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Best Cash-Back Finds: 4.25.08 launched its new, comprehensive rebate and incentives page earlier this month, but just having the raw figures isn’t always enough. Often there are some real gems getting a significant amount of money off that aren’t heavily advertised or thought about. This time out we’ve found some interesting deals on a pair of luxury nameplates, a brand-new model and a fuel-sipping compact. 

2009 Dodge Journey
MSRP: $19,360
Cash back: $1,000
Percent off MSRP: 5.2%    
Expires: 4/30
5-Year Ownership Costs

The new Dodge Journey was just released, and Dodge is hoping that by offering a small incentive, $1,000, folks will be more inclined to give it a shot. That’s because the Journey competes with the popular Ford Edge and Hyundai Santa Fe when equipped with two rows of seats, or the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander when equipped with the optional third row. Still, the Journey’s starting MSRP is significantly less than the competition, even before the $1,000 cash back.

2008 BMW M Coupe/Roadster

Cash back: $3,500
Percent off MSRP: 7%/6.7%   
Expires: 4/30

The M Coupe is one of those misunderstood cars. It’s a heck of a sports car I would even call it a sleeper. It has 330 hp, handles like nobody’s business and is quite unique-looking. With $3,500 off, the price comes to about the same as a base Corvette. The BMW 135i tester we currently have in the office with options also comes to roughly $46,000. If you just want the looks, the base Z4 coupe and roadster that the M is based on also have $3,500 off.

2008 Hyundai Elantra

Cash back: $1,500 (everywhere except the Northeast)
Percent off MSRP: 11%   
Expires: 4/30
5-Year Ownership Costs

With fuel prices at record highs, everyone is rethinking the economy car. The Elantra is one of our favorites in the class when it comes to pure utility, point-to-point transportation. It’s not the most exciting to drive, but it comes well-equipped and has a much improved interior and exterior look. $1,500 is a huge amount of money to be taking off an economy car in today’s climate. Thrifty shoppers should definitely take advantage.

2008 Volvo S80

Cash back: $3,250 (everywhere except the Northeast)
Percent off MSRP: 8.4%
Expires: 4/30
5-Year Ownership Costs

One thing I noticed when I reviewed the new S80 was that it cost almost $10,000 less than comparably equipped BMW and Mercedes-Benz models. There are three available power plants, all getting the same discount. I prefer the mid-range turbocharged six-cylinder, which takes some of the sedate-ness out of the S80’s overall personality. Still, the level of luxury inside is far above the sticker price. $3,250 is a significant discount on top of that.

*Incentives prices listed here are for national incentives. There may be more incentives available in your area. Check’s new incentives page for more information and other offers.

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