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New App Controls Your Garage Door

For those who second-guess whether they turned off the stove or locked the back door, there will be one less thing they can worry about: their garage doors.

Craftsman has announced a pair of garage door openers that can be accessed through the internet rather than shortwave radio signal, according to USA Today. That means wherever you are, you can open and close the garage door.

The garage door openers have Ethernet cable ports that need to be connected to a router — for most people, that’s going to be a very, very long Ethernet cord! Wi-Fi is not supported, according to each door opener’s specifications.

Once the door opener is connected to the internet, you can control it through your computer or through a free app available for iPhone and most Android devices.

What if someone happens to be near the door when you close it from a distance? The door will issue audible and visual alerts as the door closes. Infrared and contact-reversing sensors are built-in, too.

The door openers don’t come cheap. Both are priced between $275 and $314, depending if you want backup power functions in case of a power failure. On top of that, owners will have to pay a fee to use the internet controls — $14.99 per year or $29.99 bi-yearly.

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