Say It Ain't So: Volkswagen Says No to Bulli Van

It looks like the only van Volkswagen will be selling is the Routan minivan. Enthusiasts were psyched about the retro-styled Bulli concept that debuted at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show, and they were even more excited when the automaker hinted at production plans for Europe and the U.S. It turns out that VW changed its mind.

Volkswagen confirmed to that it's shelved plans to build and sell the funky van. "Feedback from various markets showed that the concept footprint was too small. Thus, the design and engineering teams are working on a redesign that could potentially fit specific market needs such as a larger platform/footprint," spokesman Corey Proffitt said.

The six-passenger compact van debuted with an electric powertrain and some neat features like iPad-based multimedia controls and a huge panoramic roof. Its throwback styling and two-tone paint job also won hearts.

This is the second time VW has teased us with a concept van; the Bulli follows 2001's Microbus concept.

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