1995 928

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1995 Porsche 928

$18,000 - $18,000  MSRP Range
1995 Porsche 928

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5 out of 5 stars Comfort
5 out of 5 stars Value for the Money
5 out of 5 stars Interior Design
5 out of 5 stars Reliability
5 out of 5 stars Performance
5 out of 5 stars Exterior Styling

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5 out of 5 stars

Lucky owner of 1 of 77 1995 928 GTSs in all of NA!

by LRDog from Charlotte, NC on Mon Nov 29 2010

I bought my 1995 928 GTS from the first owner back in 2000 with just 8k miles. It is one of 30 5-speed 928 GTSs brought to all of North America for the 1995 model year (can be verified at: www.928registry.org)! Prices for good low mileage used 1995 GTS 5-speed cars have recently (in 2009 to me more specific) surpassed the $100k mark on several occiasions! In spite of what you might have heard/read in the media the cars are extremely reliable and trouble free IF they are/were maintained properly. I've owned 8 928s over the years and never had any significant issues with any of them. As with any Porsche, the sky is the limit when it comes to options. 928 GTS production ended with the 1995 model year and the car wasn't selling well at the time so most are/were minimally equipped and done in pretty basic colors (black, white, blue and silver) mainly to keep the MSRP down. Typically, they will have a sunroof, supple leather and a CD player. Beyond that, seat surfaces were always leather and the bulk of the remaining interior surfaces are/were high quality vinyl and plastics. If you find one with many more options (full leather interior for example) it was probably a car someone ordered as opposed to one for dealer stock (which most were). The 5.4L motor, 17" cup wheels (which btw first appeared on a 928 and 968 a year b/f they appeared on the 993....), wider rear fenders, larger brakes, more sound insulation and aero mirrors distinguish it from earlier S4 and GT models. Overall the GTS is one of the greatest GT cars ever built. I will NEVER sell mine and consider myself lucky to have such a nice example.

5 out of 5 starsComfort
5 out of 5 starsValue for the Money
5 out of 5 starsInterior Design
5 out of 5 starsReliability
5 out of 5 starsPerformance
5 out of 5 starsExterior Styling

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