1992 Pontiac Grand Am consumer reviews

$11,899 starting MSRP
side view of 1992 Grand Am Pontiac
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 3.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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I miss my Grand AM

Bought this car brand new off the lot in 1992, GT sedan, Aqua color, 3.3 liter V-6 engine. Cozy but comfortable for my 6' 3" frame. Loved the looks, the styling (inside and out), nice exhaust note, fit my family perfectly (We each had our own door.) The premium sound system in this car was phenomenal, better than anything I had heard before that vehicle - it was very clear and well balanced, not overly bass boosted like many modern systems. The V-6 had very good acceleration and on easy trips could get 30 MPG. The ride was a little stiff, because it was the GT, sporty version, but curvy roads were a lot of fun without leaning all over the place. Near my home I used to take a series of 5 closely spaced curves at 60 miles an hour, posted 35 MPH, with no problem and a big smile. Reliability was incredible with this car. First repair was at 175,000 miles. All repairs done to this vehicle: front wheel bearings, struts, and an alternator. That was it, for 254,000 miles. It was a sad day when I donated that car, and that was only because Michigan winters had rusted it to the point that it was possibly becoming unsafe - front end concerns from my local shop. The engine and transmission were still going strong and the seats still had no tears in them. That is how all car ownership experiences should be.


Diamond in the rough for $600.00!

Paid $600.00 for my 92 Grand Am 6 months ago, from the original owner, car had 126k miles on it with the 5 speed manual..have had it repainted in the original red, had the seats redone with black vinyl, new tires, completely redid the A/C, this car is an amazing little runner, have had this little 4 cylinder over 90 mph on the freeway with no issues at all...so my investment of $3.000.00 has given me a reliable 28 year old American vehicle that should last another 28 years!


Best Bang for My Buck

I recently bought this car for $900 dollars. It already has 174,000 miles on it and I plan to put even more on it. This car is really comfy, and the seats are low enough to support my back. The acceleration is nothing to write home about, but it's excellent for having 174k miles on it. I did have a $600 problem with the coolant and oil leaking, but that wad an easy and expected fix. All in all I greatly love this car.


Going to buy my next car

Just walked theremlot and drove five differnt cars and just no that this grandam is the car for me.2995 is atmthe very top,emd of what i can pay. George told me that he couldnt adjust them price but he would let me put 3 2600 dowm and let me the rest in 30 day amd told me not to be late cause he would come get my car but i paid him off in the week and then ask him about puttimg new shock on the front end and hemdid it for us and the price was half of what big o tires was goimg to charge me. Now there the only shopthat get tomfix my cars there far and fast. This csr is goimg tomlast from ten years drive likemit was new and has 115,000 miles amd came with a new etest george and lee are the best they act like brothers amd there little bog wyatt just love memi wanted to take him home geo jr is the owner son and and i see dad in the fromt office techimg himmhow to work made me happy to see a family workimg together stop by and see george it fun amd easy


Not bad

3.3 automatic SE I've owned this car for a summer, The lack of rust in such an old car with 126,000 miles suggest it sat most of its life. I changed the oil and flushed the engine when I got it. I bought it for 300$ with plenty of problems with the wiring, cooling, transmission, engine, and shocks. for a 17 year old car I'm far from surprised. The repairs have been surprisingly do it yourself friendly and very cheep. This car was under maintained but still doesn't burn oil and a trans flush gave it like new firm shifts. Its an ugly but wonderful little car that with proper maintenance and care could easily last forever