Toyota Delivers Temporary Floormat Fix

Toyota has told its dealers they should use a heavy-duty self-locking plastic tie — like a zip tie — to make sure owners’ floormats are kept in place while the company works on a permanent solution to the problem that sparked last week’s recall of 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

While a zip tie doesn’t sound like a the sturdiest piece of equipment in this situation, Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons says the ones used for this application can hold up to 50 pounds and are attached to the driver’s seat frame. It allows the mats to be placed on the seat when they need to be moved or cleaned.

Lyons reiterated this move is a temporary one and is not the fix mandated by the recall. He says Toyota is working toward adding a “component” change to the vehicles, which would likely include advanced braking software that we detailed this morning as well as mechanical changes. He said he did not expect the floormats to be altered.

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