How to sell your used car

Selling a car yourself is an easy way to get the most money for your used car. Follow these steps to learn how to find a buyer fast when you place a free listing.

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Prep your car for sale

Make Small Repairs To Your Car

Fix small issues with your car and check your car’s fluid levels, ensuring they’re topped off. If your car needs more serious work, take it to your local dealer.

See tips on making small repairs to your car

Collect Your Car's Important Documents

Gathering all your car’s documents before listing the car translates to a faster sale — and potentially more cash in your pocket.

See how to collect your car's documents

Determine Your Car's Value

A range of factors can impact a vehicle’s value from its condition and odometer reading to its brand reputation and current market conditions.

See how to determine your car's value

Take Picture-Perfect Photos

Add as many photos of your vehicle as possible, allowing interested buyers to see the exterior and interior from a variety of angles.

See the best ways to take pictures

Get the word out

Write the Best Ad for Your Car

In addition to listing your car’s features, be sure to answer any questions buyers are likely to ask.

See how to write the best ad for your car

Close the deal

Contact Potential Buyers

Whether its a voicemail, email or text message, if a buyer reaches out, be sure to return the message promptly — within 24 to 48 hours.

See how to contact potential buyers

Schedule Test Drives

It may seem off to hand your keys to a stranger, but test-driving is an important part of buying a car.

See tips on scheduling test drives

Protect yourself from fraud

How To Take Payment

Always use caution when accepting payment as the seller of a used car, and above all else, trust your gut.

See how to take payment

Be a Smart Seller

Protect yourself from fraud before the sale by learning more about how operates and by taking our fraud awareness advice below.

See how to be a smart seller

Transfer ownership

Close Your Loan With Lender

If you’re wondering where to start with selling your vehicle and getting your payments squared away, here’s what to do.

See how to close your loan with lender

Part Ways With Your Car Safely

Ensuring secure payment and eliminating your liability after the vehicle’s sale should be your priorities.

See how to part ways with your car safely

Car selling FAQ

Sell your car privately FAQ

How long does a listing typically take to post online?

Listings go live in 24 hours on average.

Can I edit my listing after it goes live?

Once your listing is live, you will be able to edit your listing. To do so, go to Your Garage and edit your vehicle from there To complete any edits, make sure to click ‘Save’ and also ‘Publish’ for the edits to go live on site. Edits can take up to 24 hours to display on site.

Are photos required in order to post my vehicle on

Yes, we want to provide potential shoppers with as much information to encourage engagement with your listing.

I want to delete my listing.

You can delete your listing by logging into your account, navigate to your Garage and click ‘Remove Listing’ on the listing you wish to remove from the site.

I want to list a car for my friend or family member. Am I able to do so?

For the safety of our online community, only the titled owner may list the vehicle.

Can I add a vehicle history report to my listing?

At this time you are unable to add vehicle history reports to listings. A suggestion would be to include something in your vehicle listing stating you have a vehicle history report available on request.

How do people interested in my vehicle contact me?

Interested parties will reach out to you via the Contact Seller form and you will receive their information to the email you signed up with with.

How do I respond to a lead email on my vehicle?

You’ll need to copy and paste the information from the lead email into a fresh email in order to respond to your lead.

Is my listing able to get a price badge?

All listings are eligible to receive a price badge. Please note that it can take 48-72 hours for a listing to receive a price badge. Badges are calculated using a complex algorithm which includes price, mileage, features and much more.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your password go to 'Sign In' and click 'Forgot password' which is located under the box to enter your password.

What do you recommend to do to my listing to get optimal performance? does not offer a pay for placement service for our dealers nor our sell it yourself consumers. In order to get optimal results we suggest including as much information as possible in your vehicle description and add multiple photos of your vehicle.

Are there any restrictions on the types of vehicles I post?

At this time, vehicles older than 1992 are not accepted. Listings are for non-recreational, non-commercial vehicles which are mass produced and intended for sale in the US. For example: RVs, replicas, kit cars, and motorcycles are not allowed.

What will this cost me if I sell my vehicle?

Regardless of whether or not you sell your vehicle, no fees will be incurred by you from This is an entirely free platform.

How do I find my ad on

You can locate your vehicle by performing a search on our website. It is best practice to limit the mileage in your search as most of our consumers do not choose 'All Miles' when searching for a vehicle. Listings show live within 24 hours of approval.

Does my phone number display on

Your phone number will not display on

Is there reporting available to see how my Ad is performing?

Reporting is not currently available.