2020 Tesla Model 3 consumer reviews

$35,000 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 Model 3 Tesla
76% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.1
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 3.8
  • Exterior 4.0
  • Reliability 4.1
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safety of Tesla model 3

this is car is garbage , not safe in case of an small accident car will be garbage, will take a part , not safe for you. and your kids to drive this car , very fragile very easy to get smashed. please don’t let your young kids drive this junk car , i have bad experience and i am lucky kids were not inside car this car broke in 2 part almost .i am sure other models of Tesla are no safe too . waste of money


An Impressive car

Test drive of 2023 Long Range AWD. Very smooth, quiet and fast. I'm 6-3, drivers seat best supporting ,most comfortable seat of 40 cars owned. Biggest fear is Elon Musk, in a fit of childish mischief, decide to turn all Teslas off......



I purchased a 2018 model 3. I have over 80,000 miles on it.. My only problem was the 3 sets of rear tires the first year..But it was fun.. No tune-up's no belts no oil changes..But then unlike some I don't park mine in saltwater..So fires from that aren't a problem for me. I drive over 100 miles to and from work every day and where I work has free charging..No Brainer.. Only car I have ever owned that saved me enough to make its own payments.. Probably not the car for everyone especially if you keep it parked in a saltwater environment...but as a work car and a car to take on long trips it's been extremely good..


Tesla - Made in America

Plenty of Tesla haters out there, but this is the best car I have ever owned. I have 50,000 miles on my car and there is minimal maintenance. I have changed the tires and the cabin filter. The battery is doing fine and it has the best charging network out there. Don't let the haters from other brands fool you.


Tesla garbage

First let's start with the battery they use in tesla remember some years back when the Samsung and those hoverboards exploded called the Lithium battery those batteries are known to catch fire not to mention how much radiation the car gives off which can cause cancer then the self driving/autopilot can cause accidents and even death the gas powered cars were fine them rich morons is messing with other stuff that contaminates and pollutes the earth tesla is not a good car people are starting to reconsider and tesla can catch your house on fire so keep meat riding tesla yall will find out the truth tesla is a joke you can use salt water to make it catch fire


Best vehicle I've owned, but forget FSD feature

I'm near the end of the 3 year lease on our 2019 Model 3. It's the best vehicle we have owned and I have my order in for a Model Y. I leased our first, all-electric car because I wasn't completely convinced that we would have a fully satisfactory experience. I also suffered from the condition known as "range anxiety". The only mistake I made was opting for the (at the time) $6,000 so-called "full self-driving" capability. It was promised to be delivered by December of 2019, and still doesn't live up to its promise. Tesla recently "granted" access to the feature, which is available on a limited basis. While the feature certainly reduces driver fatigue on long trips, one can't be lulled into thinking that it's truly, "full self driving". (And, to its credit, Tesla cautions drivers to be fully in control at all times.) I've had the Beta version of FSD for a couple of months, and, all I can say is that the car has very strange, and sometimes scary reactions. So, for the Model Y I've ordered, I've nixed the FSD feature and will opt to continue to try it, occasionally, during the few times we take major trips at the $199 per month option. I am also a subscriber to Consumer Reports, which has panned Tesla's quality control throughout its product line. All I can say is that we've had no issues with our Model 3. Zero maintenance. The only issue, which was quickly and conveniently resolved related to having to replace the 12 volt battery after a little over two years. It was covered under warranty, but, since we live 200 miles from the nearest service center, we went for a few days without being able to drive the vehicle. (Tesla offers once weekly remote service to Tallahassee, which resolved the problem.) Bottom line: No quality control issues. Impressive features. No worries about the high cost of carbon fuels. Don't buy the so-called "full self driving feature"; it's not ready for prime time.


Great Service I would say….lmao!

Hold off on getting it. The customer service his horrible. If they leave you in the dark before getting it, what do you think they are gonna do after you have it. Other car companies are getting better and will match with Tesla soon enough and be cheaper. Customer seevice goes a long way. They will contact you until you have placed your order. Then your on your own. The guy we placed our order with has been useless for almost a year now. They said our order was a week away so we got the loan. Got approved the. Two days later they said it was 2 -3 months away from arriving. Thats what i call great service!


Buyer Beware

NOT A SMALL PROBLEM! Due to high demand for the 3, there are no spare parts presently, and most likely for months. This from Tesla itself. So don’t get rear ended or sideswiped and lose your side mirror. You’ll have to wait months before you can safely drive your 3 again.


Great Car

This is the second Tesla in our family. Took delivery of a 2021 LR Model 3 10 months ago, and we have put on 6000 miles. My wife is the primary driver, and this is the first car she has ever been enthusiastic about. I am 77 yo, and this is the best car I have owned. Unlike some other reports, we had no fit and finish problems. The car drives like a dream, and performs like a rocket ship. Autopilot is a very good adaptive cruise control, though sometimes does the "phantom braking" thing. We have FSD on our first Tesla (a Model S), and do not feel it is worth the $12,000 additional (now, at least). FSD can always be added later, with an online upgrade. This little EV makes perfect sense, with low maintenance costs, cheap electricity in the Pacific Northwest, and increasing gas prices. The Tesla supercharger network is great, and I have no range anxiety in either of our Teslas (24,000 miles on the 2019 Tesla S LR, after several road trips.


Tesla TPS pricing!

Second review. We bought a Tesla M3P!! It scoots and handles well. Only xxxxx so far is that I'm putting on aftermarket wheels and the Tesla TPS that goes with the wheels cost $500!! That's obscene!! Why should Tesla TPS cost that much?? We decided to take the TPS from the OE wheels and use them on the Flow Ones. The OE wheels are going into the garage till next Winter since they have snow tires mounted on them now.