2020 Tesla Model Y consumer reviews

$49,990 starting MSRP
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63% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 3.4
  • Exterior styling 3.7
  • Reliability 3.9
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My first and last Tesla

Reg: 2020 Tesla Model Y (aka Model Yugo) vin: 5YJYGDEE2LF009***. I have not previously inclined to blog about anything, but the negative experience due to the purchase of our 2020 Tesla Model Y (aka model Yugo) has inclined me to post the problems that we paid $60,000 for. As I have stated in other posts, there is a certain cool factor that goes with purchasing and driving a Tesla. There are definitely many cool features. If you are a young driver that is impressed by features that Tesla has and can see past the many imperfections and problems, then this car is for you. If you are an older middle aged person looking for a safe family car, I would not recommend rushing to your local Tesla showroom. First, my personal opinion about the car is that it is definitely not a luxury car. It does not ride like a Cadillac or Mercedes or similar car. The turning radius is non-existent. Not to take anything away from Toyota or Honda but it rides like a Camry or Accord, both cars I definitely like; the Camry or Accord just don’t cost $60,000. Don’t expect a luxury car ride. The service at Tesla definitely leaves a to to be desired. This was the first full EV that my wife and I purchased. When we took delivery of the vehicle, it was waiting for us in a parking lot. We were instructed to sign into our phone app and just drive away. There was no one to show us any features or explain anything about the vehicle, just a car parked in a parking lot and a phone app. We were instructed to view a series of YouTube videos if we had any questions about anything. Again, the app is where you communicate with Tesla about any service issues; no managers or service office to complain to if things go wrong or if something needs to be escalated. Just an app conversation with a technician. Office depot has far better service. If I purchase the wrong ink cartridge, there is more attention by Office depot than Tesla toward any problems. Once you schedule an appointment on the app, you can expect the appointment to be moved at least twice. Totally at Tesla’s discretion. So don’t rush to your boss’ desk to ask for time off until Tesla has decided when they have time to get to your service issues. This can change up to the day that your service is scheduled. Your life is entirely in their hands and don’t expect a loaner vehicle, rather they will offer you an UBER ride back home. Again, this lack luster service might be ok with a very young person, but anyone with kids or a busy career, this is very inconvenient. Who needs to spend $60,000 on a vehicle, only to spend the next three months or so juggling service appointments. Since we have had so many issues with our brand new 2020 Tesala, I thought a lot about how to share them all on this blog. My wife and I have a collection of videos and photos cataloging all of the issues. I am planning to publish a web site sometime in the future with all pictures and videos available. I do have my personal theory about why the Model Y has had so many issues. Three weeks after we took delivery of our Tesla, the company lowered the price by $3,000. I believe that Tesla wanted to push out as many vehicles prior to reducing the price. I believe that this caused the Model Y to be built in a hurry and with many issues. Below is a list of all the items that my wife and I have had to deal with so far with our new Tesla. 1. Wires hanging from underneath the vehicle 2. Roof glass was not installed correctly, allowing air and water to enter the vehicle. The glass had to be adjusted. 3. The charge port door was broken, had to be replaced. 4. Multiple exterior panels including fenders and hood needed adjusting. The car had uneven gaps on most of the panels. Most of the on the passenger side. 5. Door glass had to be adjusted, also allowing water and air to enter the vehile. 6. There is a crinkle in the center of the cars hood. My wife and I had decided to live with this, since there are so many other serious issued to resolve. 7. A very important and dangerous issue with the car was the screen. The screen was shutting off while driving on the highway and was freezing at random times. We stopped to check the mail and the screen stated that we were traveling 37 miles per hour. Without the scree, there is no way of knowing how fast the vehicles is going or what gear the vehicles is in. The screen controls everything. 8. The air conditioner randomly blew at high and would then shut off