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Nissan Sneaks 2007 350Z Into L.A. Auto Show

During the mad rush of last week’s media days at the L.A. Auto Show, we somehow forgot to mention there was a pre-production 2007 350Z sitting in the same area as the all-new Sentra SE-R and Altima coupe. The new 350Z, while looking just like the 2006 version, will sport the same engine as the all-new Infiniti G35 and produce 306 hp. 

That may not sound like a lot more than the 300 hp the previous 350Z put out, but with a new method of calculating power ratings in place, the 306 hp figure is roughly 17 – 20 hp more than the 2006’s actual output.

Don’t expect a new design for the 350Z next year, but we’re hoping that by 2008 it will get the same treatment the G35 did.

Update: Autoblog was on its toes at the L.A. Auto Show and snapped this picture of the 2007 350Z complete with a new bulging hood to harness its upgraded engine.

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