2021 Tesla Model Y consumer reviews

$39,990 starting MSRP
side view of 2021 Model Y Tesla
50% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 3.5
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 3.6
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Long range is long gone...

I've owned my tesla for a little over a year now. I can safely say that this is a city car, not a distance car. Stay with fuel if you're a traveler like myself. You're only wasting your time at the superchargers waiting and for me, time is money. If you think the range it's estimating is accurate, don't fool yourself. I lose about 80 miles, and that's no chump change when you add it up.


New and improved!!!

This is our second Tesla (first is a 2019 Model 3). Wow, what they've been able to accomplish after just a couple years is astounding. Sound proofing is drastically better, center console is way more useful, and the ride quality is smooth as butter. Absolutely love our newer Tesla even more!


Most impressive car I was test driven.

I will have to say I was impressed, yet not overwhelmed. The Model 3 was very high tech. But not in a sense of Futuristic. But in a sense of Non-conventional convenience. Example; Everything is through the touch display. You cannot see anything like vents or switches, except for the turn signals and directional (RPND) selector. Yet this provides the car with very sleek appearance free from distractions. The display was very nice, very responsive and easy to navigate. It does however attract finger prints. I will say with the brightness all the way up the finger prints are less noticeable. I also thought before driving the Model 3, looking at the display while driving would be pull my attention from the road, but that was not the case. I actually enjoy where the display is located. The driving experience is pretty similar to a petrol powered car. With no engine noise I expected to hear more road and wind noise but I was impressed even at 75mph the car was quiet. The pedal feel great and are located far enough apart that my foot doesn’t hit both pedals or get caught on the brake pedal. The acceleration was definitely quick and took me by surprise. The 3 options for steering response were definitely noticeable as I changed through them. And there are 3 brake options as well for how the car response after you have come to a complete stop, and let off the pedal, surely a option Worth utilizing. Im also not sold 100% on the “Auto-Pilot” software at this moment, it however is very Different from what I have experienced as a driver, but I believe I would still purchase this option, as Tesla is progressively improving this feature. In general the car had a lush sporty feel to it. There were some quality issues with the plastic moldings on the pillars next to the front seats(mind you this was there only drivable display car because of COVID. And some people can be reckless with things that aren’t theirs). I was not impressed with the seat material, to me it felt like it will be prone to ripping at the stitches, It just felt stretchy And I’m concerned about its durability, especially with me as the main driver and I happen to be on the larger side then most people. But the seat padding is firm yet plush, most certainly a comfortable seat. The car is low and I felt at my height I had to fall into the driver seat, People who are larger or older may be unable to get into the Model 3 because of the ride height. I also could not fit in the rear seat due to leg room after I adjusted the driver to a comfortable position for myself, and the rear door height is is low and I have to do a crunch to make clearance for my head to pass through, yet once in the car I had adequate head room. There is a lot of useable cargo space for luggage and groceries In the front truck and rear trunk. The dealership was definitely knowledgeable and answered a lot of my technical and practicality questions. One thing that is a must for me And something I would have to buy is a spare tire separately, or purchase a tire repair kit. But that seems to be the move for most manufacturers. According to the Tesla dealership because of the regenerative braking, brake pad and rotor service is at 100,000miles, which is significantly longer then what my current vehicle manufacturer estimates. The maintenance appears to be less expensive then owning a petrol powered car. And the small Cabin air filter is a job I can do myself when the time comes, if I wanted. And for unpredictable break downs the warranty is very solid, and is competitive compared to what is offered by other makes. I did look at a larger Model Y, Tesla’s Compact SUV. This model is the solution to the interior space issues I referenced earlier for the Model 3. It has the same Tech as the Model 3. It was roomy, especially with leg room. The ride height is nice and super easy to enter and exit, it’s perfect for people with less flexibility or who have larger frames. It does however get 40 miles or so less range then the model 3. But that’s a fair trade for larger size. After my limited experience with driving a Tesla, and after hours of reading reviews and watching videos about others and their experiences, I give the Tesla 4 out of 5 and recommend people to at a minimum schedule a test drive.


Best car ever period

If you are not driving a Tesla you are missing out. This EV is like a regular car but just drives like the future. Don’t be afraid get it and get FSD worth it if you have the money.


