The Year in Cars: June 2007

“Fast Cars & Superstars” gets under way. We talk to Kasey Kahne, Gabrielle Reece, Laird Hamilton, John Salley, and there’s a winner. Who would have guessed a come-from-behind win from this guy?

Mother Proof joins the family.

Hyundai, Ford and even Mercedes show gains on various quality lists.

Honda says goodbye to hybrid Accords, Brad Pitt says hello to hydrogen BMWs and Toyota sells its millionth hybrid.

The Vatican — yes, that Vatican — gets into the road etiquette game while Google invests in electric cars. does some auto sightseeing in Greece and London.

We first hear about a new 35-mpg fuel economy bill in the Senate.

We get to drive the Dodge Demon concept and the Smart ForTwo. Too bad only one is going on sale this year.

Even parking meters are going wireless.

GM hitches on with the “Transformers” movie, which would go on to be the biggest blockbuster of the summer.

VW’s new small SUV, horrendously called the Tiguan, breaks cover.

The Year in Cars: 2007


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