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Lexus IS 350 Gets Fuzzy at U.S. Open

In the midst of early losses by tennis stars Andy Roddick and Venus Williams, 17-year-old Melanie Oudin of Georgia has shocked the tennis world by advancing to the quarterfinals of this year’s U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, N.Y. Wait a minute… we’re not a sports blog. We’re here to cover cars.  

Lexus has designed another sports-themed car, much like it did with the golf-ball-dimpled LS 460 L at the U.S. Open of golf earlier this year. This IS 350, however, was covered in the yellow felt-like material of a tennis ball. Just how did I stumble upon this car? This past weekend I took a trip to New York City, and as part of my weekend expedition, I made a stop by the U.S Open. Once inside the gates, I noticed a bright yellow Lexus IS 350. This was no ordinary paint job. The car was completely covered in tennis-ball material. As a line of people waited to take a photo with the car, I stepped up and snapped a few photos of my own.

What’s next on Lexus’ list of sports-themed cars? A basketball-leather-covered RX 350 or a ES 350 wrapped in the rubber material of a hockey puck? We’ll be sure to keep our eyes open for these in the future. For now, check out more photos below.


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