2007 Volkswagen Jetta consumer reviews

$16,490–$17,565 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Jetta Volkswagen
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value 3.9
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.0
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After warranty spire got nothing but problems!

After the first 3 years all is good . Then the issues started happening all over. Interior cabin cloth , water pump, engine oil leaking, suspension...engine light on .... then the repairs $$$$$$$.


The most reliable car I ever owned.

A most reliable car I ever owned. It simply keeps running and without any problems. Comfortable and secured ride. Wonderful in long distance driving. Excellent radio and cd player ... great sound.


Worst used Car I've ever purchased

Too many repiars just to keep it on the road. Have spent more on repairs than the purchase price of the car. Will never buy another Volkswagen.


Fun little car

I drove this car back and forth from work for a few years the 5-cylinder engine makes a strong unique sound and is very peppy all throughout the RPM range gas mileage is not excellent but it is good enough the car handles very well compared to other cars of the size and has a very very tight turning radius it is easy to work on and fun to drive


Starts every time

To start out I was not planning on buying a Volkswagen in all honesty, I had previously owned a 09 Toyota carolla that was the bees knees on gas mileage and dependability until an F350 decided to try and occupy the same space time as myself on Christmas Eve no less. After owning the Jetta for almost a year now and replacing the entire suspension,all fluids, and servicing the transmission was all worth it just to enjoy long drives across the great state of Alaska with my best friend and wife enjoying the heated seats along with comfort details only seen in much higher costing luxury vehicles. The semi gas efficiency( compared to the carolla) does not bother me one bit , at 27-30mpg even though Alaska including the panhandle can stretch from one side of the continental U.S. gives us plenty of leeway to explore in between towns when it's just you and old smoky the bear because Alaska is 90% wilderness with still under a million full time inhabitants. As most people know it snows in Alaska ALOT! and I have never driven a car that need be can plow through over a foot of snow and that's snow coming over the hood zero visibility but the Jetta is one car that with a DSG & sport mode when in doubt power our is not an issue in the least. The cons of this car are so overshadowed by good aspects I wont waste your time whining about having to maintain my vehicle and the cost, boo hoo wake up call every vehicle has to be maintained to perform correctly. My advice is buy some tools and learn the dying art of mechanics , I do all my own work especially if it says only service by a certified Volkswagen mechanic on this car that just means they built in failsafes yo make it's so easy my wife does slot of the repairs with little oversight and she loves it . Who knows maybe you'll enjoy it as much as we do, so cheers go out and drive see the world and do it smart safe and in style driving a Volkswagen.


Super reliable with cosmetic issues

I had the Wolfsburg edition Jetta and loved it. I should preface this by saying I am a function over form person, and I've owned 2 Jettas and they are definitely function over form cars. By which I mean, the drivetrain is indestructible with minimal maintenance, but cosmetic stuff is not. I didn't get major service after 80k, and the car just kept running on oil changes. I have the 5 spd manual and it's still on the factory clutch at 158k, I mean wow. The cosmetic stuff can get annoying, especially if that's your thing. Headlight lamps burn out regularly, the ceiling upholstery is falling down in the back seat, I popped two bumper rivets backing out of a parking spot, one of the cigarette lighters never worked, the sunroof just decided not to close sometimes starting around 120,000 miles, there's a slow coolant leak that never grows but leaves green stuff on my driveway, etc. If this kind of stuff is important to you maybe buy an Audi or something. But if you want something that runs for ever, is pretty good in snow, and has great power for it's class this I highly recommend this car.


One of the most reliable card I have ever owned

I got this car at a great price and it met all of my needs. Great fuel economy, plenty of pep under the hood,great trunk space. And even though BE has a reputation for electrical problems this one has served me very well with only one trip to the mechanic in 4 years of owning it.


Best car I had for 12 years!

My Jetta was a great car for me, red, stylish, never had any major problems, just the usual maintenance and upkeep. I only traded in due to age of vehicle.


Cute car, mostly reliable, pricy to maintain

This is my first car, selling it soon. It’s doing pretty well for 175k miles on it, but whenever anything breaks the cost of parts and labor are pretty much double that of any comparable sedans. Transmission lags at times, had some recurring issues with the brake pad & O2 sensors, very low clearance and it’s a heavy car overall especially the doors. Not great in the snow. Heated leather seats and sunroof are always nice though, good trunk space, and it’s got that cute VW look


Most unreliable car in existence

I bought this car as my first car used at 139k miles. I’m guessing the previous owners never took care of it, because I’ve driven this car less than 7k miles and it has been in the shop 4 times and counting. Let me give a run down... 140k (spark plugs and coils), 144k (throttle body) 145k (camshaft position sensor), and again at 145k (camshaft sensor adjuster). I only use this car to drive to work and back which is a 9 mile round trip, yet it has given me more problems than I can afford. Paid more for the repairs than what the cars worth and I have no choice since I cannot afford a new car right now. Please stick to Honda or Toyota if you’re looking for a car that won’t end up in the shop every 2 months. I wish I had done more research about these cars before purchasing because now I know Volkswagens are one of the most UNRELIABLE cars made in existence