2008 Scion xD consumer reviews

$14,550–$15,350 MSRP range
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100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.9
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Age 71, 8th Toyota I've bought, this one I love

I had and XA and traded up to the XD, the Xd is just a super car to drive, In some ways it is more fun to drive then my wife's Avalon. I have had many people stop me to ask about the car, one Lady was 74 and was going to trade her Jetta in for an XD. My MPG is almost as good as the XA, getting 26.7. This car is jusst great.



I purchased my xD about two months ago. I was originally looking at the Yaris 4 door until the salesman pointed out the xD. It was love at first site. I commute on a daily basis from central NJ into Philly, PA so I drive it for at least 2 hours everyday. Compared to my previous car (4 door Buick Century) this car is a blast. The MPGs are awesome with our car averaging 32 to 36 MPG in a mixture of city/hw driving. The cargo space is sufficient and the interior is well appointed, with my only complaint being that you cant adjust the seat height (you can adjust the steering wheel). The handling is great as is the acceleration. There is a bit of engine noise above 60 but the excellent sound system takes care of that. Though there are steering wheel controls for volume and track selection, you must use the right hand button on the stereo to navigate the iPod menu. This can be quite a challenge while driving due to the relatively small size of the button and the awkwardness of having to click it upwards or downwards to reach your selection. I totally love the back seat and although the cargo area is a bit small, it will do. Overall I think most folks will be satisfied with the amount of bang they'll get for their buck.


My final choice after 2 weeks of search.....

I shopped arround (a lot!) and was debating about many different aspects in order to choose the right vehicle for me and my family. I finaly decided to buy the Scion XD yesterday. ...What made me buy it: The style and excusivity, finition, versatility, $$, economy and of course the reliability of toyota engines. I bought the base model with the optional traction control for under 16000$...It has been a while since I had to shop for a car and grant it this is not the car of my dreams ...I wish I could affort a 4 door pick up truck....far off, right!!! :)...the Scion XD compared to its syblings is a complete package for the money and it shows/drive more solid (even than the Honda fit which I also considered). My friends are very impressed with the features for the size, and but also surprised that this car is basicaly hidding the much acclaimed reliability of the corolla under its appealing groovy look. Of course, if you are looking for speed this model, or in fact any model of its category, may not be something for you to consider... It never crossed my mind that I would one day own one of these Scions but hey...All I can say is that I am soooo very happy with it.


Love my xD!

I've had my xD for two weeks now, and I am thrilled with it. I like the way it looks and the way it drives. My kids clamor to ride in the xD and are grumpy when they have to get in the minivan. I love the ability to customize the car, and while it's totally frivolous, I HAD to get the 4 in 1 LED lighting package for the interior (what can I say, I am a college professor specializing in lighting design.) I test drove the Honda Fit, and was ready to buy it. What finally sold me on the xD were the side impact safety ratings. The slightly larger and more powerful engine is a plus as well. That, and the Scion dealership had quite a few xD's in stock, including the dark blue I wanted, while there were only 5 Fits in the Nashville area. I've put 3 tanks of gas in the car in two weeks (I've driven a shade over 1000 miles) and have averaged 37.5 mpg in a mix of highway and city driving. That's about 10 mpg more than I was getting in my old Escort, so I'm thrilled. Long and the short of it, I'm very happy with my car, and I'm confident I made a good choice.


The xA has a big brother!

