and smooth quiet car. Just don't throw money in em. A 2002 Camry 4cyl or 6 with 150k miles is more reliable than a 3.5 intrigue with 40k miles. So my recommendation is conditioned on Paying 300-900 w/little exception. (P.S.my cassette player still works Afta 20 yrs..Thanks to Cassette to Aux adapt I have hands free phone lol)


It has 313 thousand miles on it.

I love this car. I wish the company was still making them. I would buy one. It good on gas and it’s the right size. No major problems and it has a lot of miles.


More reliable than former vehicles

It was functional for the most part, but no AC and it began to run down very quickly. It overheated quickly and it always was in danger of overheating all the time. It was good for commuting, but not that great on gas and it was very sensitive to any type of terrain and climate.


Great for a first car!

This is my first car and so far it's pretty great! It gets me to where I need to be without any problems. It's not the best looking car when it comes to design but it doesn't really matter to me. It drives smooth and easy. The drivers seat is a power seat which was a sweet surprise. The stereo system in the car was a bit dated so I recently got a stereo system installed. Now I'm able to enjoy my own music rather then what the radio has to offer. So yeah for a first car this car is amazing!! And I recommend it for some of the new drivers out there.


Decent car but eventually fell apart

Bought the '99 Intrigue from my grandma who babied the car since '99. It had 76,000 miles and ran like a champ beside the rims giving out and need to replace all four due to the chrome peeling off. Blew ever tire at least once due to chrome breaking down. Once it hit 100,00 interior lights all went out. Replaced the whole dash board lighting. About a year ago the cv joint broke in half for no reason just snapped. When I hit 140,000 that is when I had the most issues. 3 sensors went out along with the throttle positioning, cam shaft, gas gauge not reading. Also the keyless entry does not work at all replaced the battery twice still not working as should. Total cost to fix car is about 1,500 right now. It was a decent car for the last 4 yrs but I would not buy another one. My '89 olds ran way better and hit 500,000 before it died. GM had some amazing cars in the early '80s and before but seemed to go down hill in the later years.


Great first car, bad gas Milage.

I love this car. It has very linear power. By that, I mean that the power response to the gas pedal and the braking response to the brake pedal come on smoothly, and not in special stages. I've won races against brand new Honda Civic Si's, which have more horsepower. However, the gas milage sucks. I have averaged 19MPG in 1500 miles. The car has 196000 miles on it and still runs nearly like new. The brakes need replaced but not the cars problem. The transmission was replaced before I bought the car. Also, the back windows don't work. I don't know why, but it seems like an easy fix. Also, the cruise control doesn't work at all and the automatic lights flicker and turn off at night eventually, but manually controlling the lights fixes the problem without errors. Like many GM cars, the gas gauge is broke. Just use the trip counter. Try to get gas before 300 miles, while at 19MPG, you should be able to hit 326 miles. The included Bose audio system sounds great. However, it may be easy to blow a speaker from a high input source, like an iPod turned up all the way connected through the tape deck, so watch for that. I've driven this car hard. Drifting, speeding (135mph), power turns, etc. It's handled anything I throw at it and this is what it takes for me to trust that a car will keep me safe, and I am very impressed.


Saying goodbye to a great ride

Finally have to say goodbye to a great looking, great performing car. With all the 'issues' I've had with this '99 Olds GL, still say it's been the best ride ever. It doesn't feel like a big boat...steering is nice and tight, handles very well and is so much fun to drive! The car is great in snow and always holds the road beautifully. The Intrigue style still looks 'new'...not dated like some. Love the engine...still running great after 12 years and 160K miles! The suspension is wonderful; smoothest ride ever. The seats are great...still sooo comfortable, even on long drives. Mileage was good for a big car....average 22-23 mostly city driving. Bought a Mazda3 to 'save on gas', but the trade-off isn't worth it. When the lease is up on the little uncomfortable car with the bumpy ride, think I might just look for another Intrigue :o)


Great Car

For the money you can not beat this great looking car. Drives very smooth. Will last 250,000 miles easy if maintainded.


this car is very unreliable

i bought my intrigue in 06 with 50000 miles. it was fine for about a year. then it just started falling apart. this car has wiring problems that nobody can figure out. it just shuts off as im driving. had to replace the fuel pump, power steering motor, 2 calipers, starter, and the cv joint all within the past year. i would strongley recomend not even considering to buy this car. mine was a 99 GL with a 3800 series motor