2018 RAM ProMaster 1500 consumer reviews

$29,995–$32,095 MSRP range
side view of 2018 ProMaster 1500 RAM
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.6
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Highly recommend the Ram Promaster 1500 136 high

This van checked all the boxes for me. It drives great. It is easy to park and maneuver. It has great headroom and will make a fantastic class b rv for my adventures.


New vehicle purchased, 350 mile initial review.

Purchased this vehicle as an alternative to the AWD SUV I had planned on getting. Was very reluctant at first but ended up making the deal. Wanted an AWD SUV to start doing road trips across America starting in 2019. Gave it 5 STARS Reliability, but C-Mon it only has 300 miles on it so look at longer term owners for a Reliability score. Family ended up needing a vehicle capable of being used part time as a wheelchair ramp vehicle, and the Promaster had the lowest load floor of the full size vans. So that's what I looked at and ended up purchasing. Got the 136" wheelbase high roof, and after owning it a couple weeks went from meh to absolutely loving this vehicle. It felt huge at first, you sit higher than 4x4 1 ton trucks, and it's over 6' wide internally! Yet despite it's intimidating factor it still fits if just barely into any normal parking spot! It's the perfect size for a non commercial user like me, tons of room internally but can park anywhere. I've owned tons of new and used trucks over the years and even I was a bit iffy driving this at first. Poor visibility as it has no windows out back, but the great side mirrors and backup camera quickly took away that intimidation factor. Now it feels just like a very tall Minivan and I can drive it around parking lots with ease. What amazes me even after a few hundred miles is the turning circle! I swear it has a tighter turning circle than my 2014 Nissan Altima that's my daily driver! It's insane how it can make U-Turns and swing around in parking lots so easily. Finally the more I look over the vehicle the more I love how they built it. They claim it's the easiest and cheapest commercial van to service and maintain and I'm a believer now. Fuel Pump access is under a cover in the cab, and almost everything for normal maintenance and repair is easily accessed via floor hatches or under the hood. The interior is very odd looking but functional, the Ford has a much nicer looking Dashboard layout though. I do have to say though this Promaster's dashboard feels very durable and just makes it feel like a big rig compared to a wagon like the Fords did. I may be weird but I like feeling like I'm driving a Big Rig and ended up even loving that. Really my only complaint for the vehicle is the interior paint. I've hauled a few things so far and I swear the paint on the interior floor scratches just looking at it! I have ordered Hurculiner to roll onto the floor and wheel housings so I never had to worry about it again. Plan on doing 3 coats just to give it a nice thick barrier to protect the metal. Didn't really want to buy this 'Stupid Bug-eyed Van' as I called it at first... But good god I've ended up falling in love with it's useful design quirks and honestly fun to drive around high seating position! I swear I feel I could put anything in it and it would haul it without complaint, and the lower load floor has no step on the side or back doors and is level all the way across.


Great cargo space

I love the stand up and cargo space available but I think they forgot about the driver no good for more than a half hour as you’re back will be killing you I had to set up appointments with the chiropractor because this is the most uncomfortable van I have ever driven! I’m only 175 at 5:10 and I find there is no legroom and seat is all the way back against the cargo bulkhead.


Best van for the money

Love the space it’s got and the comfort for work van is amazing plenty room for all the tools and still have plenty left for materials available



This van is perfect if your in the trades. The size makes it so easy for storage and accessible for ladders and tools. It's comfortable and well built.


Best Vargo Van

Far the best cargo van I have ever used and now bought. Very comfortable and lots of power. Love the rear cargo space and easy to work out of. So far I?m very happy and pleased. Performamce is excellent and fuel is average consumption. Lots of room and high visibility when driving. Looks sharp.


My promaster 1500 is lemon

this car only good thing is wider other van. and the promaster is cheap quality . I purchased this year (2018) . but it has engine stater problem . I have visited dealer shop over 5times . but they does not figure out so far . I will return it .


After 1000 miles of driving, ok so far.

Nothing great and nothing horrible about this van. Difficult to see out of driver side rear mirror because of door window post. Awkward driver position, steering wheel does not tilt only telescopes. Ride is more car like than truck like.


Ram 1500 sports is worth paying

Before I dont like the truck. But after searching the efficiency and performance is realy awesome i will recommend this truck always