"I drove a Scion xA for 2 1/2 years and liked the car a lot. But when a new xD wizezd by me on the highway I had to try one out. I was so impressed that I traded my trusty xA on the new xD. This new model is as if the xA outgrew it's teenage years and became an adult. The xD is an improvement over the xA in every aspect (not that it's a bad car by any means). The xD feels much more substantial than the xA-- like a much bigger car than it really is. The larger engine is a huge improvement. True the mileage is a little less than than the xA (about 3-4 mpg less on average) but my mileage so far averages around 34mpg and the better, quieter ride and extra power more than make up for the minor mileage loss from the xA. The xD is a great value for the money. Compare it to a Matrix or Corolla comparably equipped and you will understand what I'm talking about. Items come standard on the xD that are expensive options on many of the ohter vehicles. The hatchback design allows a lot of cargo space you don't get with a sedan. The only option I got was the automatic transmission and floor mats. Beware if the gobs of accessories (mainly comsetic) that can quickly underscore the inherent bargain value of this vehicle. Most everything you need is already included on the stock model, so if you stick with the basic vehicle straight from the factory (I'd highly recommend the automatic however) you have yourself a great little car and to top it off, one of the best values in the auto indurstry!"



I've had this car for a little over two weeks now, and I LOVE IT. As soon as I walked into the Scion showroom, I was hooked. The XD is just beautiful. It's roomy in the front and the back. And while I will probably never sit in the back, I love that the back seats recline. What an unusual feature. At first glance, it doesn't have as much trunk room as the Fit, BUT once you lower the back seats and make a flat surface, you have lots of room. The XD rides very smooth, and take corners nicely. The brakes are firm and responsive. And I love the way I sit high on the seat. It took a couple of days to get used to that, but I love the way I can see the road better. It feels like I'm driving a mini SUV. The XD has lots of storage spots in the front, and the radio is great! Every other car I looked at only had an mp3 jack, but this car has a dedicated ipod jack! So I can control my ipod with the radio controls. Totally Cool. The controls are exactly in the places they need to be, and are easy to read. The seat cushions are comfortable, and the interior styling is really nice. Since Scion is made by Toyota, I have no doubt that the reliability will be great. My previous car was a 2003 VW Golf, and it gave me headaches, so having a reliable car will be a nice change. The buying experience was wonderful. Scions have "pure pricing" similiar to what Saturn does, and they was NO pressure to get added options, even though the XD comes with plenty. The price you see on the website, is the price you pay so there is no confusing haggling. I also test drove/researched the Honda Fit and the Nissan Versa, and while they are both great cars, in my opinion, the Scion XD is definitely the superior of the three. I had looked at the Fit for about three months trying to make a decision about buying it, BUT I brought the XD in just three days. Saw it on Thursday, test drove on Friday, drove it off the lot on Saturday! There is so much more good things I can say about this car, but do yourself a favor and just go see for yourself. PROS: Parking is a breeze Hidden storage compartment in trunk Excellent steering Interior styling High MPG Basic but good exterior color options CONS: 0 to 60 could be faster trunk space could be slightly larger cargo cover should be standard


I love this car.

Just bought one a couple of weeks ago. While I have complaints about minor things, such as lack of an armrest, I really enjoy the ride and comfort. It feels very responsive and fun to drive. The reviewer above must have been mistakenly referring to the old xB as the xA. The xA was not boxy at all. This replaces it. There is a new body style in 2008 for the xB.


Still cool, but why mess w. the design?

The xA was one of those cars that was so ugly it was cool. The high, boxy design harked back to everything from a 1940's "woodie" to the box-on-a-box look that said "VOLVO" during the 1980s. But that bread-truck body could do all sorts of stuff, from carrying a surfboard (if you lived in CA) to hauling piles of lumber for home projects. It said, "I'm practical, but I'm different and I'm not going with the flow!" Unfortunately, the designers couldn't let the styling alone when the xA morphed into the xD. The xD still has all the great features inside, including 6 air bags and cubic meters of space, but the outside skin is starting to suffer from the me-too-ism that afflicts so many other designers. The boxy body has been rounded off, with the bumper merged into the hood and grille to give the car some of that unfortunate battering-ram look espoused by many SUVs. Worse yet, the wide-open spaces of the xA's profile have given way to a high beltline / low roof / wide rear pillar combo that one reviewer described as making him feel like he was "looking out of a gun port". For me the best thing about the old xA's styling was the way it said that its owners weren't part of the herd. The xD has lost some of that flair that set its predecessor apart.