1997 Pontiac Grand Prix consumer reviews

$18,389–$18,875 MSRP range
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86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.2
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Bought a black Grand Prix gtp with 180,000 miles. Great first car. Fas, and reliable. You can get them for a steal too(got mine for 2,000)


Fun drive

This car satisfies the need for handling, exhilaration, and economy. The 3.8 supercharged GTP provides quick acceleration and still manages 30 mpg highway. Mine at this point has 305,000 miles on it, don't miss any oil changes, I have changed a couple of wheel bearings along the way, but nothing else major.


this car is absolutly great

this 1997 pontiac grand prix gt is honestly one of the nicest cars i have ever owend. I have had it for quit some time now and it does everything it is supossed to still to this day. (december 26, 2012) Every time i turn the key it start without a hesitation i love it, and when it comes to havin fun on the back rounds and putting the rubber on the ground this car is more then enough. Quik acc. nice stability at low and high speed easy to control steering and yet responsive and it holds the road like a mother to her yung. This car truely is the one that everybody has to drive at least once!


Love my Red Robin

I bought my Grand Prix off of my cousin for half blue book. I've had it 2 yrs and I've only had to replace the blower, a cooling system hose, serpentine belt, some breaks, and the engine light issues to pass inspection. most just maintenance. I think all in all I have only paid over 2k including new tires. Red Robin is her name and she has great handling on the road, pretty decent in snow, and has been very reliable (knock on wood). My only beef is the gas mileage isn't that great since shes got 3800GT engine. Shes worth it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the same exact car again. I love you Red Robin!


Very reliable well handling car

I have had a Pontiac Grand Prix and the car was wonderful. It handles well, especially in the snow. The tires are placed very wide so stability is increased. Interior is nice.


Pretty Good Car

I bought the car at 140,000 miles, have been driving it for 3.5 years, and it now has 210,000 miles! It really does run GREAT. There have been a few issues with it though (sensors, etc.); I've spent $2000 in repairs in 3.5 years. It now needs about $600 in repairs, but I know it'll run for another 40-60k EASILY. Air is ICE cold yet, brakes last forever, tires wear great, never needs alignment, etc. Starts in THE COLDEST weather (-45 wind chill) and air works great in the hottest weather (100 degrees, 100% humidity). Very dependable, has never left me stranded. Always starts.


Most Reliable Car I've Owned.

I owned this vehicle for 6 years and the only thing that I had to fix was A/C which was covered under warranty. Besides that no mechanical issues of any kind NONE. The only problem with this vehicle is slow automatic windows for 2d models ( my friends owns one too). This car was the best purchase I have ever made.



-1997 grand Prix, 129K, -turbo charged with a 3.8l V6 -Sound system with 2: 800Watt speakers. -race Steering wheel cover -Comes with Body kit -handles remarkably well for a grand prix -New rims


GP SE that served me well

I've since sold this car. It was an SE model with the 3.8L engine. The only problem I had was a coil pack quit on a road trip to the in-laws. Driving 300 miles on 4 cylinders ruined ALOT of parts. I fought the "service engine" light for about 3 weeks getting it all sorted out. I'd think the problem was fixed, but then the next thing in line would want attention. Went like this. Replaced the coil pack and the spark plugs. "Fixed"--nope, Replace the wired, "fixed", no. Replace O2 sense #1 (before converter) ... no. Replace cat converter... no. Replace O2 sensor #2 and the fuel filter to be sure. Ta-da, problem solved! Never a tranny issue. GP returned about 25mpg for all of our time with it. At 100K, unlike Carl below, I performed preventive maintainence; new timing chain, water pump, serp belt and brakes. Never blame any OEM for worn out serp belt or water pump. At 100K all belts/ water pumps are shot. If you got more than that, be happy. I did all the above work myself expect the cat converter. Interior was well laid out. Radio was ok, loved the ABS in MI and A/C blew cold when sold. When sold I could still make it look near-new. All things worked except of few of the rear window defogger lines, fan speed #1 and wipers were acting funny...sometimes. The front seat were comfortable, but the back seat felt like you're sitting-on-the-floor. Overall, I thought it was a teriffic ride. I'd get another except for my wife.


Awesome Pontiac

I got this car with 120, 000 miles on it and it is still running well. i havent had many problems other than the air going out because of the motor but it was a simple fix and also the car is old so. Also i have had 3 accidents and this puppy still runs like a champ. It now has about 135,000 miles on it and i still love it, and so does my boyfriend.... he mainly drives it and prefers it even over his own car which has less miles on it.... V6 power and sleek styling, i love the grand prix and i think i might buy a new one when i can. please get this car it is awesome!