Amazingly fun and safe vehicle

I have always driven manual, V6 or V8 cars prior to buying the MY because of how engaging and responsive they are to drive. Elon Musk has developed a vehicle which is quicker than anything I have ever driven before (long range model only) and the regenerative brakes give the driver tremendous feedback and control while driving. Equivalent performance in traditional combustion vehicles is $10k - $30k more and gas mileage is in the 10 - 14 mpg range....why would you choose something else? In addition to performance and positive environmental impact, I love the interior design, the overall tech solution, intuitive interface, quirky entertainment options, great seats, upgraded black induction rims, chrome delete look, pleather interior (marketed as “non-animal” leather...LOL), and amazing amount of space/storage area. Finally, I did not purchase the Full Self Driving option primarily because I worked my entire life to drive a car like this and I don’t want to share with anyone or anything! My point is that the stock auto pilot in the MY is amazing...heavy traffic, following some numb nut on a back road at 5 miles under the speed limit...double down on the right stock and the damn car drives for you! Save $10k, enjoy driving, and utilize the stock auto pilot when you have to! As with everything, there are negatives as well. The exterior paint is not as strong as you would expect. My car is 2 months old and has 3 - 4 very small paint chips which only a nut job like myself would notice but the Tesla community has clearly flagged this as a long term issue. I have decided to avoid mitigation steps like ceramic wraps and instead fix one off issues until I can justify a new high end paint job (change from white to cherry red!). Second issue (which I love but understand normal folks having concerns) would be the stiff ride. On smooth surface, this car is so much fun and sure footed...however on bad streets, it is certainly disruptive in the cabin. Overall, Tesla has designed a vehicles for car enthusiasts like myself (family first but also want a fun car to drive) and I am truly excited that I no longer use gasoline...not sure why that was not more of a priority in the past however that is my own issue! This is an expensive car and I am truly lucky and blessed to afford it...if you are also considering such an expensive purchase...check out cost of ownership comparisons! No gas, oil changes, tune-ups or other wear and tear repairs related to combustion engines! As.noted above, performance equivalent vehicles go through gas like I go through potato chips...and if you charge at home, the charging costs are reduced even more! Two final comments...the MY long range has tremendous acceleration and response BUT there is a $2k boost option which gives you .6 seconds off the 0-60 and I am salivating over that upgrade already! I will get there eventually but my wife makes a great point that the “car is too damn fast already”! Second, how about driving one of the safest vehicles on the road, Models S, 3, X and Y are the four safest vehicles on the road...low center of gravity substantially reduces risk of serious injury and that is a very big bi-product of the battery pack location! Good luck and fun driving!


Used to like it until it malfunctioned and crashed

My wife’s Tesla had a malfunction this morning due to your regenerative breaking system. She was driving out of a park from walking our dog going at 10 to 15 mph to a stop sign and all of a sudden the Tesla went out of control going so fast that she almost lost her life due to the cars malfunctioning At the stop sign you can only go right or left only. You can see by the picture of the intersection coming from the park where the red post is, the car kept going straight until it hit a car and a light pole, after it hit the car. The thing is that my wife took the car into your service center at 901 Gilman to get her front windshield replaced. I’m not sure what they did there with the car’s computer while they disabled the car for service. When my wife picked up her car at the service center it was not working properly when my wife got the car. The side mirrors didn’t fold out so my wife flagged the service guy down to tell him why the side mirrors weren’t out when you put the car to drive. So that was odd. The service guy did something with the touch screen. Something from that point tells me that they did something to the cars computer when they serviced the car and didn’t tell my wife. Straight to the point that the car malfunctioning caused this accident. Your company is putting a dangerous product out on the street for people to drive is not right. I personally liked this car while driving it on the weekends with my wife and dog. I’m sure you know you are putting a dangerous car out on the road and that’s why there’s been more accidents on the news about Tesla’s. Probably many more that don’t even make the news. The only had 1811 miles on it at the time of the accident. Still a brand new car that went berserk. What a xxxx shame. We should be compensated in someway. My wife and my dog got really lucky to be still alive right now.


Game Changer

My daily commute is 108 miles (round trip and 95% highway) and to say the Model Y has been an improvement compared to my Jeep Grand Cherokee would be the cliche understatement of the century. Not having to get gas AND 100% focus on the highway has made my life sooo much easier. When comparing my Jeep lease payment + gas w/Tesla loan payment I'm actually saving >$100/mo! My Model Y came off the factory line 3/12/21 and the quality is superb. I can't recommend this car enough


This the most exciting car I have ever owned.

Performance is unbelievable, comfortable, lots of room, a total paradigm change. Back to the future is now! I had not considered owning an electric vehicle until I test drove a model Y. Purchase experience was the best I have ever had!


The best car I have ever owned

In the last 6 months I have put 14,000 miles on my Tesla Model Y. I have had no issues or problems. The driving experience is just so much fun. The responsiveness and handling of the car is just phenomenal. I charge at home so it's truly convenient. Just get in and go. Not only do I not need to go to a gas station, there's no oil changes or other scheduled maintenance. For me, not having to deal with a conventional car dealership with all their pricing games and time wasting tactics has also been a nice perk.


Quality much better than expected

Fantastic vehicle. Quality issues much less than people seem to say - and Tesla service was so helpful in addressing tiny issues in a friendly fashion and quickly.