2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara consumer reviews

$19,949 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Grand Vitara Suzuki
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.9
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.9
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Perfect for My Family.

This Small Compact SUV is perfect. It may be used but I find it excellent. It seats 5 people and fits all of my family and all the things. I would recommend this car to anyone.


Great SUV!!

A SUV that is handles, feels, and looks great. Worth the money you will spend on it. This was used and still runs great!!


2nd Suzuki

I bought a 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara Luxury in December of that year. Since, I've driven it almost every day with no problems at all. Its a shame that Suzuki pulled out of the US market because they really did offer a quality low-cost alternative to the other Japanese car makers. If I was in the market for a used car for a college student or child, I would definitely consider a Suzuki Grand Vitara. Great car for the money and good car overall.


2013 Grand Vitara Base. Last Edition!

I always trusted the Suzuki brand and this time is not the exception. I just purchased a brand new Grand Vitara manual transmission for my commuting needs. It's very unfortunate that Suzuki will no longer make this model in the future. I'll miss it!. If you're the kind of adventurous person and want to feel the fun part of driving go for a real SUV manual transmission Grand Vitara. My car is very reliable and takes you everywhere. Driving this car is a breeze!, very smooth, fast and you're the one in control of it (not the auto transmission). This car does whatever you tell it to do without hesitation, and specially now that this base model came with an incredible navigation system included. Commonly you don't see this feature included in a base price SUV. If someone out there knows it, please share.With this manual transmission you are the boss who control the performance rather than waiting for the car to perform at the pace of an auto transmission.


suzuki grand virara premium

I traded a 2011 Nissan crew cab 4x4 V6 for a 2013 Grand Vitara Premium with AWD. I traded because the Nissan was only getting 15-16 miles to the gallon. I am very discouraged that my Suzuki is only getting 16-17 MPG. It is rated 19-24. I drive it in town and out in the country. Will the gas mileage get better with a few more miles on it? It has only 300. I really like this vehicle but not the gas mileage. At this rate i could have kept my truck. I got a really good deal and I traded with a dealer that I had traded with before. Hope it gets better.


Great Car

I am looking to purchase the 2013 because I have a 2004 with 135,000 miles. Bought it new, no major problems to date. I would just like a newer vehicle and since I had no mechanicanical problems what so ever I thought I'd get another one. I love this car. It's reliability has been unmatched and I've owned honda, toyota, mitsubishi, nissan, ford, etc. and never have I had a vehicle that just won't give me any problems. I believe that the interior of this vehicle could use an uplift but that's it. thanks suzuki for a great car!


The last Grand Vitara?

We loved our 2006 so much that when they announced the 2013 was the last year in the US we went out and traded right away. Luxury edition has everything you could want and is a very sturdy vehicle.


Awesome Vehicle

I just bought 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara Limited. Get awesome deal on it. Own before Subaru Forester, Toyota Rav4, Nissan Murano ( newest models) . Own many popular sedans ( Mini Cooper , Camry and more) . Now I own 2 Suzuki SX4 AWD Crossover ( excellent car) . And finally 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara. People who think that Toyota, Nissan or Subaru is the most reliable car, is wrong. Drives better than Toyota Nissan or Subaru . Interior and exterior done much more better than Toy , Nis or Sub. What can I say, own one you will see what I am talking about. Price is almost 9000 less than the Toyota RAV4 $7000 than Subaru Forester and $8000 less than Nissan Murano . Even if price was the same I would still buy Suzuki Grand Vitara . Suzuki is a big brand name in all over the world but not in USA ( i don't know why it might because big daddy Toyota Nissan and others take over USA market ) Also only Suzuki is real SUV , Rav4 Murano or Subaru is a Crossovers. ( do research you will see why ) Warranty is much longer on Suzuki. Test drive one you will love it . In limited version that I have, every possible features is a standard ( from leather, sunroof to navigation ). Navigation very responsive ( nice job, leather seats is well done) . Toyota navigation is so slow hate it . Toyta leather seats is so out to date and not comfortable. Subaru looks great outside , drives great but inside it is not fun at all. even fully loaded It makes me feel that i am siting in Russian Niva. Glad that i decided to buy Vitara ( never though would ever buy even Suzuki, Any vehicle that make is well done even sedans like Kizashi it is another awesome car ( excellent). SX4 AWD Crossover is small fast , very nice vehicle. Now the last think I forgot to mention, sound isolation in Vitara is no comparison to other vehicle is just simply freaking awesome. Toyota Rav4, Mini cooper Country man, Nissan Murano my wife can't hear me well from the rear while I was driving on highway. In Suzuki she can hear every word. So think about and drive several vehicles before make decision. I am positive you will chose Suzuki.