Ford Never Considered a Production Interceptor

By David Thomas  on Tue Jul 10 19:49:24 GMT-06:00 2007

One of the surprise hits of last year’s Detroit auto show was the Ford Interceptor concept. The large sedan could take on the Chrysler 300C in terms of rear-wheel-drive, muscular sedans. It was over-the-top, aggressive and people really liked it. Today, in a story about the future of Ford design, we learn the Interceptor concept never had a chance of being produced.

This is a perfect illustration of how backward-thinking some American automakers have been. German companies rarely build a concept that isn’t a foreshadowing of a future model, and even Japanese brands rarely show a concept at U.S. shows that won’t hit an assembly line. New Ford CEO Alan Mulally says he’s bringing that same thinking back to Ford.

Besides the Ford Fairlane — now called Flex — almost all of Ford’s concepts since 2003 were non-starters, including the Reflex, Shelby GR-1, Syn U.S., Bronco and the Shelby Cobra. This year’s auto-show season is fast approaching, and we’ll be able to judge Ford’s new strategy in the flesh in just a few months. 

Redesigning Ford: Freeman Thomas Aims to Produce Another Hit
(The Detroit News)

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