Tata Nano Bursts Into Flames

A driver and passenger in Mumbai, India, had to abandon a brand-new Tata Nano after a passing motorcyclist pointed out that it caught fire.

The owner, Satish Sawant, was being chauffeured home when the car caught fire, forcing Sawant and the driver to jump out of the world’s cheapest car. An insurance agent, Sawant can’t actually drive, hence the chauffer. It didn’t take long before the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

Indianautosblog points out that this is not the first case of spontaneous Nano combustion, which certainly spells trouble for the cheap-car revolution: Spending $3,000 is too much if the car is going to burst into flames. More stories like this one could certainly give U.S. car buyers great pause if the Nano eventually makes it over here.

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