2006 Volkswagen GTI consumer reviews

$20,340–$21,415 MSRP range
side view of 2006 GTI Volkswagen
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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Fun to drive, reliable

This car meets my needs: comfortable, easy on gas, and looks great (who wants to drive an ugly car?)! The interior is a nice design and the hatchback is practical for me.


Worst Car Ever

I recently got scammed while searching for an affordable yet fun car. If you’re not a mechanic please don’t use this site. The seller lied about the condition of the car and after selling it to me stopped answering all of my calls and text when I wanted to inquire about all the issues the car had. The idea of the app is great but there needs to be some sort of assessment the listed cars must go through before they’re allowed on this site to protect the buyer from issues/people like the owner of the vehicle.


Great fun car for the price!

This is like a golf cart on steroids. classy and speed when you need it. Great fun car for any age. I'd recommend it for anyones first car for fun and safety.


Fun to drive

Only problem is the premium gas required, other than that it drives great and handles well. It picks up speed effortlessly and rides smooth. The sound system is a nice add on.


Easily the most fun out of any car I owned

I enjoy this vehicle, and its sad to see it go, However its time for a new experience and project. It was originally a gift from my mother that opened my eyes to a world in which I was not used to. Allot of memories behind owning this car and it taught me allot.


tapi 2006

very good and fast fun to drive good gas good value good servise sporty look good brakes good spetions recaro seat very frm


Most fun I've had with a car

But also the most head ache. I absolutely love driving this car. It's fun, it handles well, and it looks good. Only problem I have with it is it keeps breaking.


Overall good car

I have never really had an issues other than the oil light coming on if you take a turn too fast. Very spacious for the size of the car, I'm a musician and can fit all of my personal gear easily.


Great car IF maintained

I ran my MKV 176,500 miles before a postal truck took it out. Great car as long as regular service is kept up. Big items to check are the PCV, cam follower, Diverter valve and the valve cleaning. Youtube and some forums are a great help to keep it running for almost ever! The interior is laid out in a way that will provide all the buttons proper reach for the driver. The cool indigo blue lighting creates a soothing glow of the gauges punctuated by vivid red accents. The sound system is simple one of the best sounding stock setups I have witnessed and provides ample bass for those booty shaking times that overtake even the most conservative driver. The large cargo area provided surplus room to carriage even the most plus sized sundry items. The car has the speed and pose of a wild African cat, surging at the sight of open highways. This car truly was magnificently engineered to be the ideal fusion of man, machine, and road.


All The Car An Enthusiast Needs

As a lifelong enthusiast, I spent literally years obsessing about what my first new car out of college would be. When I graduated in 2005 my options were narrowed to the new MkV GTI and Civic Si. Both wonderful, but I was in love the first time I felt the smooth surge of torque from the turbocharged engine. The refinement and interior quality only made the decision easier. Over ten years and 230k miles later, it has been my faithful daily commuter, weekend back road bomber, and hauler of my now three sons. Sure it's cramped with three kids and no room for mom but it hits well above its weight in terms of practicality. I have used it to move several times and it never fails to amaze me with the amount of stuff the hatch can swallow. Maintenance has been expensive but it has never left me stranded. Not once. I love driving it to this day, and will be quite sad to see it go when the time comes... In all likelihood to be replaced by another GTI. I couldn't have chosen a more perfect car for me and I can't recommend it enough.