How to Sell Your Used Car

Selling a car yourself is an easy way to get the most money for your used car. Place a free ad and follow these steps to learn how to find a buyer fast.

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Prepare Your Car & Materials

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Take it to the car wash

Don’t try to sell something you wouldn’t want to buy yourself. Nobody likes a dirty car, especially buyers, so make sure to clean yours.

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Snap some pictures

Great photos are the best way to stand out to buyers. You will want to take lots of them, since this is primarily how buyers evaluate a car.

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Collect Important Documents

You’ll need a few important pieces of paper in order to sell, such as the title and a bill of sale.

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Find Your Car’s Value

Do you know how much your car is worth? It is important to know the market value for your car, so be sure to browse similar listings and use our valuation tool.

Get the Word Out

Know what you want to say

Before you start creating your listing, you may want to prepare a short description (about 5 sentences) describing some details about the car and why you are selling it. Buyers evaluate a car on what the owner has chosen to disclose in the seller notes and also by the owner’s writing style, so be sure to use proper grammar.

You never know who is looking to buy a car, so sharing your online ad to other sites like Facebook or Craigslist is a great way to broaden your audience.

Close the Deal

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Once a buyer contacts you, gather all your documents and paperwork and schedule a test drive. Be prepared negotiate a bit on the price.

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When you schedule test-drives, it is generally a good idea to meet in a public space, and to accompany the person while they drive the car.

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When the time comes to make the payment transaction, the best bets are cash or cashier’s check ideally from a local bank.

Transfer Ownership

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Before you hand over the keys or sign over the title, make sure the payment has cleared.

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As exciting as it may be, don’t rush the transaction - if the buyer is using anything other than cash, confirm it with a bank.

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Sign over the title and write up a bill of sale. Be sure to have both you and the buyer sign both.

Depending on your state, you may need to contact the DMV to notify them of the sale. At this point, you may want to contact your insurance company to cancel the coverage attached to the car.

Still have questions?

Selling your car can feel overwhelming. Here are some additional resources to help you successfully sell your car.