2009-10 Pontiac Vibe Recalled Along with Toyotas

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Last week, we posted a story about GM recalling its 2009 model year Pontiac Vibe as part of Toyota’s 2.3 million vehicle recall involving accelerator pedals that can become stuck. Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall for Vibes from both the 2009 and 2010 model years.

Mechanically, the Vibe is the same as a Toyota Matrix, which was also recalled. Vibe owners should be on the lookout for the same signs of accelerated wear of the pedal as Toyota owners, which is described as “it might feel a little balky or stiff or rough when you depress it. The pedal may be slow to return to its original position after you let up on it. It won’t spring back like it used to.”

There is no fix at this time. GM will notify owners of the recall and eventually of the fix. In the meantime, concerned owners can call GM at 800-620-7668 or NHTSA’s hot line at 888-327-4236.

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